I live adventure through you. Because I can’t get paid for sex.

I met my CEO client. He came back from trip to the States. And I emailed him about international touring escort idea.
What he thinks.

He gave me insights about Hong Kong and Korea as he’s in the financial industry.
He encouraged me to do it. 🙂

He envies escorts and said “I admire them. They have guts to do it”
I added “I know. They are entrepreneurial and risk taker. I admire them too”

So before going out to see him at his place, today I put on make up to practice professional, international standard escort thing. Haha

I bought mascara and inner eye liner ink brush style and sparkling eye shadow thing yesterday.
A week ago or so, I bought foundation and twin cake(do you call that way? In Korea, I remember they call that way) and two red lipsticks.
I don’t ususally put on make up because I feel they have lots of chemicals that is not good for human being. Haha
But I decided to put on make up occasionally and detox more often. Haha

Anyway, my CEO client really liked my new look.
I wore black professional looking one piece and special handmade blue glass necklace.
With make up on, I looked really nice. 🙂
I know…it sounds narcissistic? Haha

One thing I learned from observing these high end escorts was that they openly say or express
“Buy me gift” or “Fly me to you” Or “Today is my birthday”

They openly say what they want from men and appreciate gifts.
It could be seen as materialistic but on the other hand I found it refreshing as I am not like that.

Also their showing off their body…haha I saw one post about it.
Someone from reddit online forum criticised about escorts’ narcissistic and materialistic behaviors.
And one escort shared captured post of his argument and other escort was saying then what should we post? Haha
They could post nothing if they took his criticism. Haha

Anyway, I also kind of thought it’s quite narcissistic to post their nude photos but on the other hand, they have to show their potential clients their current real look. 🙂
I have photos from several years ago on my site now.
I wasn’t gonna start escort business now(I reactivated like 2 months ago) till I do proper photo shoot and update current images etc.
But my CEO client told me to just do it now with my old photos for now.

I got fitter, healthier, little slimier than the time I took photos when I first started escort business in 2015. 🙂

I thought about taking selfie photo at my CEO client’s house as his house background is the BEST. :))


It could show nice background but I was too shy to do it there. Haha

I came home and looked into the mirror and felt I look so pretty with make up on and felt I should cherish this moment…feeling beautiful.
I was watching video about everyday saying out loud “I am Enough”
Re-programming mind to feel enough. 🙂
Since then, I feel happier and remind myself I should accept people with more that attitude.
I always strive to be better, healthier…and not settling…so I kind of put my standard to my ketogenic coaching participants and was frustrated. Why they don’t do their best. Why they don’t want to feel their best.
That was hard part for my coaching…accepting them on their own journey…

I realized I was critical about myself and applying that to others…
Watching relationship advice video and learning we should accept partners as they are…etc…made me reflect things.

So the feeling of “I look beautiful today” is not coming from narcissistic origin(I hope not). 🙂

I feel healthy, clear brain, happy from meeting people I like and resonate with…and I feel beautiful.

One positive thing about researching on high end escort was reminding myself that looking nice outside is important.
People like clean, nice looking people and it gives positive feeling.
I feel the same…too. It’s nice to see well presented, nicely put together people than…. you know what I mean?

So I am little more paying attention to how I represent myself outside.
I feel nice too. People notice and look at me. 🙂
Not bad feeling…Feeling more confident too.

Anyway, my MacBook battery is low. I will stop writing! 🙂

I’m adding this part from smartphone now after MacBook died. Haha

When I was leaving CEO client’s door and he sent me off saying “I live adventure through you because I can’t get paid for sex”

That made me feel ‘I should live more adventurous life’

Thank you for reading my post and enjoy them. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments!


This selfie is my officially first twitter escort selfie shot. Haha


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