Hong Kong Trip FlyMeToYou (FlyMySelfToYou) was awesome experience! :)

From unknown, doubt, fearful, sadness to welcomed, happy, heart-warming, confident feeling!

Time flies! So I went to Hong Kong to meet my client I met in Four Seasons in Seoul for his business trip.

My CEO client who is like my mentor told me or encouraged me to go to Hong Kong for international clienteles and broaden my playground or boundaries from Korea as he thought I would be very popular in Hong Kong for international business travelers or expats there with my personality and services/skills. :))

Although I wanted to check out Hong Kong, I was a little worried and felt not ready because I didn’t have professional recent photos or rates or flymetoyou service rate, menu, procedure, screening menu or anything. Nothing.
I felt I had to have my photographer friend come to Korea to do proper photo shoot and update my site for international debut(?). 🙂
And starting international escort promotion on professional escort ad sites.

One day one client I had a great connection and time with a few months ago messaged me through Whatsapp.

Asking if I would be in Seoul in January as he was gonna visit Seoul.
And we messaged back and forth.
He mentioned or I mentioned…about Hong Kong tour or visit.

I always thought about him when thinking of touring Hong Kong.
Because he lives in Hong Kong as an expat.

I wanted to ask him if he would be interested in booking my service if I come to Hong Kong but then I thought he’s married and assumed it might be something awkward…to meet escort in his home ground.

But when I mentioned I was willing to come to Hong Kong and thought about coming to Hong Kong he was so excited about that.

So suddenly we talked about meeting in Hong Kong.
He was on a business trip in USA that time and we planned to meet the day he landed to Hong Kong airport.

So last minute, I had to check hotels and flights etc.
Also we checked possibilities of me flying to Tokyo as well because of my class schedule and flights, hotel situations.

Between my international aromatherapist diploma course timing and flight timing and hotel accommodation timing and his landing timing…and his Tokyo business trip timing…we had to schedule around and check which option made sense for the time and money wise.

Anyway! Date and timing was decided, hotel booked and I reserved flight online but didn’t have confirmation from agency and I didn’t have fund to pay till last minute.

I had full two day(more than 48 hour) booking with one special client on the coming weekend so I messaged him if he would be willing to send deposits in advance for booking things(our hotel and Michelin awarded restaurant reservation fee etc).

When he got my message he responded little surprising, uncomfortable way as I never had deposit requirement stated on my site before and we already met and had trust.

I didn’t want to tell him I needed money urgently to book the flight ticket specifically before 1PM (and also hotel, booking restaurant for our time).

Telling or showing people I have low money is kind of shameful feeling.
I really don’t want to show my financial situation to people…because I feel pathetic not to have money…I kept paying high monthly rent and remaining of huge deposit I was supposed to pay to my new landlord and uncle every month…felt like it was never ending…cycle.

When I didn’t pay things on time, I feel so bad so I get contracted…so I tend to stop all my social media…on facebook and Instagram in my vanilla life and it is not helping to promote my other business(health coaching, aromatherapy, massage etc).

I get into cave mode in vanilla life till I pay off everything.
But as I get shrink…my promoting of normal business is not active and the bad cycle was continuing…

So that’s why I re-started escort life recently because I needed money to pay huge deposit for my new housing.
I borrowed some money from my uncle and wanted to pay him back ASAP.

So…seeing his reaction…and had to tell him “I had low money” I felt so shameful and bad and sad…I didn’t want to make him feel that way…also my feeling…about revealing my weakness…with money situation.

I borrowed in time (before 1PM) from aromatherapy institute owner(he always helped me in my financial hardship or going abroad for attending conference and had shortage of money) and told my special client that he didn’t have to wire me deposit money anymore but anyway he told his secretary or someone to wire fund so I got the deposit anyway…but I felt so bad…

I felt bad that I had no money…
And I had to show that and told him.
What he would think of me…pathetic…? Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was quite depressed and sad. I had to ask him to send deposit…and made him feel uncomfortable or weird about that…about trust…thing.

On the airplane to Hong Kong, I was crying…feeling quite depressed.

