International escort tour…or visit :) and housemate situation update

My style…When I am into something, I can’t multi task.
I mean when I am diving deep into some things…like diving deep into detox…or health and wellness passion…
I didn’t really have space of mind to think about my escort hobby life…style.
Also when I am into certain client…I think about the client and lose interest meeting other new clients…kind of style.


I was diving deep into my health and wellness passion vanilla life these days and didn’t care(?) or pay attention to escort hobby life and biz.
The fact I re-started my escort life was to earn a living to support my healing passion and mission to educate and share knowledge with people.
I was diving deep into ketogenic lifestyle when I discovered its healing power and amazing health benefit through my own experience.
I was studying all my waking hours when I found out about that and neglected making money.
One of the best functional medicine doctor advised me saying

“You have to do something you don’t like to do sometimes. Please promote your sound proof room to get more pod casters and earn rent money”

I only like meeting my type of people…who have similar value and thoughts…
I didn’t want random people coming to my studio(I had a soundproof room with podcasting system) and interact with some people I didn’t feel resonate with.
Maybe I am too sensitive or stubborn…

I got also at one point job offer from one half Japanese, half Korean business man from my friend…he wanted to hire me for media work but I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the work with him and that wasn’t my passion…so I declined even if I didn’t have money.

I know majority of populations don’t do what they love…and passionate…

So when I was struggling with financial situation, my CEO client advised me to do escort again as he knew I love this and it would help my financial situation and support my passion(healing work).

I am juggling between healing/health and escort. 🙂
When I am diving deep into healing part, I neglect escort side.
But again, it’s time to focus on making money. Haha!

Meanwhile I set up my healing and health and wellness business side. 🙂

Also another thing was that I only like to meet my kind of clients nowadays.
The clients who are kind, intelligent, sweet, nice, gentleman…etc. 🙂
So I was a little inactive…or optimistic about meeting that quality of clients in Seoul…it could be my own preconception.

My CEO client is out of Korea at the moment.
My dear client I really like is so busy and often on a business trip. Haha
And I was a little depressed past few days…and had no peace of mind to meet my recent dear client…


As this client and CEO client encouraged me to go on international…like Hong Kong…
I got contacted by one client I really really liked recently suddenly and I told him I could fly to HK. 🙂
He was excited and I was now researching all the flight and hotel options for the date.
To me, tour feels a little awkward still…I observed other international escorts who meet several clients a day…
I feel I can’t imagine doing that…
Then just flying to HK to meet this special client I met in Seoul…the cost became high…it’s like fly me to you style.
The cost can be subjective…
For some escort that rate is not high…for their rate structure or fly me to you option.
I have classes and meetups I attend and host in Seoul so I can’t just stay in Hong Kong for few days or a week.
Maybe when I finish one Monday class then I could really give this tour a try with more days…and proper advertisement for my official Hong Kong tour debut. I will meet one client a day though I think. 🙂

But for now, I am figuring out to venture out to Japan or Hong Kong for one client.
Hong Kong and Tokyo feels close and comfortable enough for now.

Checking flights and hotels…figuring these out felt a little daunting.
I traveled internationally quite often for conferences and personal travels with my ex husband a lot.
But all the personal travels were all arranged by my ex.
And conferences were easy…as hotels and venues were set up before.
Didn’t have to check which hotels…to stay or book…etc.

This Christmas holiday time season is approaching…I really miss my American clients in the States.
In my heart, I love to visit USA and meet my clients.
I never traveled to the States for escort life before but just personally I really miss them…several of them…
But hearing some bad news and the law changes in the States etc…I can’t really imagine to fly over to the States for meeting clients purpose feeling.
But I really wish I could! But I am scared to do that. Just in case!
I don’t know if I have attachment issues…they might be living fine…but I think about them and miss them.
Especially one client who always had me on Christmas time…
Missing him…
Interesting I miss that client over this Christmas holiday time season than my ex husband I spent 8 years together…

Anyway…my mind is little bit mixed up these days.
Excited about my really really special client coming soon to KOREA!
And my possible visit to Japan soon for this special client I met several months ago.

Also the future…adventure on Hong Kong international tour…or fly me to you…style.
I will be happy to fly over to Hong Kong for one client.

Anyway…I gotta make my site more organized with my introduction, my ideal dream date scenarios, rate section, service section and fly me to you and international tour section…and screening form for international venture for my safety.

