Got a housemate! It’s nice to have people around! :) Minato Cafe visit together too!

So I was seriously thinking about fostering a dog…then I got a few offer/inquiry to fly to Switzerland and Hong Kong then I was feeling…this might not be good idea…

My mom-like friend suggested me one day what I think of having her daughter move in and live at my place.
I love my privacy and freedom(haha is it so repeating theme?) so I wasn’t feeling right about that thought.
Plus my dream girl friend experience(totally from my ideal perspective haha) is having client over to my place and cook, hang out, watch movie on the sofa…haha and maybe sex too! Haha!
That was my scenario all the time…someday…haha so this …having someone co-existing might not be good!!! For my dream scenario.

So time passed by…like a few days…maybe a week.
I visited her organic wild garden(she’s too busy to pull or cut out weeds in her sweet potato garden) and we chatted.
And again she suggested or mentioned about that idea.
And I was very lonely…and…The great deal was….!!!
She’s bringing organic clean foods and guarantee I eat her homemade foods like she supply to her daughter! Haha
Sometimes she comes over and cook and feed us warm hot fresh food right from the stove deal! Haha

My weakest point is food.
I feel so bad or off when I eat conventional food.
I love The Whole Foods in the States. Or all the organic nice grocery stores that are so available to access and have variety of choices!

But in Korea…it’s not like that…in a local area…like where I live…or in Korea in general still.

One day I went to meat butcher shop and asked if they have no-antibiotic fed chicken…and he said…looking at me like strange…unreasonable person.
“There is no such thing as no antibiotic fed meat. I worked in the farm…animals can’t survive without anti-biotics”

Costco has no-antibiotic fed chicken!!!
I just wanted to buy something right that time…somewhere close by…not driving 30 min to Costco or order online for next day shipping…
That is not possible…
Getting organic foods with walking distance…or easily…with somewhat affordable or OK price.
High end department store might carry some organic produce section and emart but not really huge selections and varieties like Whole Foods. Everywhere…like US or Germany…most of things are bio…And people have general understanding about gardening and organic preference mind…
Korea…not many average people care about no-antibiotic meat or such. They think I talk something weird when I want to go to restaurant serving food with clean ingredients like no-antibiotic fed meats.
Organic ingredient foods…

Anyway! I don’t feel good usually when I eat something unnatural and I had quite bad month after moving to my area and had food discovery tourist mode. Haha
It was fun but my body and mind and focus was suffering and now I am recovering from my actions. :))

Anyway! So this friend is involved with all the organic stuff and farmers and co-ops and such.
She is the only one who has same food standard for life. 🙂
So she started to bring organic food and past few days I’ve been good except one day I had chocolate binge.

I met one client recently and he got some cookies offered by Grand Hyatt hotel staff trying to convince him to stay at their hotel next time he visits Korea for regular exhibition he attends annually.
So he had macadamia nut chocolate and chocolate cookies from Grand Hyatt Deli.
I ate them and I got now kind of happy hormone synapse formed from that time and memory!

So couple days ago when I got tired of eating my egg salad for two days…

[rl_gallery id="582"]

I went to Hyatt deli and bought many stuff topped with hot chocolate(ice cold version). 🙂
Because of holiday time, not many restaurants opened that time I walked outside to get some sunlight and air.

I walked Namsan and comforted myself thinking…it would be less damaging as I am walking and burning off excess sugar calories and it’s not as bad as eating food additives from restaurants. Haha

But I wasn’t feeling or looking so good the next day from them…

When she suggested or asked again, I said “LET’S DO THAT! Let’s try for a week first”
(I don’t think it will be only for a week. Haha we all know and feel that we will live together happily ever after. Haha)

So here they are. My friend and her husband and her daughter came and they were busy moving and I was busy finally cleaning and organizing my moving stuff(from almost 2 months ago).

Another my weak point is cleaning/organizing around house. I don’t know how to organize things…ah!!!
I really feel I need to hire organizing expert and learn how to do that…cleaning…organizing.
I had maid when I was living with my ex and I didn’t have to do house wife stuff…8 years of living together. As a girl friend and as a wife later.