It was very stressful and quite a hassle to check hotels, flight tickets and book things on time(when I had limited fund to move around), manage to go to airport(I am really nervous and stressed about going places on time! and packing)…going somewhere I am not so familiar although I’ve been to Hong Kong before(it was with my ex husband where he booked everything).

Thankfully I arrived in time to board on airplane to Hong Kong!

From sadness(depressed) to happiness

I checked into my hotel and I was quite exhausted from all the emotions and stress I had to go through. I whatsapp-messaged one of the escort who was touring Hong Kong from Berlin after unpacking.

She was sharing her escort/sex work story on podcast and I reached out to her.
Check “Business or Pleasure” episodes. There are 10 episodes.
Two escorts sharing their experience and sharing tips.
Zuzugabriel was the one I contacted and introduced myself as fellow escort/podcaster as well who was coming to Hong Kong.
I thought it would be fun to meet up and share things and record podcast together in the near future!

She shared her whatsapp contact number and told me to message her when I arrived in Hong Kong so I did.

She invited me to come join their outing to gay club as her and other escort ladies were going out that night but I was too tired and had early morning appointment with my client so I didn’t join.

But I felt so welcomed in a foreign country when I was quite down, depressed and sad.
So her kind invitation made me feel so warm inside and welcomed.

Then another twitter (potential) client commented on my twitter update on coming to Hong Kong saying wish he knew that I was coming to Hong kong. He was so kind. He also commented on my blog post saying I should definitely come to Hong Kong.

Then he saw my last blog update on my coming to Hong Kong and low money situation the night I checked into Hong Kong hotel.

He whatsapped me and told if I need anything feel free to let him know and he could send some fund to paypal. 🙂
That was so sweet and kind of him.
I was actually so cold in the hotel room and couldn’t fall asleep and tears come down…from thinking about my special client and the situation…still.

I expressed my appreciation and gratitude towards his kind gesture.

He re-stated and messaged back again that he was really mean it.
I thought about his kind suggestion.
And I decided to accept his kindness and generosity and messaged him my paypal account email address and he messaged me saying it would be my breakfast treat money saying he sent something. 🙂
That was so sweet and kind…his kindness brighten up my mood.

Felt so safe, protected…taken care of…somehow.

When I asked questions about where to go to work on my laptop at a coffee shop on my twitter, several gents shared their suggestions and he also suggested really nice place and shared practical info. Ritz carlton Hong Kong for uninterrupted laptop working environment in private whatsapp message.


Lounge or bar or cafe…recommendation I got.

Kind Hong Kong gents shared cafe suggestions and this gentleman’s kind and caring gesture made me totally feel heartwarming, happy, delighted, welcomed in Hong Kong.

And my meeting with client was great. Had a great time…giving him amazing massage and nice time. Although both of us were tired from flight. Haha

He asked me if the amount we agreed finally was enough for my trip and time, effort.

I said it’s OK…that was fine.

He felt it was not totally fair for me so he gave me the first rate I suggested him when we initially communicated.

I was gonna anyway come to Hong Kong to check out…as for my investment.
Even if it wasn’t great money to cover everything for all my time, energy, accommodation, flight etc and more…I was willing to come for the research purpose.
But at the end, my client paid me so generously and appreciated so much for my time, effort to come to Hong Kong for seeing him.
I really appreciated the time together and also his kindness and generosity.

I don’t feel comfortable doing “Touring escort” style.
For sure…for incall…not my style.
I can’t imagine having client over one night and next day have another client come to the same bed…

I feel special connection with my client…as if it’s boy friend or lover…kind of feeling.
Wouldn’t it be strange or weird to have other lover in my bed…and the next day…sleep with other man on the same bed????
Also I feel really weird about having different clients come to my hotel room…

So I don’t think touring escort style is my thing…

It’s like I can’t do multi tasking…
When I meet one client one day…I think about him and feel excited and special to meet him. Only one…person.
I don’t check emails or messages when I meet my client for other appointments or anything…
It just isn’t my style…

So doing touring and meeting as many clients or few clients a day…kind of thing is strange feeling to me…

So I kind of feel FlyMeToYou or FlyMyselfToYou :)) is my style more than touring escort style in Hong Kong.

