“There are many nice lonely men out there.
You have some very special skills, you are kind, empathetic, great at massage, interesting and good at putting people at easy… and good at sex too. You can enrich and help many people.
It is my pleasure, I am glad I met you … you are a cool person, and a good person”

My first/repeat client who introduced me into escort life 🙂

“Thank you for tonight….it was…..wow:)!!!!”


“Aphrodite, thank you again for a wonderful time! Definitely my best night in Korea and also one of my top 5 nights of all time. I miss you already, and I feel like I lost a part of myself when you left. You made me unbelievably happy! I also appreciate you introducing me to new music and for your open-minded and honest conversation.”

“Hmm, I never really felt that I live a magical life,
Until that very special encounter, I felt how to live a magical life.”