Cool hotel in Hongdae, perfect platonic date with dream client, GMO and messed up keto life update :)

Long time no update! πŸ™‚
I was totally messed up with my ketogenic lifestyle and healthy routine recently…still so addicted to carb feeling but I thought I would update!!! πŸ™‚

Also sleep wise, I wanted to go to bed early and felt bad to write when it’s passed midnight…so I didn’t update but still didn’t sleep earlier anyway!

Anyway! Some fun or cool or interesting update from my world. πŸ™‚

I usually am not impressed about nice hotel or restaurants but recently I went to one arty and creative, hip hotel in Hongdae to meet a cool client.

He used to teach English in Seoul when he was in his early 20s and he just came for the weekend from Beijing business trip to spend his time and check out his neighborhood he lived for a year when he was like 21 year old or something….now he’s in his 40s…became a professional business person. πŸ™‚

But before talking or anything, the hotel was so coool it made me so excited! πŸ™‚
I didn’t take more pictures of the hotel with cool table and design, tub, bathroom etc…but it was so cool and nice with art, design melted into it.

Even staffs were so friendly, young and cool there!
Totally different experience from other 5 or 6 star hotels I went. I really like them!
Starting from friendly, kind valet parking staff when I got off from car.

It was a lot of fun hearing his life story and what he does…his marriage…and also sharing my story as well. πŸ™‚
Talking and sharing our experiences on ayahuasca(his) and DMT(my), CBD oil and Canada officially announcingΒ marijuana as legal as a recreational purpose.

Talking about spirituality, tantra, orgasm, ecstasy(this is my goal to experience…spiritual being having a human experience without DMT or other substance support)…
And aromatherapy, healing etc of course with massage. πŸ™‚

He was feeling so special about the whole candle lights, hundred essential oils, Himalayan salt candle, music setting and mode for best comfortable aromatherapy healing massage experience I created for him.

The hotel had really nice bluetooth-abled speaker I could easily pair with my iphone music so the music was even better and enhanced healing energy.

Had an amazing time sharing, connecting plus amazing orgasms from him. πŸ™‚
I felt so lucky to meet that kind of client…who was so good at giving oral, fingering, kissing to make me orgasm so intensely.
He loves his wife and they have a great sex life and marriage and life together and family.
It’s just he travels so much and sometimes it’s too long apart and he has needs.
I really liked his cool, content attitude about whole thing.
I really liked and respected his thoughts on seeing escorts and enriching and enjoying his experiences as just that.
So natural and liberating way of thinking or approaching…after he settled with that first initial experience he did it out of marriage.
I asked him how it happened and his thought on infidelity. I was in the marriage before so I was curious. πŸ™‚
I thought he had sex with Korean woman as he lived in Korea over a year when he was young and healthy and prime(?). :))
But it turned out that he never had sex with Korean woman before…or Asian?
I was quite flattered somehow that he chose me or I happened to meet him and had a great memory and time.
He’s so interesting and hope he would get to travel to Seoul or Asia and meet again… πŸ™‚

Anyway! That was cool experience.

And I also met really meaningful experience in my escort career(?) or hobby? πŸ™‚
I met a client who had a little handicapped…in South Korea, we don’t get to meet many handicapped people in public…like US or other countries.
The society is not so friendly towards them. It’s even strange to call “them” but I am just explaining the situation in Korea.
I learned Korea has very high birth defect baby rate in the world but no one knows…(I didn’t know till I went to 5 lecture series on GMO, food industry, vaccine, Korean fermentation food presentation offered by Seoul metropolitan gov.).
He had birthing accident when he was coming out from natural birthing…he was stuck and the doctor used tool to take the baby out…and that damaged some nerves and his one foot is not functioning like average people.

He didn’t have a lot of sexual experiences and have some introvert personality growing up although now he forced himself change his personality to more outgoing and brighter style.
I didn’t know till he came to my place. I invited him for therapeutic massage session for the first meeting then he asked in the message what we the service charge to include one shot. Haha
This one shot wording…I actually learned or knew from my CEO client’s help of writing up my service options and descriptions.