I like special time and connection feeling. Especially I love overnight..all day hanging out dating…style.

We call it “Girl Friend Experience”. I never knew that kind of term existed till I met my CEO client and he guided me into this sudden escort life.

I love that…boy friend…girl friend thing…but this arrangement.

I guess the reason I do escort is for that kind of needs. I crave for affection, passion, connection…although financial benefit is also great and necessary for now.

I don’t like to be hurt or get hurt from love pain…in case things don’t work out.
So I just want Girl Friend or Boy Friend…”EXPERIENCE”.

All the GFE/BFE benefit without commitment or potential heartaches(still I could get heartaches…but at least I am prepared somewhat…not totally vulnerable I feel).

Anyway! After getting so much love and kindness from kind souls and my client, I even got hiking invitation from 3 international escorts the next day and I was so happy to join them.

I was very happy after seeing my client and did my nude happy dance. :))


Then suddenly I got this hiking appointment with 3 ladies and had to pack, shower and check out!
Again I got so stressed out about meeting them by certain time or being somewhere I have no idea how to get there.

They were so cool and so communicative. Saying they will wait for me.
I felt pressured to be there ASAP…with all my again packing, checkout, currency conversion for cab fee in Hong Kong etc!

With help of hotel staffs and google translate and fluent Chinese speaking international escort Kay’s help on telling taxi driver I was going to see monkeys….he got where I wanted to go!

And I had a blast with them!

I didn’t have any escort friend in Seoul as I coincidentally became an escort overnight. I never researched about it or prepared it and had no contacts or expectation about it. Literally the night I heard about escort…breaking(broaden) up my preconceived notion about escort or prostitution(haha)…I became one the next day(kind of).

This is how I became an escort overnight story.


So my Hong Kong tour(?)…or FlyMeToYou or “FlyMySelfToYou” was amazing experience!

Had a great time with my client, had twitter connections with nice gentlemen in Hong Kong, one single young expat banker who emailed me even before he knew I was thinking of going to Hong Kong was very interested in seeing me and this expat gent who sent breakfast money(quite generous amount to enjoy even meal and cafe at a nice upscale hotel)…and most of all!! Hanging out with fellow escorts ladies!
These kind, open minded, caring, sweet, intelligent entrepreneurial ladies…
Meeting them and hanging out and sharing, hearing their stories…sharing meals, taking cab, subway etc was so nice!

Escort life is secret hobby life in Korea to me…and I don’t know any escort or met any Korean escort in Korea…so sharing some things with them…that was in valuable experience. 🙂

They didn’t end up letting me paying any money…even cab nor restaurant…
I wanted to contribute for the expenses but they wouldn’t let me.
That was so kind and sweet…
So grateful to meet and know there are so many kind people out there. 🙂 Again…
Out of my comfort zone. On my adventure…little going out of my comfort zone…in a foreign country where I felt a little vulnerable.
I had a little worry, anxiety about going somewhere I am not familiar..unknown…maybe my childhood memory, experience a little traumatized me(will share story later…maybe).

Anyway! This is longggggggggg post!

Here are photos of my Hong Kong trip. 🙂
Hope you can get a feeling!

And I totally confused with flight time to Seoul and consumed with my laptop work(cleaning up storage) and had to run to get on board!!!
That was again quite stress!!!!!! Haha
At the end I was luckily got on board but my suit case wasn’t!!
So I had to drive back to Incheon airport the next day and picked it up.

Here are bonus photos of Incheon International Airport Christmas deco feeling. 🙂

One thing I realized was South Korea has a great sense of design and beauty.
Average people’s fashion style to interior design.

Thank you for reading my blog post and being interested in my story. 🙂

Also thank you for your kindness and love(if you are the ones who are mentioned in my post and ..you know…I appreciate you). 🙂

With warm hugs and appreciation, gratitude

from 24 hour opening coffee shop in Itaewon, Seoul, Korea 😉

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