Meditation app I start to use from today :) “10% Happier”

I’ve been doing guided meditation with hemi-sync technology past few years but recently I didn’t use it.
Instead I was interested in doing meditation without any help…with smart phone or app or someone still inputting what to think, what to feel, what to be grateful for the day…it was great when I was using guided meditation…
I think my brain somehow got benefit(according to the science and my feelings…with brain…focus…etc) so far.

I think a lot…overthink…brain is busy with studying, absorbing information…and I am very emotional…and sensitive.

After starting my escort hobby biz recently(it’s been over a month or so…), I found myself getting addicted to checking cell phone.
Constantly checking if I got new inquiry or email from my clients.
Or someone like my Instagram post or follow…etc.
I feel I am getting addicted to smartphone these days.
I am going to bring no-sim card smartphone that I loaded lots of videos on health and wellness(ketogenic, workout, personal development topics) when I go to gym or park for walk from now on.
To stop the temptation to check my phone all the time for a few hours at least a day.

I feel I need time not to think at all, no input from anything…even educational videos or my research, study…my brain is too overloaded with constant researching, learning mode.

So now I wanted to try something raw…something…really empty…style.
The kind of meditation I don’t need anything. Just myself.

Then I watched this interview a few days ago.

Dan Harris on Meditation: How to Actually Start & Stick with It


I decided to try the app they made to get some guidance for mindful meditation and learn more.
So I signed up for 7 day trial.
I liked this app a lot and wanted to share with you if you are stressed, overthinking, need calm you down, sleep better…etc etc.

Check out and give it a try if you resonate with the interview and want to try mindful meditation like me. 🙂

If you are iphone user, you can try out.
Followings are captured images from today while I was signing up for 7 day trial and did meditation.
I liked it!!!

There is other app called HeadSpace which I haven’t used it yet.
I heard great things about the app from other successful people(on youtube or podcast interviews).

Let me know in the comment if you use it or them and what you think. 🙂

Hope it’s helpful!!! 🙂
Now I post my blog for the day…I can go to bed peacefully.
I will do the 10% Happier meditation before go to bed.
Curious how it also will be. 🙂
Good night or day…wherever you are in this world.


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