I couldn’t sleep last night somehow…so tired… 🙂
There are photos of yesterday. My favorite cafe Minato had a TV shooting so they invited me to come as a guest for interview.
Had a free desert and Chai and a lot of fun. 🙂

Then walk, nature, video, gym, more cleaning then therapeutic massage(giving) appointment at my place. 🙂

Whole night listening to podcast run by high end escorts. 🙂 Was fun listening to their hilarious laughs and stories.
Some really useful. I am realizing I like ketogenic, health and wellness education work then high end escort work even for experience…I feel it needs more attention and dedication then fun feeling. :))

Gotta go to color therapy & grass-fed lamb BBQ party. 🙂
Will write more proper blog post later!! About my dating…naive…no dating experience stuff. Haha
Have a great day or night! <3

New music from Minato cafe! 🙂 Enjoy!