Becoming morning person and being grounded…and sharing influencers of my life

I’ve been off of “circadian rhythm” these days after having a break from my keto coaching program right after moving to new area.
One of my keto coaching checklist out of 20 rules or checklist is sleeping at least 2 hours between 10PM to 2AM.
There are many researches and scientific arguments that those times are great for health benefit and some think there are different bio rhythm or type people.

I focus better and like quiet night kind of feeling.
But also I don’t feel great when I sleep late and get up late and like to do morning person routine again. 🙂
So last night, although I thought about writing a blog post before going to bed, I fell asleep early.
I started to see infection sign under the inner eye lid and rubbed Myrrh essential oil. And it got into my eye and tears were constantly coming down.

Myrrh oil on google:
Myrrh oil on doTERRA(the one I use):

So I had to lay down in my bed anyway and close my eyes and fall asleep! 🙂
New discovery I can become morning person like that method! Haha

So I got up in the early enough morning like other average people with average work schedule.
My eye lid seems better after antibacterial effect from Myrrh essential oil!

You know in Egypt, they used Myrrh essential oil for mummification!
So still the body(?) was preserved quite well!!! Because these essential oils have anti viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, anti…properties.
Before World War 2, soldiers used these for wounds and surgeries etc before modern science, pharmaceutical industries seize the market and spread their methods to public.
History of modern medicine and hospital, pharmaceutical industry was shocking. Involved with War…chemistry, killing…
I of couse believe in getting help from doctors and hospitals for acute emergency necessary cases but daily life and diseases caused by what we eat, how we eat…life style…can be helped with food, exercise, natural solutions like essential oils(it has to be pure, healing-grown, harvest with right pure intentions).

Since I studied and experiment and learned from so many others experiences about powerful healing CPTG essential oils, I don’t take pills.
Many of us who live natural way utilizing very authentic pure quality essential oils usually don’t have to go to hospital for daily life.
Like when we feel …signs of cold or flu or sore throat, we talk essential oils internally(Many of the doTERRA’s essential oils are approved from FDA for internal consumption) and rub or massage etc.
So before it gets out of control that most people have to go to hospital for anti-biotics and pills, we tend to control at home or prevent before infections or things are going bad or spread out.

One of my passion is sharing this truth and knowledge with more people so they don’t have to suffer unnecessarily.

So I took also essential oil bath-It’s been a while I took a bath. Usually I take crystal Himalayan salt bath but I didn’t buy more crystal Himalayan salt these days.
Exfoliating and cleansing…feels no nice! :)))

From last night I drifted into sleep, I started to listen to youtube videos for wisdom. Seeking some wisdom and guide to go through my emotions, feelings of grudges…un-forgiveness…

I feel…I don’t know how to let go or forgive…or not forgive…just accept what my mom and sisters did to my grandmother or father…(in a way…after he died or while he was suffering from sudden auto-immune malfunction with incurable disease sentence from doctors).

I thought I would share some of the inspiration and wisdom that soothe me and gave me some insights and advice if some of you are going through similar things or these lessons and wisdom or perspectives could help you to know or remind…for peace of mind.

Last night I was watching The Real One Video…haha talking about finding the one…someone you really like or love…dating, relationship advice? 🙂

I like Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Ralph Smart.
I watch almost everything he posts daily.

5 Signs You’re Dealing With a Real One

How to Let Go of What’s Weighing Your Heart Down

I have to watch again. Probably I watched before but still have struggle on this topic and I fell asleep while listening to it with teary eye last night! 🙂
Watching or listening to the wisdom and following through is different thing. 🙂 But I strive to do my best…

5 Signs from The Universe You’re Going to Win Big in Life

And while taking a bath…I’m soaking into Wayne Dyer’s warm, kind wisdom. Really enjoyed these wisdom.
He’s so warm…wise…righteous(I listened to one story in the bottom video on how he stood up for right moral thing in the navy…while he was serving him Guam).

Dr. Wayne Dyer – Stop Trying To Control And Let Your Life Unfold

Dr. Wayne Dyer – How to Attract Exactly What You Want

Become Limitless with Dr Wayne Dyer

I am about to finish listening to this one. Become Limitless
I love it.
Especially the part he enter the writing competition for newspaper one day…he wrote about how Guam PX was discriminating Guam natives from not coming to their grocery store…while accepting everyone else to shop there…

I recently met one client in kind of high ranking…and wasn’t the best communicator and uncaring…some ways…I had some signs before…but I was attracted to him…(didn’t see him or saw photos but I knew) so we met.
And it was best sex and everything…
But there is some story…behind…

I think about him quite often…maybe because of communication or something bothered me about his way…maybe I bothered him with my stubborn style. We all have our perspectives.
It feels unresolved issue to me when something is cut off-communication.
He disappeared when he contacted me about a year ago to book. Last message was he wasn’t feeling well and caught a cold part. Then disappeared.
I felt that time…it was so uncool…not to even say officially cancelling…left me hanging kind of feeling.
So when he contacted me recently again, I expressed that time and incident and got an apology(I demanded it).

I assume he or we all have our issues…
He might have…of course…and I try to understand from his perspectives…

What kind of heart or emotions one has to have to go to war…and follow the chain of commander(Wayne Dyer explain the military-navy situation in the last video)…I tried to imagine and put my shoes but I don’t think I can 100% understand…
I don’t understand me either sometimes…

Trying to understand people thing…
I guess I take things so personally than others?

Empath…I feel I fit into empath description when I saw some article and my healer friends think I am.
Empath…and understanding others and having compassion are different thing I guess.

I also wondered about my grandmother. She seemed OK with being around my mom…after they did what they decided to do.
I am upset about their wrong, injustice decision still after 1 year passed…

I feel I have to meet my grandmother and talk with her…soon.
Hope I will have a better understanding…hope I could find peace…letting go…

Time to go to gym.

I read one Korean high end touring escort was going through some challenges emotionally after one incident with her client I don’t know exactly what.
But I hoped she could take some wise people’s advice or just talk with friends and get comfort…

I wondered how many these high end escorts are dealing with emotional issues…

I started to get numb down from already same style twitter feed. Haha
Nude, naked photos, tour announcements…etc…etc…

I hope some of them come across my blog post and maybe get to watch some videos that could give them some perspectives, wisdom, guidance…help, support…somehow.
I also wondered how they got into their career and how they feel…what kind of people they met…
I am curious about that side of people…clienteles…
As listening to Wayne Dyer’s talk related to success topic.

The clienteles who could afford these high end escorts…what they want, think…how they feel or not feel…
They choose people based on the look or material stuff…images…
They they want out of the experiences…

I am just curious about human beings… 🙂
Love to learn more, maybe would be great to interview some of the escorts and the clients who like fancy date with high end escorts.
Expanding understanding…about people…

These are life life-yesterday. 🙂
Cleaning, Bulogi (marinated beef) for meal, Walking to Namsan park, buying Zero bakery scone, muffins, gym, cleaning while watching videos or listening and eating all the zero bakery breads and sleep 🙂
Gotta do serious work now after cleaning project is done!

Have a great day or good night! 🙂 Thank you for reading my blog.
Hope it’s entertaining or useful, helpful in someway!

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