More dating companion escort observation and my own dating story…almost none! Haha

So when I am into something, I just can’t think of anything else and diving deep into the topic.
After discovering podcast run by two high end companion or escorts, I am obsessed to listen to their stories and interviews to learn more about guides, tips, their experiences and life. πŸ™‚

The episode I was listening to talked about their dating life question from a listener.
Click here for the podcast audio link here.
As an escort, how they can have a committed relationship or boy friend or partner who is understanding of them doing sex work as a career and have the man being faithful and committed to relationship with them(not cheating on them).

ESCORT podcast


Also my recent client also emailed me like this. He understands me very well. πŸ™‚

Your escort life seems to me to be more than a hobby – it is a way for you to get all of the intimacy of a great relationship without the baggage or dealing with someone who wants to control you. You are in charge and can have as much or as little as you want.
Perhaps you will meet a man you connect with who is turned on by the idea of his lover having other lovers – there are men like that…. What could be sexier than to spend a night having hot sex as an escort and then come home to your lover/husband/best friend who is turned on by what you did ? For example, have a look at

I had a therapeutic massage client who had a sex worker as a girl friend(he found out later her secret life as a sex worker one day and it turned him on and he was totally cool with it after initial shock was gone).

This comment was added by my client today.

It would be harder for your man to handle because you become emotionally attached to someΒ  of your escort clients. I expect it would be easier to accept you fucking someone else than to know that you had feelings for him. But you never know, men are strange :).

I think that such relationships are inherently unstable, or at least require a particular type of people to make successful.

I really enjoy meeting my clients from different background and varieties(they are usually nice and great lovers).
I love learning, connecting, sharing as well as great intimacy and sex itself.

These high end dating companions seem like more focusing on dating aspects than finding great lovers. Haha
One of their podcast episode was about how to find generous older gentlemen while I was rejecting clients in their 50s when I started escort.
My CEO client(who introduced me into escort life) is also in his 50s but he’s exception. I knew him and he was great client and also great lover.
But when I got booking request from this Korean gentleman living in the States, I felt he’s too old for my age and turned down many times.
I am attracted to Caucasian as well in general.

I also realized other professional escorts are very non-judgemental in this regards.
They don’t ask clients’ height or weight…
I started to have a form for that questions so I can avoid certain clients…to be honest…who are too obese as I am not sexually attracted to obese men.

I am getting more open about my preference on physical aspect or age and have an open mind as long as they are well mannered and nice.
So finally after 1 year or 1 year and half…of getting requests and emails from this Korean gentleman living in the States…explaining about himself as a gentleman with educated background and strong attraction towards me and convincing…I decided to give him a chance.
And I was surprised by how kind and caring he was and really nice…
So caring and attention to details like preparing parking ticket for me in advance…sharing his macadamia nuts(I love macadamia nuts for ketogenic lifestyle haha) when I found his nut bag and enjoyed crunching some of them…

Also another gentleman who seemed so out of my age limit…I replied with my honest concern.
Then he was so honest about his age and explaining again that he takes care of himself and exercises regularly and looks younger than his age and healthy etc…
So I met him and it was again great. So nice to meet him…I was so glad I decided to give him a chance.

Anyway, so these dating companions love dating. Haha
They love dining, wine…talk…getting dressed up, make up, wearing lingerie…more than sex and orgasm it seemed. πŸ™‚

To me, thinking about that…doing all those stuff…
I feel little pain…about wearing high heels(I have a medium high(?) shoes but not typical high heels…like kill heels…very high heels :)).
Also the thought of eating before sex…is already turn off for me…if it’s within 4 hour dating course or something…
Eating then sex???????? It will be so uncomfortable. I don’t like to be full before sex.
So this dating companion style is not my style…I knew. Haha
We gotta do what we love to do…
They love dating and all that and it’s natural for them to do dating companionship service.
After listening many episodes, I start to realize their style of companion is not matching my style. πŸ™‚

But! One day, I like to try for a change. Haha For the experience. πŸ™‚ It will be fun to try out!
Doing make up and acting or becoming someone different for fun. Like becoming a new character for movie.

But I have to have more than 4 hour of eating and sex time. Haha
It has to be longer time…if I do dating…like eating…doing some other activities rather than sex to digest…etc.

I love giving massage so my way of getting to know and comfortable is by giving amazing massage. Plus when my sexual partner gets massage, it gives much better physical and mental, emotional power and relaxation that enhances sexual experience much higher. πŸ™‚

These companions don’t like men to focus on the sex part too much it seemed.
One of the episode, they showed distasteful reaction about hobbyist(there are men call themselves as hobbyist who like to try and experience escorts with their sexual preferences with check list or options to clarify).
I love those! I love being straight forward about what we want and dislike etc.
What’s wrong with that???!!!
They hate those checklist and hobbyist…I thought I would love to get connected to those gentlemen who matches with my checklist! Haha
Also I would love review and don’t mind having little detailed sexual description although it is very private thing.
I was told I have a male approach to sex.

