How I started escort life…involved with European soccer player and Tinder

Escort…sex work…
I never thought I would become one before 2015…
Till…one night…when my perspective got shifted by talking with my regular massage client.

This is how I got into escort business(I didn’t treat this profession as business till recently though).

In 2015, I was using Tinder app out of curiosity(I wasn’t actively using or meeting people…it was like game…or something I check…browse though people, pictures…especially when I was in a cool place like Colorado or San Francisco…London…it’s more fun to see various people and places.
Sometimes I check Tinder for bookmarking cool places to visit(bucket list) as people tend to post cool pictures of them visiting cool places like Utah’s national park or ski scenes at Vail(Rocky Mountain Ski Resort)…etc.

Anyway, one day I also swipe left left left left and stopped.

When I saw this handsome white foreign guy with Tux…wondered what he was doing in Korea and swiped right.
Then I got matched with him and saw his message and we started to chat on Tinder app.

“What do you do in Korea?”

“I am a soccer player”
He replied.

Later he messaged me
“What are you look in Tinder?”
something like that.

I answered like…”I love to go to movies and date sometimes”

I googled later and found out that he WAS a soccer player!
But married one!!!!!
There is no chance he could go on a date or movie with me!!!

So when I chatted with him again, I asked
“You are married! What are you doing on Tinder?”

That was never on my mind that married men would use Tinder(Am I naive??).

He told me very calmly or cool manner…that he didn’t have sex any more with her wife and he has needs…something like that.

Anyway. He was busy soccer player with a discipline and his family life in Korea.
When we continued chat, he learned I am a professional massage therapist and we set up an appointment for pure therapeutic massage session by renting a nearby motel near my place.

I told him I never do any sexual or sensual thing when I meet for therapeutic massage.
He understood and we met for massage.
He loved my massage as he work out a lot and Swedish deep tissue massage is great for athletes and injury(he had a little injury-that was why we initially met for massage first).

Second time, we again met for a massage too.
And he was being gentleman as usual like before and enjoyed therapeutic massage although I could see he was turned on when he turned over for front part of massage(I mean chest, abs, front legs-not sensual at all and I cover properly).

After he took a shower after massage and sat on the edge of the bed and ready to leave for home…I asked…
“You are not attracted to me?”

First meeting, we met for therapeutic massage as he was curious to meet me and also injured and loved the idea of getting healing massage.
Also I told him I didn’t mix massage session with sensual behavior. So he never approached or brought up anything else.

But second time…still he didn’t bring up or seem to be attracted to me…as he only wanted to get massage from me?????
I was wondering…if he found me not attractive and now just love to meet to get massage only.
๐Ÿ™‚ Although I told him I don’t do anything else when we meet for massage…but still I was kind of wondering other things…non massage activities separately.

But the thing was he was too busy to make time for massage…and other Tinder related activities separately…apparently.

Anyway he said
“I am attracted to you. That’s why I am meeting and getting massage from you”
Something like that.

That put smile on my face… ๐Ÿ™‚ and I asked him “Can I kiss you?”

Then we kissed…passionately…and it led to …
Him giving me fingering and orgasms…intense ones…

Later we met for non professional massage purpose.
To grant his fantasy.
Of getting sensual massage with lots and lots of oily massage oil and getting amazing BJ at the end and cum.

So I made his dreams come true and he loved it.
He also gave me orgasms with non penetrative way-but I wanted an intercourse sex.
For me, intercourse is real sex. I love intimacy…and that.

So we were gonna meet for granting my fantasy next time.
But since he wasn’t familiar with Koreans…GPS…hotel…address…etc…the day we were gonna meet…he couldn’t find the place we were gonna meet.
So that was a big disappointment for me.

After that attempt, it seemed he never could find a time or have a time.
I felt so frustrated and down…depressed…SO BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

One night, I was so down…and depressed.
If I like someone, I MAKE TIME! I couldn’t understand…his excuses or behavior and I felt I was rejected or undesirable.

I was messaging back and forth with my massage client who was like my mentor or coach for dating??…(men women relationship advice…?) what to do with this soccer player!

He advised me to meet him for massage and just ride him. Haha!
I could never do that…it’s like trick him…into…

Anyway…one night I was so blue…felt like so undesirable woman…
I messaged my client asking if I could come over for talk over an ice cream.
He was kind enough to invite me to his place with Haagen Daz Vanilla ice cream which we shared and I opened up what was frustrating me and what I was feeling.

I said
“There is one massage client who offered me 1 million won(1,000 USD) to have sex with him and I turned down.
And his soccer player is not making time!”

My client said
“1 million won? I would do that. It would be great for my ego! Someone is willing to pay me that much money!”

“But I can’t never trade my body for money! It’s prostitution! Isn’t it wrong…or bad?”