Anyway he asked me in the message what the rate would be for 1+1. And I asked him what he meant for 1+1?????
Then he explained massage plus one shot.
I didn’t know even that one shot…what shot that is…
When I was doing my professional pure therapeutic massage, I never offered any happy ending or sexual service so that shot meant…what? Giving hand job????
I get so offended when people contacted me to ask that question!
I still don’t do handjob. 99% of the time.
Only I did one or two time when my personal contact…partner wanted that…because that was his way of getting off(due to masturbation habit while watching porn).
I don’t like people watching porn and can’t get stimulation from natural way(I learned that situation from this 25 year old young lover I met briefly).

Anyway! I told him in the message that I don’t like to offer or commit for sexual stuff as I don’t know him well enough if I would be attracted to him. I totally thought he found my massage service from therapeutic ad source so I wasn’t mentally thinking those combination…he meant cum. Not any handjob thing which I wouldn’t anyway offer.

So he came to my place for massage and I liked him right away.
Because I could feel he was nice person. From his smile, facial expression etc.
He came upstairs after taking off his shoes and I noticed that he had that…
He sat down and I asked him to wait for me to finish putting my laundry up.
Then we sat and chatted.
Quite a lot! Haha Even before massage session.
He lived in Beijing and I lived in Beijing so we talked about Beijing, China…his story living there and my story living there…etc.

After couple hours of chatting, we started massage and I decided to go for more than sex.
He shared with me his experiences in the past and his wishes and fantasies or bucket list…or sexual wants…etc…I understood what he wanted so I did my best to fulfill his fantasy or hopes or wants. πŸ™‚
He was very happy and satisfied with getting his dreams come true. Haha πŸ™‚
I was very happy to make him happy.
He talked a lot even after…that. πŸ™‚
He came day time and left at night time while initially kind of coming over for massage. :)))
Also he shared some personal stories that he never could share with any of his close people or friends.
He said “I feel so light. Chest feels so light after getting off of my system…heart”
Saying something he can’t really say or share…in the fear of what his friends or others would think of him after knowing some things…to someone…who is so genuine, authentic…or even kind of stranger…in a way…it’s very therapeutic and healing. πŸ™‚
I was teary while hearing his story…but I was feeling so happy for him to let it out…or feeling lighter after sharing all…being light hearted. I know that feeling.
So I was feeling fulfilled to see his text message saying his mental, emotional state being peaceful and calm after meeting me…balanced…
So that was one of my memorable meaningful experience…
Making some positive impact on someone’s life… πŸ™‚ This case was quite rare case…
I impact with healing massage and health and wellness info sharing…people get health benefit…
But emotionally…sexually…in cruel/bullying society for a little handicapped people…
I don’t know if this expression is politically correct or not.

Handicapped or person with disability? I feel it was so minor thing in a way…comparing severe things…
But yet…one person’s life is impacted hugely….because he lives in Korea…
If he lived in other countries like USA, he wouldn’t experienced similar level…of stuff…I feel.
I don’t know all the details or how much inconvenience he experience interacting with people…growing up…
But I could feel…some aftereffect of him living in Korean society or at least he still has certain attitude or perspective about him…compared to what Korean people perceive him or reacted to him…
But I really felt he shouldn’t feel that way…I know I can’t say things like this easily as I don’t live as him or go through…
But still…I feel there is other really bright, upbeat, happy, confident people with disabilities or handicapped…in other countries…and societies.
Empowered ones.
I wished he would be so careless about what other people think of him…and just live cool life.
I don’t care about what other Koreans think of me(a lot less! still I am human though).
I don’t hide the fact I divorced or had incest incident.
I don’t care and it’s just fact and nothing to be shamed of.
I feel I even want to empower other women.
Most Korean women who are divorced…they hide that fact in Korea.
I heard from my CEO client about this more.

Anyway that’s that.

Another cool thing was I met my ideal client!!!!
I never imagined I would be so happy to meet and get to know this client.
This one client totally has same value or view on GMO, encouraging organic farming, preserving original seeds, knowing what Monsanto does, big pharma and food industry or governments are doing etc.
He’s biggest supporter of my cause and mission now.

We ended up having platonic date at a nice upscale restaurant in my neighborhood.

And I give him healing massage at my home on the massage table as he was in pain from his recent business trip.

We shared and talked about so many things on GMO, his country situation about this…his personal story and issues that he wanted to get help and healing support from me…etc…
It was so nice getting to know him, sharing…in a deeper level.
It was again so different from talking and sharing while giving healing massage session I usually thought great.

