Finally going to Hong Kong this weekend! Adventure!

So I’ve been thinking of going to Hong Kong and my CEO client kept saying I should go and I will be popular there etc etc. 🙂
I finally booked 5 star hotel in Hong Kong and flight reservation-I have to get approval from travel agent and wire money then all set.

I had a really nice connection with recent client I met at Four Seasons in Seoul who resides in HK and now in US…haha he was returning back to HK so I am meeting him at his homeground as he’s so busy with international travels.

Recently I bought Hong Kong international touring escort guide PDF and one phrase that stuck in my mind was “time poor”.
The successful business men in Hong Kong or on a business trip there are financially rich or stable but time poor she described.
I realized I am so rich in time in a way. Although I am busy with my studies and classes…they are the ones I chose to pursue and I am quite blessed and lucky to manage my own time and choose where I want to spend my time and whom I want to spend time with etc.
Quite rich life, isn’t it? 🙂
For financial side, I need to work on it but I know I can fulfill my dreams and passions and help people and money will follow as byproduct. 🙂

Anyway! It took whole day I feel…to check flights, times, hotels, communicating with that client in the States via whatsapp back and forth with time gaps.
Checking possibilities in Japan visit or Hong Kong visit depending on his biz trip and my class schedule with flight schedule etc.

I think I will go to Hong Kong regularly…like weekend and Monday. Several days a week.
I already got contacted by new potential client living/visiting in Hong Kong often who told he would send deposits as well in advance for my peace of mind. 🙂
I have a great feeling about him.

It was a little stressful to arrange or think about doing these tasks to be honest.
But cool life happens at the end of comfort zone or out of comfort zone…growing…expanding…meeting new interesting clients and people.

I also came across new sex workers(escorts) podcast!
There duo ladies are in Hong Kong now and I thought it would be fun to record podcast together.
Sharing our experiences etc.
This is their podcast link!

I am thinking…I should buy portable podcast recorder with mics and do spontaneous gatherings and meetups with cool, interesting, intelligent escorts and talk about things that could be fun, entertaining, insightful and useful for the listeners!
Time is money for them…and me…but I think this can be really good thing to do out of our time.

New encounters and possibilities…and adventures awaits.
For this weekend, it will be meeting that client and just checking out HK for near future visits and tours. 🙂

I was in HK was with my ex husband.
Attending Rugby 7 game.
I was bringing my laptop listening to Tony Robbins. haha
I still remember his cynical facial expression when I opened up my laptop and plug my earphone. Haha

It was boring for me to watch same same but different rugby game. I was just doing my best to be a good wife even coming there and sat next to him all day.

I feel so happy and grateful now that I can do whatever I want. Freely!!!!!!!!!!! Haha 🙂
Also meeting quite special human beings…having special times and connections and pleasures and healing etc.

OK. I am gonna go to bed now.
My target should be sleeping before 11PM!!!!!!!!
I gotta work on this!!!! 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog! 🙂
It is nice to know someone is interested in my life and story and take time to read… <3
Healing…therapeutic. Haha~~

I will be free in the afternoon, evening of this Sunday before taking late night flight back to Seoul.
My usual rule is only having sexual encounter with one client a day…99% of time…that is the case.
I like to keep the special feeling with one person for the day…
But I will be happy to have platonic date if there is HK client wants to meet me and hang out or dine out. 🙂
As I will frequently visit Hong Kong, it could be nice introductory meeting platonic style.
Just sending my intention out there. 🙂

Also if you visit HK frequently, know that I can fly to Hong Kong. 🙂
Will be happy to meet my kind of client.
My kind of client is someone who is intelligent, kind, caring, loving, sweet, healthy, has great stamina, loves amazing massage, connection, conscious, great in bed, willing to please, find pleasure in seeing his partner getting orgasms and pleasures from him etc. :))
That kind of client is my ideal client.
In case, if the client is not great in bed…I could train or help. Haha 🙂
Also for sexual function or energy wise…something is not so strong, I can help the client get so healthy with detox programs and healing massages and aromatherapy and things.
Only requirement would be the client should be open minded and follow directions and guidance.
I am very confident at helping people get so healthy-that includes sexual functions and stamina etc.

When one is getting healthy, sexual function is getting improved and superb naturally.
I love someone who strive to be healthy and go to the next level…not settling for mediocre health or life.

Should have that hunger for living life to the fullest. 🙂
Enjoy life to the fullest. Happy, healthy life.
Working on themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and financially in every area of life I feel.

🙂 This is great reminder for myself too…as I am typing this.

OK! Thanks for reading and sending you lots of positive vibes. :)))
With warm smile


2 thoughts on “Finally going to Hong Kong this weekend! Adventure!

  1. RathiV says:

    All the best for your HK trip..hope you meet great clients there !

    1. KoreanAphrodite says:

      Thank you! 🙂 It feels right and great already! Exciting new adventure!


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