He told me or confessed me that he was a regular escort user.
Saying renting sex is better for someone like him(he’s CEO in established company with lots of employees to take care of).
He told me it’s cheaper(compared to what he has to pay in term of time, energy, emotional energy, complicated relationship stuff etc), convenient and enjoy varieties etc.

“They are offering great services to people who are in need and they enjoy what they do. Not all the escorts or prostitutes are forced. They love what they do.”

He said.

I never had that perspective about prostitution. As I get this society’s general thinking or programming.
And I never thought of doing escort!
Although I had a fantasy about doing it when I was a teenager while watching one movie called “Wild Orchid” by Zalman King director.

Escort...prostitute fantasy...

That night, I totally shifted my perspectives about escort or prostitution and opened up my mind about it.
And I was curious if I would be good…good at doing escort…and I asked him if he could evaluate me.

So we agreed and we had sex for evaluation purpose as he was a frequent user for escort service(he loves sex and has sex maybe 6-7 times a week and probably use the service 5 times a week or something…not remember exact numbers but a lot!).

He said “I would be a repeat customer!”
after we finished sex.

I love sex and enjoy it a lot.
I never get bored of it(as long as I meet someone I resonate with and great lover, who are same like me…who love sex).
I can have sex everyday(morning and night…except my magic days).

Anyway, being inspired by his comment and encouragement with shifting my perspective with his guidance on where to advertise etc…that night I went home and wrote my ad on backpage. I never knew that site existed before till my client told me that night.
I composed my ad and posted on that site and sent the link to my client and he kindly proofread and changed some of my writings to appeal better for men-with male perspective and escort user’s perspective!

My ad was best ad on backpage in Seoul, Korea(my client told me and many other clients who requested to book my service told me that).

I wanted to feel desired. I wanted to see if men found me attracted and were willing to pay to have sex with me.
I knew I could meet any man…if I wanted but it wasn’t same as getting paid…like someone is willing to pay to be with me.

I got lots of requests right away and I did my first escort experience with African American young entrepreneur who had a girl friend but wanted to get his fantasy fulfilled.

I was nervous…I still remember the evening I was going to the hotel that he gave me address and room number…
I usually am attracted to Caucasian and he was not…and I was concerned if I would be fine…

Turned out he was in great shape, really handsome and smart!
He talked about, exchanged ideas and thoughts on business…entrepreneurial things…Ashley Madison site being fake etc etc.

I vividly remember the moment of orgasm with him…right after it…
‘Wow. This is amazing! I love this career! I get orgasms and get paid!!!”

That point ofย  my life, I was getting coaching.
He would ask us “Think about the thing you love so much you even do it for free. Think of ways to get paid doing that!”
When my coach said that immediately I had “sex” pop up on my mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha!

This was the story how I got into escort business. That was year 2015 and I didn’t treat this as a business though.
I wasn’t very active or even list my service or ad on directories.
This was my secret life that fulfill my ego sometimes…giving me pleasure, meeting someone I feel resonate with occasionally as I didn’t meet anyone or everyone.

I miss my clients…occasionally…
Very unprofessional escort…?

So this year…2018…I was financially little struggling as I was focusing on my new health and wellness biz launch and coaching biz and it was a new venture and not many Koreans were as open minded about ketogenic diet or lifestyle.

My that CEO client saw my struggle and suggested I should start escort business again to pursue my passion and dream on healing work.

That’s how I re-started escort biz recently and started to list on directories.
It’s been couple of months now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I LOVE it…as usual. I love meeting new clients, connecting, sharing, giving amazing massage, great sex and orgasms…and emotional and financial rewards as well.

I thank you for your time and interest in checking out my site, me and reading my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s nice to open up what I think, feel…like this!!
I will blog more often!
It’s fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. I ended up having intercourse with the soccer player at the end. ๐Ÿ™‚
Turned out it was his first time ever doing that…and he was feeling guilty about it and kind of hesitating which I understood.
First time ever being with Asian(Korean female) as well…which I felt flattered?

I would have considered cheating while being in marriage was really bad thing if I didn’t understand or change my mind about marriage. I think marriage is in a way legal prostitution. I know it’s strong statement…but that’s how I felt.
I know there are other married couple who don’t fall into this. But many…I felt that way…especially in Korea.
There are so many married couple…that made me think that way…

But my biggest influence was from Esther Perel and a book called Sex at Dawn by Chris Ryan.
When I read Sex at dawn, everything got clearer and so much relief…about how I felt…about society, marriage, sex…etc.

Anyway, here are two most popular videos on Ted talk with my two sex, relationship influencers sharing their thoughts, science, history, findings etc.
Hope it helps some of people who are in a confused relationship or conflict…of needs, desires, wants and morality issues.


Are we sexual omnivores? | Christopher Ryan

P.P.S. Both of them have a podcast which I enjoyed listening and learning, expanding my horizons…understanding people…relationships.

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