Doing crazy things…thanks to escort secret hobby life ;) And becoming cool

I am writing short blog now. 🙂 Sorry for letting down if you were expecting to read my ex-husband, marriage, love story or not. Haha!

Today I was busy cleaning up and get ready to get massage from one expat male friend of mine.
Then getting long massage, I had to give him massage as he had a hip nerve pain or something.
Then time flies…and it’s close to midnight. Or I am feeling too much pressure about writing my ex, marriage story…

Anyway, I will share yesterday and today’s story.
About doing little bit crazy things…getting out of comfort zone thing.

Because many escorts are advertising or marketing themselves on twitter, I observed what they do, how they do…etc.
Many of them post their nude/semi nude photos.
And I recently posted one semi nude photo on twitter. Then I got little more brave yesterday. 🙂

One potential client(turned out to be fake one) messaged me and asked if I could send him my current body shot photo.
That time(yesterday), I was walking in Namsan park while raining.
I was gonna go back home and take selfie, then I thought why not doing something crazy like taking nude photo in the forest there!!! Haha

I didn’t have a selfie stick or tripod but somehow I was gonna figure out…if my smartphone battery would be still on.

So I went to my favorite spot and luckily I had a book(Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey).
I used that book for leveraging to put smartphone for timer shot and I took off my clothes quickly. Haha
And then I took some photos and I saw one blue jacket color…
One Korean old man was passing little far from where I was. I hoped he didn’t see me!
But he saw me!!!! Haha

He went hiking uphill and I grabbed my clothes to cover my body…I looked up to see if he’s gone.

He was walking up and looked back at me…!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he went on.

I again took a few more pictures then quickly dressed up. Didn’t have a time to wear underwear this time!

I could hear other people’s sound so I had to rush!!


One night, I took my client to the same spot. That was when I first started escort as a secret side business for getting ego boost. Haha

It was summer time…in the dark, we were talking…mosquitoes were bothering us a bit. Haha

He booked my time for a few days and nights in a row that time. Like 2-3 full day booking.
We liked each other. Sex was amazing between us and we clicked…right away…even before meeting each other.

This client was the one I fell in love(kind of) and was willing to go to Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever. 🙂
Because we spent quality, long time together…we grew stronger bond…I was staying with him before his leaving.
He already was supposed to leave Korea when we met.

Anyway, earlier that day…he brought pile of Korean wons(several million won) to pay me and handed me in Starbucks coffee shop in Itaewon.
It was my first time spending whole day and night, few days in a row…I felt little uncomfortable.
I wanted to have my own space or time and refunded him some money saying
“I don’t know if I want to spend full few days in a row”
I was feeling…imagining…I have to be with him 24/7 and even going to bathroom…he will be around…that kind of thinking…feeling little bit too much. Haha

That day, we decided to go to movie…and spend the day anyway…
Then we ended up anyway spending few days in a row. :))

Anyway, so that night, I took him to my favorite secret spot in Namsan park.

After talking and spending time there, we took a cab to come down to the boutique hotel he booked in Itaewon.
He told me he wanted to have sex there.
I haven’t had sex in the outdoor or park like that yet. :))

So yesterday, taking nude photos brought me the memory of him.
So this escort secret hobby life is making me brave. Doing things I wouldn’t usually do. 🙂
It’s quite liberating and fun. 🙂
Getting out of comfort zone, taking a risk, learning about people and human mind, becoming a better person…by learning and practicing what I learn. 🙂

Anyway, that potential client turned out to be just fake person but I had no problem. Haha
He booked my service through my booking form but I had a feeling while messaging back and forth with him just a few times…this person didn’t seem genuine…
So I didn’t spend much time chatting with him because I felt something was not right. 🙂

I don’t know how other escorts would react on that situation.
He kind of tricked me to send him nude photos.
But I kind of thanked him in my heart.
To make me do little crazy things…actually he didn’t make me but because of his request, I did the little crazy thing. :))

I see some escorts complaining or making fun of those clients on their twitter.
I now take things not so seriously sometimes…I kind of think “I give it a trust. If it doesn’t turn out to be honest, authentic…or fake things…I am cool still. I can still listen to audios on the way or I can work on my laptop at a coffee shop in the worst case…”
That kind of attitude.
Of course, I would check and do my best to confirm and not to waste my valuable time.
But some cases, 100% clear checking is not possible…I would still give a benefit of doubt and trust.
I see too much distrust going on between escort and client. 🙂

So two positive things in my life due to escort business is that I get to do something out of comfort zone, little more risk taking(with calculation) and be cool with people. 🙂
I just play it with it and be cool.

Maybe more understanding of people…their behaviors, more compassionate…
Also I learn a lot…by interacting with people…more people than I would usually interact in my vanilla life.
I feel I am becoming a better person and communicator…when I make mistake or when some clients or potential clients behave certain ways I don’t understand or get them.
I study more, watch videos…on human mind, emotions, behaviors, communication, dating and relationships etc. 🙂

Ah. Today I asked my expat friend to take picture of me on the massage table after getting wonderful massage from him.
He’s in marketing field and lived many countries so I got to ask him what he thinks about Korean, Japanese, Chinese women in bed. Haha
Also he lived in Italy. So I got to learn something about Italian women, men…etc…fascinating. 🙂
He learned massage in Germany so his massage is really goood. Plus he doesn’t expect anything in return.

I have a few men who love to give me massage but they all want to give orgasm to me as well.
But I want just pure massage. I get plenty of orgasms. Haha

And they kind of expect me to touch them. I don’t like that.
So I told one guy about that. And he now understands how I feel and don’t like his style…so from now on he will just give massage the way I want. And be cool.
Ah! Another great thing is I become better communicator…I think I express better.
My usual reaction with this guy who like to give me orgasm and want me to touch him would be just feeling bad and ignore his messages.
But after ignoring and feeling uncomfortable, I finally told him how I felt and clearly expressed and communicated with him.
That’s great improvement! I think! 🙂

And this European expat friend likes talking with me and learning about health and wellness knowledge and tips for improving his life and health. 🙂

I asked him “Why do you like to come to give me massage?”
He replied with those benefit. He learn from me…valuable health info and tips.
Also before he told me it’s fun to talk with me as I am very interesting. 🙂

He’s so nice and genuine…and kind.
I really appreciated his kindness. 🙂

One reminder I got from him today was that I need to work out more.
When he came to give me massage when I was doing HIIT workout religiously…I had a stronger muscle tone than now.
I was getting training by professional trainers and did homework workout everyday.

So I gotta do that. 🙂
He always praises me for having amazing skin. 🙂
Skin like in her 20s.
He was wondering if it’s genetic or food I eat.
My sister doesn’t have a great skin. So I don’t think it’s genetic. :))
I told him it’s the food I eat. Clean good food??
And getting massage with great oils and CPTG essential oils regularly. 🙂
Self care. Self massage as well.

Also he likes my butt. Haha 🙂
Firm and nice shape…he says.

Anyway, good day to get amazing massage and get nice compliments and learn stuff. 🙂
And share my knowledge on health and gave him massage with amazing essential oils that relieved strong nerve hip pain he had.

Here are the video of Namsan bamboo forest in the rain.

And photos of fall colors and rain in Namsan. 🙂

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