Don’t judge a book by its cover and being more open minded…compassionate…

So nowadays I am checking other escorts out. Podcasts, their twitters, blogs…and learn their thoughts, life style etc.
The difference between them and me…professional and not so professional escort like me was that they seem to accept clients as long as they pass screening and clients are well mannered.

Clients are not judged by their height, weight, Viagra or medication consuming situation or grammar or spelling errors…
Haha… I care about those. I want my clients to be healthy…and intelligent…HWP…

I am kind of using escort business for my needs and I wanted to meet clients I like. Also I get attached and missing them…and this is little…very unprofessional. I know. Haha
These professional escorts were saying they are non-judgemental and they are in a way…healers.
I totally resonated with that comment. They are sexy healers! Haha πŸ™‚ I feel that’s totally true.

Anyway these high end escorts’ rates are quite high and I feel…they take it seriously and treat it professionally.

One of my judgemental fact about who I meet or not want to meet was how people write to me.
If there are short style writing like R U free…or text style, I immediately turned off by informal style.
And if there are lots of spelling errors then I am for sure not interested in meeting the person.
When I used ad boards for meeting people even in general.

Also I am attracted to taller, fitter body type. So when I get inquiry from shorter, extra pound weight style client then I wasn’t really interested in meeting with 100% heart in it.
I know I sound really bad…? Superficial about judging people by physical aspect?
I have one great story about my tendency about this and ego busting story in San Francisco.
I will share that story later. πŸ™‚ Really fun story.

Anyway! So I got booking inquiry one day from this shorter, little extra pound(just according to my standard) physic gentleman.
He lives like 1 hour drive away from Seoul.
Although I wasn’t 100% thrilled but I felt he was genuine and was really lonely after moving to Korea for his career and he needed a companion. Touch, warmth etc. Human connection…with a woman.

I drove down to his area and try to find his place but somehow I couldn’t find his complex.
Since he was new to Korea and didn’t know Korean language…he sent wrong address.
So a lot of messaging back and forth…and driving around, wasting a lot of time on the road, finally I arrived to parking lot of his complex.
I tried to reach his home but he wasn’t home.
And that moment I felt
“What am I doing here? Wasting all this time. He’s not my type and his communication style is so bad. Why he’s not home…ah~~~~~~. Is he real? I am gonna leave. This must be not meant to be. I should have followed my feeling!”
When I was about to leave, he messaged me saying he was coming back home. He was waiting outside…to find me.

Anyway, so finally I went to his place when he let the door open from parking side gate.
He was professional and really intelligent and warm person. We talked awhile and I felt so comfortable.
And he turned out to be one of the best lover I met in my life. Haha
And we had an amazing time…and we instantly fell for each other with strong chemistry…and attracted to each other as opposite sex.

Because I shared how wonderful my area that I moved that time was with mountain and nature and great restaurants and views…etc…he wanted to come to my home next time.
And he is so busy with his work…and we missed each other so much…

So next appointment when he could find time slot he messaged me if I was free and we made a plan to meet
He took a cab early in the morning like 5 or 6…and arrived my home like 7AM or something.
I am not a morning person so that was earliest I ever meet anyone. Haha
I was so happy to see him and he was so happy to see me. πŸ™‚
We talked and caught up with what’s new and happening in our lives etc.
He loved the view and my home.
We again had an amazing time together and this time we went out to my neighborhood and had a brunch together at a local Korean restaurant that was open at like 11AM.
He didn’t want to go to work. Haha I also wished him to stay longer and go for a walk to Namsan mountain… πŸ™‚
But he had to go. Of course. πŸ™‚

Then he was again so busy as usual.
And messaged me wishing me for Happy Korean Thanksgiving.
And he missed me.
I missed him too…I emailed if he’s in Korea or not…expressing I missed him etc.
Then I didn’t hear from him for awhile.

I love escort work 99% of the time. I never had really bad experience or anything.
Always really positive experience and even if I had bad experience it wasn’t anything serious…just small emotional, communication thing.
So when I didn’t hear from him for about a week…when I don’t get reply right away…like most of people’s reply pattern…at least within 24 hour reply time…
I get little annoyed and sad…
I usually like my clients and miss them…and if they don’t reply within 24 hour…then I feel…
I understand…because they hire escort for no strings attached relationship…and don’t have to invest in emotionally and have to care about their feelings and respond like girl friend boy friend style…I know that.
But still I feel little sad when I didn’t hear from clients.
One of my special client left Korea…I found out and that was sad to me…that I didn’t see him before his leaving.
He wanted to meet me one day and the schedule didn’t work out and I didn’t know that was last chance to see him…and he left.
Only reason I found out was because I emailed him when I was in his area for travel and wondered how he’s doing.
Then I got reply from him saying he was thinking about me and now he’s back in the States.

