2017 Summer in Canada (Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec)

I was stopped at US custom on the way to taking connecting flight to Virginia USA after taking e-commerce mastermind workshop in Vancouver in summer of 2017.

I traveled to USA so many times to attend internet marketing conferences, workshops, mastermind and for personal development previous few years. Several times a year for few years to learn internet marketing and personal growth.

Whenever US airport custom staff asked me what my purpose of visit was, I answered to attend conference and had no problem.
Sometimes some staffs were expressing I traveled or visited US a lot and I felt little bit bad…if they would feel bad that they are sitting there all day to ask questions to the visitors and I got to travel the world freely…

But this time…it was at Ottawa airport US custom.
This lady…African American exude hostile energy towards me while I was waiting anxiously in line because our connecting flight time was very tight.
I was with my 60 year old something internet marketer friend/business partner.
We decided to work together as a partner to run e-commerce store as I was good at web development and technology and he had the fund and open mind.

Anyway, long story short.
I was sent to TSA or US custom interrogation room for further questioning from officer.
I answered everything so transparently as I didn’t know how US custom immediately suspect everyone wanting to enter USA to live there (illegally).

I told the office I have a time freedom and can work anywhere in the world so I could travel to USA often.
Not making money there or anything. More long detailed stories…but anyway…

He said
“We want our people to hire American for working with them.”
Something like that. When I told him I was partnering with my friend who is not very techy with internet stuff and we met at an internet marketing conference and decided to be partners.

After Trump became a president, it seemed like they don’t like people to come to USA…

He rejected my returning back to USA(I flew from Korea to US first. Then flew to Canada after staying for few days in Virginia then Canada for mastermind then was going back to USA).
Told me to get a work visa if I wanted to come to USA to work with my friend(partner).

I was gonna fly back to Virginia then fly to Miami or Florida to attend public speaking training in few days.
So I decided to stay in Ottawa and figure out the visa or go back to USA so I could attend the intense public speaking training mastermind.

I went to the front door of the US embassy in Ottawa and got only information written paper.
It explained what I need to prepare to get a work visa to visit to work in USA.
It sounded impossible to prepare all those stuff.
And I decided to terminate business partnership paperwork my friend had.
So I requested him to take me out of LLC or some business incorporating paper with my name on it. So I could bring the proof that I wasn’t no longer being a partner but as a friend going to US to attend the training.

My second attempt to take flight back to Virginia all failed.
The officer didn’t approve.

While I was stopped in Canada…I could decide to give up on returning to USA and just go back to Korea but I thought I would check out Canada finally as opportunity presented itself in a way. 🙂

So I stayed in Ottawa airbnb for few days to try to figure out visa stuff then went to B&B place in Quebec where the host was master chef and cooked me amazing meals and showed me around.
And my friend flew to Virginia home and went to that speaker’s training by himself then came to Canada to meet me and teach me personally. So we could spend a few days in a hotel.

I was staying a few airbnb and nice bouqiue spa & resort in wakefield.
Got massage and had a nice meals. Went to nearby nature water spot and had some pictures taken.
Also it was Canada’s 150th birthday so they were having amazing exhibition!
Live plant sculptures!!

Ending part was a little mess! The master chef wanted to seduce me or something but I had no intention…to be something more than guest and host.
And he became nasty and I learned what narcissistic personality was.
I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.

But anyway…reviewing all the pictures and times I had in Canada…I feel very fortunate to have a nice friend.
We are platonic friend! Although my almost business partner(and friend) had(has) feelings for me.
The US custom officer and the hostile energy woman also asked me what my relationship with my friend. They all seemed to think we were having sexual relationship or something!

I heard from my friend that other man who attended internet marketing conference thought we were having sexual relationship or something as we were sharing same hotel suite room with two bed and saw us going together all the time.
In my sexual or romantic relationships, I usually met men through online and I kind of find out I don’t have a good sense with men liking me or being attracted to me.

Very poor radar…haha
Looking back those amazing food, great times I had…although this master chef was nasty at the end…I am grateful for him.
I guess he was hurt…that I wasn’t interested in him.

I love someone who loves to cook and feeds me. 🙂
He(master chef) knew he could get women usually by cooking amazing meals in the past(he told me). I love good food. And someone who loves to cook. Did I say twice? :)))

Will be great to go back to Ottawa in Autumn. And checking out Montreal too and explore more places.
BTW I also love horse riding. I went to horse riding as well. I am still beginner but I wish the horse farm was doing more active style than just walking slow style.
I once ended up going fast…galloping style as my horse got scared from truck’s honking sound.

I wasn’t supposed to do the galloping but the horse was running so fast and I had to hold on to the horse and my heart was beating so fast but at the same time it was so exciting and freeing.

I would love to go horse riding more in wild nature, field and ocean with not many people.

I am passport ready for Canada! I loved Canada. So polite people. So organized and well mannered. Even from airport. I felt difference in mannerism of airport staffs.
More responsible and kind I felt. Fair.

Some story about my experience…later.
🙂 Thanks for reading my long story about Canada experience. 3 weeks. Just great memory!
Here to create more memories. Fly Me To You. 🙂

2 thoughts on “2017 Summer in Canada (Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec)

  1. theoldcavalier says:

    I have been enjoying these beautiful pictures and am glad you had the opportunity to stay a while in Canada and had such a good time there. At the same time, I am sad, sorry, and ashamed about your experience with our U.S. customs. It makes me sick to think what our country has turned into. We are becoming more like the old Soviet Union every day with this business of trying to keep people out. (It’s only a matter of time before they start making it difficult to leave.)

    I hope we will soon throw this bunch out of Washington and start getting back to the better country we could be. And that we will be able to welcome you as you should be welcomed.

    You look happy and beautiful, by the way. 🙂

    1. KoreanGFE says:

      Yes, I hope USA will become the country of freedom, fairness and welcoming again.
      Thanks for taking time to read my long story and sharing your thoughts and kind words. 🙂
      I love the States and so want to travel back without fear…again soon.

      At worst case, I just fly to USA and see what happens. Nothing bad could happen as 2 years passed and I heard other people safely passed the immigration at the airport when they haven’t gone to USA for 2 years.
      Or I have to meet US visa expert in Seoul and proceed travel visa through their help.
      We will see.
      I will be so happy to be back and also see you. 🙂


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