International escort…Fly me to you…Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore…

These days I am seriously researching and considering to go International for my escort service as I am invited to fly to Switzerland for early October and also Hong Kong soon.
I haven’t decided yet though.

I was doing this escort secret/hobby life coincidentally(?) due to European soccer player incident.
Blog about it here.

It turns out that I LOVE meeting clients and being an escort. 🙂

I don’t know any other escorts and am not networking with anyone professionally in this field except I met international escort Fiona for threesome and our lunch date in Gangnam when she was in Seoul, Korea.
Finona’s website:

I am straight and usually not looking at women and get turned on 99.9%. 🙂

I had an inquiry when I first started escort life from this gentleman about threesome scenario.
I am very picky on who I want to be with in that case…I like the lady to be intelligent, interesting and beautiful at the same time. 🙂
I know there are many escorts who look young and beautiful but I had no interest in meeting them for threesome if there is no feelings or resonance.
But how do I know if I resonate with the other lady or not?
Many ads descriptions and photos weren’t looking too interesting or intelligent to me…to get together for threesome with them.
My client sent me this link of international escort Fiona and I checked out her site and read her blog and really liked her.
She’s beautiful physically as well.
So after many email communications and planning…who will do what, sub or dom or etc etc…we met.
She was beautiful as the photos and site but also she was really nice. 🙂

We had great time. It was more like I was playing with her and leaving client behind…till Fiona was exhausted from orgasms from me.

Then me and my client started to have our time and I was gonna leave as it got like midnight or something…plus I was concerned how Fiona would feel.
Just my own style…I like one on one attention…from my partner…I don’t think I would feel so happy to see my partner having great time with other lady(is that selfish?).
So I was thinking that way and wanted to leave for them to have a good time. But my client insisted that it was OK to stay because he spends many times with her and they are good, long companions for each other…

Anyway, so I slept over(not really sleeping….)…and had sex so many times in the middle of the night with him and left in the morning for my class or something. 🙂

I also introduced Fiona to my repeat client-that CEO, my mentor, friend, lover, friend… :))
We had a lunch together and talked so long and time flew by so fast.
I think we went to middle eastern restaurant. Food was great and it was really nice afternoon with her.

Ever since I checked her blog and site from my client’s introduction of her, I occasionally check her blog and twitter.
Nowadays I frequently check her twitter and see what she’s up to.
I haven’t reached out to her about my re-starting escort life.
I feel I am not professional…I don’t know even sharing about our meeting or client experience is OK in escort world or this is privacy intruding thing or not…

When we talk over the nice meal over several hours in the afternoon, I shared something and her face turned …quite surprised at my style…of doing escorting..I did something totally unprofessional thing(as I wasn’t…)…and she told me if other escorts knew that….it would be really bad thing.
I felt my face temperature was going up from her comment or kind of scolding at me…or correcting or sharing escort rule a little bit…Not really rule…but she was sharing escorts’ perspective…

So she’s my first and only escort model and I was sometimes wondering about international escort life.
Especially Fly me to you service.
I can totally see I could travel to Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
My # 2 site visitors are from Hong Kong after Korea.
And my dog is with my ex in Singapore so I like to visit him. 🙂
I could easily visit those cities like neighborhood.

But also I feel little scared and nervous…
I traveled abroad a lot to attend marketing conferences and workshops and spas and retreats…and travel…with my ex.
Like US, UK, Canad, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Egypt, China…and more I guess except Japan and some European countries and Africa, South America.
But never for doing something like international escort.
When I checked out a few international escorts and their sites and twitter, I kind of admired for their brave, independent, professional, free spirit style and life.
Many of them have luxury suitcase lifestyle. 🙂
That luxury part…with brand name bags and clothing stuff is not my thing but the freedom, excitement, experiencing different culture and countries, meeting interesting clients and expanding horizons seem brave, fun and cool.
I don’t know how they are and how much they enjoy that kind of life. I like to talk with international escorts and find out more. Maybe I might meet Fiona in HK!! 🙂

I always had a destination and plans usually when I traveled…and I admired people travel with bag packing style or not knowing what to expect(maybe they plan and organize ahead well???) when traveling.
I did 90 day road trip but that was quite comfortable style…as I had American female friend who had a nice SUV and drove. :)))

So unknowing…unexpected…unfamiliar things seem little daunting to me to initiate!

When my client emailed me and suggested me to fly out to Switzerland, it was tempting but also daunting feeling to organize all the flights. Haha
It’s natural thing to do and organize but I felt pressure and stress about going somewhere…in a short notice…feeling.

So I was thinking to stay in Seoul and doing my thing here…then I started to wonder about my wanting to be in safe zone or comfort zone.
I feel it’ll be challenging, interesting to go out there…experience something new and different as well as hanging out with really cool client who has same interests as me, doing ketogenic lifestyle…I feel so many things we could catch up too… 🙂

After being rejected to entering US from returning from Canada for another Speakers Training last year due to too frequent visits to US made me turned off or little annoyed subconsciously about going out??? I don’t know.

The Canadian border US custom people made it really difficult…it was quite unpleasant experience. They were so rude.
I heard so many stories like that after my own experience from my international internet marketer friends including other stories like that especially Trump got elected as a president?

I couldn’t stay in Korea too long before…I needed stimulation and being with my kind of people and beautiful nature.
Attending conferences for learning, expanding, personal development…

But because of that one incident, I started to settle down longer in Korea and don’t go out much these days.
Being caught up with Korean life…like most of Koreans do?

I maybe have gotten too safe, being in the comforting life…I felt I should get out of this thing in a way.
Plus it’s not like I go without any plan or client…waiting for me…and venture out on my own…

So I am now researching about “Fly me to you” service offerings and rates and processes. I wish I had a mentor. :))
Occasional trip like that might be exciting, expanding, stretching, challenging a bit…and I am curious. 🙂

OK…I am writing two many posts…and being home alone thinking and expressing my thoughts…haha!

Tomorrow I am doing to Daegu to visit my grandmother and meet one client who’s been wanting to meet me.
Even the thought of going to Daegu somehow…(by bullet train or driving)makes me nervous and stressed…a bit during this holiday time.
Korea is having Chuseok holiday now(Korean Thanksgiving).

Anyway, let me know if you’ve been checking our my blog and wishing to meet me in Hong Kong or Singapore or Europe or whichever country you are in. 🙂

I feel like I am getting too comfortable and not taking a chance…I feel I should do something out of my comfort zone to break this pattern forming slowly. 🙂
Also experience different world, people, culture and sex and orgasms! Haha

Anyway that’s what’s in my mind these days. Researching a lot, visiting other escort sites and twitters.
In a way, I feel I am researching too much and not initiating and booking a flight already for Switzerland.

Too much thinking and not enough bold move?!
What do you think about this? 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and thoughts.

Happy Chuseok if you are in Korea or celebrating Korean Thanksgiving. 🙂

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