This is saddest part of my work…I feel.
I expect or wish to hear from them but it’s not like that…communication is not happening 24 hour or sometimes not hearing from them.
I shouldn’t focus on that aspect hmmm…

Anyway! So today I woke up and found an email from this client.
He was out of Korea and no access to his email for a week and he’s been missing me.
His email had worst grammar or errors all over. Haha
That should be total turn off but I was so happy to see his email.
Plus I know he’s super smart person so all these spelling errors and such doesn’t matter at all.

My CEO client was happy to hear my current re-activating of escort life story and episodes.
He told me I should treat this escort business as a work and I should do things sometimes even if I don’t like 100%.
He was saying
“That’s why it’s called a job. You have to do things you don’t like to make money and living”

‘I don’t wanna do what I don’t like or want…even if I am broke…’ I thought to myself.
When he was saying that. πŸ™‚

Anyway I enthusiastically update him with my escort life when we met last time.

About meeting this client despite of him not having my ideal body type. Haha yeah…this is not dating…I should drop my dating ad and expectation mentality. ;))
I met him and he was amazing lover and human being! I like him so much!

And this Korean gentleman I turned down so many times because of his age and Korean…haha…he turned out to be also really sweet and amazing person.

And other gentleman who is so out of my age limit….I decided to be open and a little compassionate…and he turned out to be really nice as well…I was so glad to meet and connect with him.

So I got pleasantly surprised by the results of being open and letting go of my control/judgement thinking a bit. Not totally yet though.
Still I don’t like to meet very obese gentlemen.
Today I was listening to Tony Robins relationship advice.
It’s about accepting for who they are…
So I was thinking if I should recontact the client who contacted me…and I turned down because of his weight being too much…from my standard or limit or thinking.
I feel bothered…by my turning down…if he got hurt from my rejection.
The reason they hire escorts are because usually escorts take clients…(according to this podcast hosts…they are non-judgemental)…
I felt guilty in a way.
I might like him as a person and might be fine…
I wondered how he would react or feel if I email him again and say I would meet him.
I don’t know if I am thinking too much…imagining too much and if I should let it go and move on.
But I keep thinking about him…it bothers me…I don’t want to hurt his feelings…

I had one friend. She’s super nice.
One day she told me about her sexual encounter.
She went to grocery shopping near Itaewon Hamilton hotel and met this guy in front of the hotel.
He was from Bangladeshi.
Usually in Korea, Korean look down on people from Bangladeshi…as treating them as people from third world country and they don’t have a luck to meet Korean women in general(if they came to Korea as factory workers or labor workers).
She felt compassionate about him…it was rainy night…
Somehow they ended up going to a hotel or motel somewhere…and had sex.
He was so rushed…because he never had a chance to have sex with women…maybe. That was my friend’s assumption.
Rushing kissing…rushing…sex kind of situation. He didn’t have to.
She calmed him down and they had sex.

When she told me that story.
That was quite shocking!
Having sex with random stranger!!
Out of compassion!!!

Also when I read other professional escort’s blog post on her take on accepting clients or clients get worried or anxious etc…she was basically calming them down in her writing that she’s not there for dating and they are all fine…
She didn’t care about looks…much in her escort business career.

That was quite surprising insight. Made me think of my way of conducting escort.
I thought she’s such a pro.

I know in a way, I don’t have to do something I don’t want…but also I kind of wondered…about my way.

I wanted to share some thoughts I had.

These are some videos I watched today. They impacted me.
Hope you also find them meaningful and contribute to your life in a positive way.

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: β€œI’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer


The most critical factor that would change my life | Olympia LePoint | very motivational


Tony Robbins – How To Have The Best Relationships (Tony Robbins Motivation)

Most Women Don’t Understand Men’s Emotions (Every woman MUST watch this profound video) by Td Jakes


I study and learn about dating, relationship, human mind and psychology…everything is related to my life including escort life. Understanding my client’s mind and emotions…or mine. πŸ™‚
Still a lot to learn.

I am sure they will be great wisdom and info for you. πŸ™‚

Next blog post, I will teach you how to download vidoes from youtube easily so you can watch and learn things offline while driving, taking flight or gym etc.
Really useful hack(?) to expand our knowledge and understanding…enriching life. πŸ™‚

Time to go to bed.
Thank you for reading my blog post. Feel free to share or comment your thoughts.

Hugs and good energies to your way πŸ™‚


Independent Untypical(unprofessional?) Escort based in Seoul, Korea
FlyMeToYou/Passport ready

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  1. James says:

    Your post are entertaining and informative, a honest womens’ opinion is refreshing. I look forward to each story dont stop. Ever

    1. KoreanAphrodite says:

      Thank you James. πŸ™‚ I will keep blogging & sharing. It’s fun and nice to have a reader who appreciate my posts and encourage. <3


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