Anyway!! 🙂
So when husband of my friend got hungry…he suggested to order food.
That’s typical Korean thing.
Ordering food and you can get food(of course they are not organic or non-antibiotic fed meat or grass fed and finished beef haha nobody talks about that kind of stuff in average people life).
Especially black noodle is typical food people order while doing moving stuff. 🙂

My friend says “She doesn’t eat that kind of food”
And I said “I can order for you from the app”
But he wanted to order food that I could also eat together.

Then my friend suddenly remembered my praise of Minato Cafe and asked if they are open and still have foods to cook for us.
They usually run out of food and close. 🙂
So I called them and found out they were open!!! And still could cook Butter Chicken Curry!!! For 4 of us!
So I ordered on the phone and asked when we should be there…and he told me to come fairly soon…like in 20 min.
Soon we left after organizing a little bit more.

I brought whole organic butter to add in the butter chicken curry for even more ketogenic style. 🙂
As usual she understood what I wanted but her husband seemed little bit shocked about my request on adding whole butter there.

So we sat down at the table and my friend and her daughter got comfortable around the cafe, looking around their cute and nice items for sale from Japan.

Also they have magazines on camping and house craft arty stuff so they were flipping the pages and got impressed by Japanese craftsmanship…beautiful items for living accessories.

Also they really enjoyed the music chef played from YouTube channel. 🙂

I loved it too and took a photo to find the song later at home which I found and played when we came back home to do more moving stuff. 🙂

Anyway, we enjoyed the food, music, nice atmosphere…our time together.

My friend’s husband never had curry like that before and galette (instead of Naan).
They make galette from buckwheat flour they sourced from Pyeonghange, Gangwondo province(mountain area in the east).

When we talked about Naan…he didn’t know what we were talking about. 🙂 My friend’s daughter asked him “Do you know what Naan is?”
She was kind of jokingly saying “You are acting like someone from country side”
Haha~it wasn’t humiliating tone. 🙂

They are very happy nice family so he didn’t take that comment in a bad way at all and smile and reply like he agrees…and he never had food like that and I mentioned we would go to different places and try different foods as now their daughter is here. Most dynamic area, multi cultural area of Seoul, Korea. 🙂

So first time when my friend suggested this idea…my gut was saying
But after going through severe loneliness(I disconnected my relationship with my mother and sisters after my father passed away last year as they didn’t grant his last wish after he passed away. They didn’t do something I feel right thing to do and I am still upset and angry and have grudge and it is hurting me to be honest).

I know I have to let it go and if I want to be happy and free of negative feelings and emotions.
I felt sad and cried occasionally during this holiday time while staying alone…home…reflecting back stuff, talking on the phone with my grandmother(Last wish was giving one housing contract to grandmother for her financial stability after his death and absence so she has like 100,000 US dollars to herself. But my sisters and mom didn’t do that and I told them if they do that way I would disconnect relationship with them).

I was gonna visit my grand mother but I didn’t go this time. I will visit soon though.

Anyway! My worst thing going on my life is this grudge thing…it is not pleasant feeling…lowering my immune system and vibration…I know. But I don’t know …I don’t want to let it go or forgive or something.
I don’t want to hang out or talk with my sisters anymore or mom…who care about themselves more than grandmother…
They have their fair reasons…but I don’t feel that’s right…thing to do.

My blog is kind of therapy for me. Sorry if I talk too much side stuff than sticking to Manato Cafe wonderful experiences and positive stuff. I feel I can become so positive than this…when I resolve this issue…ah!!!

Here are some photos of Minato Cafe and video of the cafe(with nice music for today). 🙂
You can click thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

[rl_gallery id="559"]


And this was the music they played today. 🙂 You will enjoy!
I really liked it!


And these two photos are the Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving holiday food she brought for me to have some.
How sweet! Isn’t she? 🙂

So nice to have nice people around!!! Feeling happy. 🙂

I live in double…layer or two story duplex but not duplex…style…do you call this duples?
Downstairs she stays in a small room, I have my study(desk and laptop) and bed room (bigger room) here.
Upstair has another room I have massage session there and mostly that was my room but past few days I am sleeping in this downstair bigger room as it has 7 gemstone far infrared mattress-it can be heated up and warm for chilly nights-I was cold due to depression and low immune system from negative emotions or sadness around my grudge…family thing.