I totally understood why these high end escorts love getting dressed up, going to nice fancy restaurants and dating.
He asked me to choose best restaurant and order anything I want without worrying about price.
I usually didn’t check price when I was with my ex husband. πŸ™‚
Never checked price for grocery items or restaurants usually.
Not that we were ultra super rich style but I didn’t have to care about money…while doing grocery shopping or choosing menu from nice restaurants.

But there are a few upscale steak or Italian restaurants near Grand Hyatt hotel near my home that I haven’t checked out as price seemed a little high for me to go nowadays.

I spent all my money going abroad studying marketing, attending conferences, doing my own personal development and healing work and therapies…and lots of interesting classes and courses…!

I still have a little financial thing I have to pay off due to deciding to move to nice, high rent house in Itaewon.

So I was thinking, when I pay off my bills and uncle, CEO client who landed me recently money for moving…I will go to those restaurants myself.
Also I was imagining it would be nice to go to those restaurants with my client(s). πŸ™‚
The one client I really like and he really likes me…he suggested to go out for meal…and I wanted to check out those restaurants but I felt it could be too high price…(he might be happy to go there I think).
I didn’t go there with him.
We still went to nice restaurant but it was not as high pricey menu as the one I went with this client.

The restaurant was pretty and food was great.

I like good grass-fed beef steak.
I mean…I like food that is naturally grown or raised.

There was no one but us at the end of the opening hours of that restaurant.
I felt private enough to talk and share with him. So that was so nice!
Nice Namsan tower view! Pretty and nice beautiful food and presentation. πŸ™‚

Jazz, relaxing music.

I really loved the sharing our stories…him sharing his stories and issues he has that he hope I could help him.
We didn’t plan for massage or date but it ended naturally that way.
He of course paid for my time and service.
We were gonna do that in other time.

We met for talking and discussing about my mission and cause but naturally we decided to do platonic dating and massage service. πŸ™‚

Of course, my aromatherapy healing massage session was really helping him and he was so light and amazed by the effect of the massage.
Even today he messaged me…how he feels today and experiencing the power of amazing healing aromatherapy massage.
It is so nice to see my clients experience these and healing. When they really didn’t anticipate or expect that much although they know I am good or my massage is really good. Still it’s more than they expect I think when they get the healing. πŸ™‚
So it’s so fun an fulfilling, pleasurable to see clients’ reactions and impressions…

I was so happy to connect with him. This was my ideal scenario after experiencing the way I experience it!
I really love connecting, sharing before intimacy…that’s why I love including massage, touching, talking/connecting time before girl friend experience part.
But this dining, talking in a restaurant in such a lovely atmosphere was so nice and sweet. πŸ™‚

I asked him if it’s OK to come after my class casual clothing. :)))
He gently suggested it would be nice I have a bit freshened up from all day class… πŸ™‚
So I postponed the meeting time little bit so I could shower, get changed, make up etc.

Totally felt different after getting freshen up. I was a bit tired but I felt energized and uplifted after getting dressed up a bit with pink skirt and putting effort on make up with more colors…
And meeting.

Everyone has their taste and style for opposite sex…so I express that on my site
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

But he kept saying
“You are so beautiful”
And kind of expressing…he didn’t expect …that…because of my using that quote on my site and kind of saying I shouldn’t say that…

I hear from clients that I am beautiful or pretty occasionally but I feel in Korean standard or beauty stereotype I am not feeling confident to say…that.
When clients say or emphasize that I am pretty…I was thinking he likes my face style. πŸ™‚
I am pretty for his preference style. πŸ™‚

I was very happy to hear that many times from my client last night. πŸ™‚
Also I was glad I am his type of beautiful style.

I also feel surprized or pleasantly feeling good when clients like my body. They say I love your body. You have a nice body.
Things like that.
Again, in Korean stereotype standard…my body is not nice. Haha!

It has to be thinner and slimmer and smaller hip. Haha
I love my curves(hip) though in this case.
I feel I wouldn’t like to have sex with skinny, too slim women if I were men. :))

I am glad there are men with diverse taste and preferences in shape, body, color whatever unlike Korean men’s typical stereotypical standard of beauty or body type.
I find Korean men boring…to think same way…or expecting their girl friend to be in the typical beauty standard in Korean way.
So programmed thinking I feel.