What I dream and wish is going to the States and meeting my dear clients.
Also I love snowboarding, horse riding and kite boarding so I would love to spend a few days with client who love one of those activities.
I always wanted to go snowboarding in Vail, Colorado.
And there is nice ranch near Winter Park, Colorado…so it will be fun to go snowboarding and horse riding together. 🙂
Also hot springs in Colorado…
And Park City in Utah…
California…San Francisco area…visit.
Love to eat out at ketogenic cafe and restaurants.

For kite boarding, joining Korean kite boarding club in Vietnam. Or other areas for kite boarding trip.

But before international escort venturing, I feel I need to do photo shoot too.
So many prep-work…. 🙂
Have to buy different lingerie too I feel. I don’t really wear those much as I am usually starting with healing massage…but what I observed from international escort directory advertising sites…it might not be proper to use my nipple and pussy showing photos. haha

I am also curious to go to Australia for international tour.
I like Aussie guys and their accent. Haha
I am little familiar with Sydney and other cities in Australia as I was living short time there.
I like easy going, relaxed style Aussies. 🙂

I gotta open VVIP blog post section and open up all my podcasts and personal blog posts with my clients I met in person that I like a lot and stay in touch. 🙂

Good to vent out. :)))
For my housemate update.

I was announcing my mom-like friend that I wanted to live alone again by kakao talk message.
Then we talked together today in person and we concluded to live together but she wouldn’t ask me where I go…to respect my privacy.
I felt quite bad imagining that I would be gone often…internationally…and she would wonder what I am doing and making money…haha
I didn’t want her to know all my private life…so I felt I need to protect my escort hobby life secret from her.
Also I wanted to invite my special clients to my home without worrying or asking my friend and her daughter to stay at their home on certain days…I didn’t want to even bother to ask those…wanted to just do freely whatever I wanted to do.

But…we will compromise a little bit. 🙂
I love her a lot.
Except I didn’t like her to see me naked…haha
I walk around naked on my room floor but she saw me when she was going upstair…I use 3 floors.
I mean I have three floors.
4th floor, my friend and her daughter is staying mainly.
I stay on the 5th floor.
Rooftop is upper floor and she kept some of her fermentation jars or food upstairs or come up to clean etc…

I expressed my feelings…except escort secret life stuff…I told her my private life…or sex life part…when I don’t come home…I didn’t like the fact she knew I didn’t come home or something.

Anyway…all is good now. 🙂
She will not ask where I am going or if I will come home(mostly I am staying home but sometimes overnight stay…) or eat meal with her etc…or come to my floor to get filtered water anymore(she will install filtered water on the 4th floor).
Also I will ask them to not to come home on certain days if I know I will have guest over.
My special client…I like to have him over and cook…and hang out sometimes… 🙂

With trials…still this arrangement is going. 🙂
She’s providing good locally, wildly, organically produced food…so I don’t have to care about buying groceries or feed myself.
I just want to focus on what I like to do and give all the housework, food sourcing tasks to my friends. Haha
And helping them with their weak point. Making money or earning money.
Two friends of mine, I will work with them on my all health and healing projects and create income and share with them.
They have hard time selling things or putting profit on services or products they bring. haha
They are really nice though. 🙂
I will make sure they make good income and enjoy life as well.
Like they wanted to learn the things I learn, they wanted to do detox program I did.
But financially not able to do that. So I am providing them the detox products and also paying for the tuition so we can learn together. 🙂
So for this mission and project, I have to focus and create income. Provide great services and products to the consumers and clients.
I feel so confident on helping people get so healthy and happy(with my learning about emotional, mind side of study).
Of course, my escort service. Best sexual, intimacy feeling…girl friend experience. 🙂
If my clients feel resonate with my style. 🙂

Anyway! That’s my update. 🙂

I feel I should update my escort blog little more often.
I was feeling depressed as I didn’t share my thoughts or venting out. haha
Feeling good!!!

Thank you for reading my blog post!!! 🙂
I will have my friend over to Seoul this month and do more active work with him.
Sex podcast, more photography work with him. haha
Stay tuned for more fun contents. 🙂

Also amazing healing health info that can improve your health and life to the next level. 🙂
I will be equipped with emotional healing work as well soon.
I am taking classes and private lessons in January that is very very powerful. 🙂

I gotta sleep now. 🙂

Have a great day/night.

With warm hugs


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