Aromatherapist level 3 diploma course started today

I was living in Gangnam for 2 years before I moved to the most diverse, multi-cultural, hip and happening area called Gyeongridan/Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea 2 months ago. πŸ™‚

Have you seen Gangnam Style music video by Psy? πŸ™‚
Gangnam here means the district or area I was living.

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE(κ°•λ‚¨μŠ€νƒ€μΌ) M/V

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE English Subtitle Full HD


What’s Gangnam Style? Who’s Psy? Where’s Gangnam? (KWOW #65)

The reason I was living in Gangnam was because of Korea Aromatherapy Education Institute.
I loved learning all kinds of healing topics they offered. I think I took the most classes or courses they offered.

Color and emotional therapy class, beauty treatment course, ear candle therapy class, CST(CranioSacral Therapy), Aromatherapy Insight Card Reading class, Chinese philosophy-Four Pillars and Yin-yang & five elements of the universe and colortherapy, Natural product making DIY class, aromatherapy teacher certificate course(on Sat) and now this ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council) international aromatherapist level 3 diploma course.

This institute already had 3 times this course and this is 4th time offering the course(5 months course).
I started this course from 1st time they offered it but I didn’t take the practical exam.
We have to do 40 aromatherapy massage case study report to be qualified to take the practical exam.

Most of Koreans take this course to get the diploma…it’s good for resume and to apply for some positions related to this field.

ITEC aromatherapist diploma is highly regarded and have a great reputation around the world and used 46 countries.

In reality in Korea though, not everyone is willing to find 10 participants to do 4 times of aromatherapy massages per person.
So my classmates were busy making stories and making 40 case studies.
Majority of people did the fake reports except my friend who had the stage 4 cancer and healed herself from CPTG essential oils and changing her diet and stress management. She did all authentically.

All my classmates encouraged me to make up the case studies too so we can all pass and get the diploma.

In this busy world, there is no time to do the right way…they told me I could always do the case study after passing the exam.
But I knew I wouldn’t do that if I already got the diploma…in this busy world…

I wanted to do it right and refused to do the mundane making up false case study report writing…like all others were willing to do. I am little stubborn and can’t do things my heart is not allowing.
Plus I would feel weird and not proud…of cheating…How can I feel really proud…????

Other times, I was in the States attending conferences to learn internet marketing and mastermind etc…
Exam applying time had passed and timing wasn’t right and I didn’t finish all 40 case studies yet.

Now I have done 40 case studies but didn’t write clearly all so I am going to do it all over again.
I am excited in a way! πŸ™‚
It’s a lot of fun to me to do the case study. πŸ™‚
Since I love giving massages and healing, it’s really amazing to see miracles and healing unfolding with case study participants.
I have amazing healing stories.

One of my friend who was 40 years old got pregnant after failing so manyΒ artificial insemination attempt.
She told me she would divorce if she’s not successful that time.

I didn’t message her after she finished 4 time aromatherapy case study with me.
I didn’t want to ask if she’s pregnant that time because…if she wasn’t…then it would hurt her feelings.
Then I heard from her one day. Saying she was going to a hospital to give birth.
I didn’t know she got pregnant and she thanked me. Because of my healing energy and aromatherapy work, she was able to get pregnant successfully and had twins.
She didn’t want to tell people till everything went great. Quietly waiting till she actually gave birth.
Anyway she was on the way to give birth and later she sent me photos of her twin babies. Girl and boy. πŸ™‚

That was great news.

And another lady had abortion due to ectopic pregnancy and one surgery within short period of time and she was in so much pain and couldn’t sleep well even after taking pain killers from doctor’s prescription.
Doctor’s reaction was like there was nothing he could do about her pain…just go through it kind of reaction…
But after my aromatherapy massage, first time ever after the surgeries she could sleep through the night and there were long review about case study from her that made me cry from happiness and joy.

One male client in his 60s got erection in the morning like in his 40s strength after my massage and taking Frankincense essential oil consumption. :))
He was becoming younger and younger and looking great with aromatherapy massage sessions. πŸ™‚
I told him he could take 2 drops of Frankincense essential oil upon rising and before going to bed and he followed that.

I shared this story with aromatherapy community members and later I found out other men report stronger erection in the morning.
Haha It’s great to share experiences but not many people would share that kind of story in Korea…easily. Except me. :))

Many of doTERRA’S CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils are approved for internal use as food additives by FDA and Korea FDA.

There are more amazing stories.
My ex oral expert lover married and he was one of my participants.
He reported that he had an incredible sex right after getting aromatherapy massage from me. πŸ™‚
He always got stronger when he got aromatherapy massage as essential oils are powerful and his muscles got loosened up and relaxed and recharged from essential oil power.

Anyway I learned so much and expanded aromatherapy knowledge with real life experiences.

This time, I will for sure study dedicate way and do the 40 case study again and write everyday right after getting report from participants.
Study hard and get high score. πŸ™‚ I love to know clearly…the term in English and Korean…anatomy, physiology…etc.
It will be great to communicate more professionally when I discuss or explain things.

Some of the classmates seem really cool.
Everyone is doTERRA user and they experienced powerful healing of essential oils and came to do this course. Some for getting diploma, a few like me to expand their knowledge and learn more about this powerful healing aromatherapy.
I have a good feeling it will be really nice class. πŸ™‚
Plus I am very close to the head teacher/professor. She has an aromatherapy museum in Gwangyang, Jellanamdo province.
I offered her to stay over at my place when she comes to Seoul for the class.
She used to have a home in Seoul too but now she sold her Seoul housing and only lives in Gwangyang now.

Anyway that’s today…10:30AM till 5:30PM Friday…life.
My Hong Kong tour will be Monday to Thursday kind of frame because of this. πŸ™‚
I have 2 courses going on. Fri and Sat.

After class, I got therapeutic massage inquiry at a hotel so I went to give massage.
Talking a lot and massage time was exceeded as I don’t check time… πŸ™‚
In a way, I was wondering if I am talking too much.
Like blogging…I feel I am chatting too much????

It’s raining in Seoul now.

I was sleepy…and was gonna skip blogging but again I thought I would do it.
Tomorrow(Sat), I will have a clear mind and more time and space of mind…
I will share about ex husband and marriage story. πŸ™‚

Good night or morning or day or afternoon. :)))


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