Ah! It was so nice to hear compliment from the client with a little handicap that he could stop searching for his ideal woman now.
I fit into his ideal woman.
Body shape, size, my skills etc etc. πŸ™‚
He told me he was worried or hoped I wouldn’t lose weight when I wrote about workout and losing weight to fit into international escort trend or standard(not all but many are in the slimmer side than me).
He kind of told me don’t lose weight!
Haha πŸ™‚
That was so nice to hear when I was feeling a little down and insecure from eating too high carb diet that time.

Anyway…speaking of the ketogenic life…
I totally have carb cravings and such now!!!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!
I am having challenge on going back to ketogenic life after enjoying so much carb, sugary food and breads etc!
Funny thing is…or sad thing is…I learn all the truth about GMO and such…food additives…but still this client who support my cause bought breads from Paris Baguette last night as a gift…and I knew it’s GMO four wheat product…but still it tastes great and I ate them and felt so foggy brain and low energy from eating them.
I couldn’t function my brain well in the class today!

I watched video about this problem…
I know logically but physically I am hooked…and it really needs strong will.
I feel so bad…that I was messed up these days.
I don’t feel great, in optimal state of mental clarity and physical state…maybe that’s one of the reason I wasn’t keeping my blog.
As I wasn’t feeling too good or have energy and healthy routine…fell out of healthy routine and state.

It’s so dangerous to be hooked on commercial carb products…

This explains…well about food addiction and now I have an empathy for other people who I couldn’t understand well before when I was doing great with keto life.
I totally understand them…how hard it can be…

Why we can’t stop eating unhealthy foods

And today I watched these two videos.
One from vegan athlete and the other from Ketogenic lifestyle scientist, PhD I like a lot(I find him so hot! Haha).

Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You | Rich Roll on Impact Theory


The Shocking Truth About The Keto Diet | Dom D’Agostino on Health Theory


One dear client I met recently and still communicate continuously is also scientist…who is well known in his field and doing a lot of researches and published so many papers and doing great work on raising awareness in obesity and environmental toxins connections.

He says any diet works as long as you can stick to it. Or do it.
First I didn’t agree in my heart when I heard him saying that….because I was in keto honeymoon phase and I can be very strong opinion and stubborn style with what I study and research a lot. :)))

But I can understand him now.
BTW He’s now doing keto because I shared him all the scientific proofs and interviews and all the things. As open minded scientist, he watched all the videos I shared and tried keto diet and experience amazing benefit for himself(he did it when he was younger without knowing he was in ketosis) again.

I feel tired of not in ketosis and getting severe carb cravings nowadays…
Like drug…really. Sugar…addiction…like cocaine. Literally it works similar way.
I haven’t watched this video in full yet…gotta check out.
But I know now…knowing and doing is two different thing!!!!

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

Battle against…environment, everywhere…society….public situation vs personal will, discipline…I feel.
It is so much easier to have an accountability partner or community and do it together.
Should restart my keto program!!!
I wonder what happened to all my keto members. I predict they might be struggling…
I am dropping one more video.

Killing For Profit – at the European Parliament ! #LCHF Aseem Malhotra

On their discussion, this cardiologist Asheem Malhotra saying it’s hard for individuals to eat healthy food when all the surroundings and environments are set up for the opposite agenda.
I feel it now. When I have my surroundings tempted me to eat carb…
My housemate…my friend put all the food in the fridge I usually wouldn’t put or buy in the first place…
I feel conflict feeling about having her…

It’s so nice to have nice people around me…as having good supporting social relationship…is so important as a human being…The connections…loving supporting people…

But also for them to leave all the tempting food in the fridge…I end up eating…and get out of keto life…and feel I ruined anyway and just give up on keto diet…and snowball effect after that…I feel like I am making excuse too…but it really impacts…me.

I told them to have separate fridge and not to have me tempt with food. It’s my weak point…
Still they haven’t resolved that…and I feel love hate relationship about having her now at my house…

In a way, I just want to live alone with my freedom of food in the fridge.

I hate I don’t have a strong will power against food temptation around me.
I think I will declare living alone after waiting at the end of this month if they don’t take an action about my request.

It’s been really interesting and love hate situation.
LOVE THEM around me. Hate the food they leave in the fridge that i end up eating and feeling so low and bad.

OK! I will stop my rants. :)))

Thank you for reading my super ultra long update and broken record kind of keto rants or excuses!! Haha
πŸ™‚ Wishing you a happy, peaceful, healthy life! <3 Haha~~~~

I will keep blog more often than this! πŸ™‚

With warm hugs πŸ™‚

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