Anyway, in the living room has many tables and chairs and standing big screen TV for meetup and presentation (I do ketogenic coaching-I feel lame…now haha as I was bad) with wide windows with sky, Namsan mountain, Seoul tower view. 🙂

And one more stair up is roof top. Only access by me! Exclusive roof top with amazing view.
I have to make some nice fabric curtain, exterior thing for roof top for little privacy feeling from behind building neighbor.
I think I have one of the best roof top in this area! Seriously. 🙂

First I have to clean up my house(after almost 2 months…since I moved here but didn’t organize stuff) and have a clear mind and focus to work on projects. 🙂

I got two concerned email from two people. Haha concerned about my touring international escort interest.
I don’t plan to do that for main job or anything. I like to experiment and try out for trying something new and different and also meet new people including international escorts(I found some of them so cool, intelligent and fascinating! I like to talk and know them and interview them maybe for my podcast! It might be great for their career too to share who they are, their site, how to contact them etc like other escort podcast is doing).

One of my soon to be client(meeting soon-I hope :)) expressed concern that this style escort is not me. Haha
I know. I totally know that. 🙂 But for fun I feel I love to try when I decide to go on vacation anyway or something.
I take it fun and challenging.
Because to be successful for international touring escort, I see is…I have to do photoshoot, have a different style website than my current site style…also I have to show more physical and look, beauty side.
I find it fun and challenging for myself to do that. I love to do it for fun-like make over or transform show stuff. Haha
I have to learn make up I feel. 🙂
I kind of think it’s fun to do it. Kind of exciting and fun feeling about it.

And another friend of mine emailed me and said
“As a friend, you are a talent woman, and there is more than a career as escort for you.
Again…. there might be reason, and dont take it the wrong way. Just saying as a friend – hope you see it that way”

Of course I didn’t take it wrong way, I know exactly what his concern was and totally get it and I don’t plan on doing this as a career. :))

Anyway, I then thought about offering services to international escorts ladies!
I find their websites and photos to be a little boring…or similar. Typical…in a way.
Many of them have similar feeling…somehow…
So I suddenly thought just a while ago that I make a really cool international toursing escort site for myself(I am a web designer) and also I take amazing photos with the help of my scientist Vietnamese friend who has a photography passion and who likes me. :))
I will travel to Vietnam or fly him over to Korea and we take photos!

And when I start promoting myself as beautiful, intelligent, international escort and have success, then I love to meet up with other escorts in the area.
I love to get to know some of them and interview them and learn and share with the world through my soon to be officially launching podcast. 🙂
My podcast is called “Sex, Culture and Sex” I would share a lot more insights on sex and culture than South Korea!!!

Isn’t it cool idea? 🙂 Haha
I feel I could offer web design service for them.
Photo shoot also!
Somehow I feel I could help them get unique and cooler photography.
Also expose them through my podcast-I can make my podcast rank high.
This can be also fun! I feel!

I always wanted to offer web design service but somehow I didn’t find right people…
I feel these international escorts are so my audience…when I have a successful footstep too especially. 🙂
Anyway, suddenly…this idea hit me and I feel excited about this possibilities.

We will see. 🙂

I am so sleepy now…writing…or talking so much. Haha
Anyway the main thing now is I am happy to have daughter of my friend.
They went back to the organic area to load more stuff and came back.
My friend decided to sleep here which is wise!!! 🙂
She will continue clean tomorrow!!!! This is my dream come true! Haha!

I will have finally clean house with organized way and I will have a better focus. 🙂
So many things I feel I have to catch up. Writing news articles, columns to submit if I want to get that press card!!!

Then, doing my projects…
Ketogetnic project stuff to do.
Escort biz stuff to do.
Podcast launch…

Maybe later when I have things under control, plan international touring escort project.
🙂 So many things to do.

But feeling quite positive and optimistic as I am in a good mood and know I will be in great happy mood from now on quite predictably! With great good food and people!!! 🙂

Still I think I will invite my clients here. 🙂
Upstair is private and it’s cool to have a nice client here too anyway.
Introducing to her.
One new client expressed he would like to hang out with me and do the keto cooking.
So we will do keto cooking when we meet platonically! 🙂

Finally using oven and have him do keto bakery!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Time to sleep. So excited!!! 🙂

Good night or good day! Thank you for reading my blog!!! <3

Aphrodite 😀

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