When I read my CEO client’s review, I thought that was so kind and sexy and hot!
One of high end companion expressed that CEOs and executives don’t have time for review but my CEO client made time.
He has more than 200 employees to take care…and busy CEO. πŸ™‚
I take it as a kind gesture for me. He wanted to help me expose to right clients so he took his precious time to write and he’s amazing writer! Haha
Reading his review about our encounter turned me on. Haha! I guess I like to read erotica or enjoy sexy memory, hot description… πŸ™‚ Kind of showing off thing???? Because I love sex?
This is his review link:

Anyway, FYI, I would appreciate your review if you choose to do so unlike other high end companions who love dating and conversations more than sex and orgasms and don’t like their intimate time being shared.

I feel I always have great time with my clients, I have no problem or fear for any review from my clients-it will be always great as I am choosing great lovers who are well mannered and nice.
And it will be always great experience with future clients as long as I have a good sense and select nice, right clients.

I’d be even so grateful for them to take time to write review for me.
I never asked my clients to write reviews for me in the past but nowadays I feel I should build my reviews and regular clients as I really love this work and meeting nice clients. πŸ™‚ Making friendship, creating memories and having amazing sex and orgasms. Haha

I love sex and orgasms with nice clients(I don’t accept any/all clients).
And conversation is naturally flowing while I give amazing world class massage and we get comfortable and have a bond. Conversation doesn’t have to happen during dining time. πŸ™‚
Touch and massage is great way to be close, connect and get to know each other and comfortable plus massage is preparing my clients for greater sex and power with anticipation. πŸ™‚

So these are my observation and comparison between my style of escorting and high end dating companion style of escorting.
It was fun to learn their style and their thinking and lifestyle. πŸ™‚

So back to again civilian dating topic.
I have almost zero dating experience! Haha
For dating topic…I feel I am so naive.
I don’t know how to date really and I don’t play games…because I never done that or know that.
Like typical Korean girl friend stuff…their behavior…I never really dated Korean men really…proper dating…I don’t recall.

I had incest incident one time with my own father and left my home(due to awkward feeling) and quit high school and moved to my grand mother’s home.
And I went to high school qualification exam preparing academy and had crush on my history teacher.
And I ended up dating him on Christmas eve and went to his place and had sex with him all night long-that was my real first time sex that I was active, awake, fully engaged not pretending I was sleeping because of not knowing what to do with the situation like before.

Since that night, I stayed with him for about a year or two.
Living with him. I was like 17 or 18 or something in American age.
I am not good at remembering exact numbers…it’s like last year of high school age. Let’s say.

So I never really properly dated…like teenagers or young…age…dating situation.

After college, I went to the States for internship and had my friend Caucasian lover experience and it was great.
1 year after internship, I returned to Korea and I was more interested in having sex with Caucasians mostly Americans.
Physically attracted to Caucasian males…fit and healthy and athletic tall style.
But of course I had some exceptions.

I even screened black(?)…African American client who booked me. He told me he wasn’t very experienced and black(he knew I was attracted to Caucasian males)…and I was concerned if I would be attracted to him so I requested him to meet in person in a coffee shop before I decide.
So I met him for screening.
Now I learned how other professional escorts accept clients…with more open, non judgemental style…I felt my way was quite…judgemental??!!!

I thought I was open minded and non judgemental.
Just…I can’t do something my heart is not 100% in it and I had to make sure I was attracted to my clients or they had to be fine to be with.

He turned out to be a great young lover. Very attractive and intelligent and kind and well mannered…and young! :))
He studied on his own about how to please women…with oral and fingering from internet or resources…he was amazing!
He had no previous experience before me. He wanted to meet me for some guidance after 5 yearsΒ  of no sexual encounters.

Anyway…going back to dating!
So I have almost zero normal, proper dating experience.
I always posted an ad and wrote exactly about me, what I liked, who I was attracted and wanted..etc…because it’s not normal to find exact person I like on the street or in general life..or in public.
I don’t drink or go to bar…so I can’t meet people like that either…
So internet was great way to attract what I wanted, who I wanted. πŸ™‚

So one day I posted an ad to find intelligent, attractive, fit Caucasian single male…and this friend(I call consider him as a friend…and I feel he’s friend who has been attracted to me past 3 years) replied to my ad and we met at a Starbucks.
He was really attractive, intelligent, healthy, fit etc and we had a great conversations.
The problem was that he was too busy.
Busy expat consultant traveling overseas and having meetings and have only small time slot to meet with me for talk or coffee type…
I don’t like meeting someone for only 30 min or between meetings.
If I like someone, I dedicate and would drop my workout or cycling time to spend more time with the person.
But he wasn’t like that.
So that was not my style at all and I didn’t want to dedicate my time for that kind of person who doesn’t sacrifice or dedicate either. Haha
I guess we both were busy with our work and passions.
So I met him 3 years ago and although we had attractions for each other we never had sex. Haha
He got job offer as CEO in Malaysia recently and was supposed to move to KL.
And he emailed me like this

Perhaps we can meet up once more for your coffee…
to be honest… i think i would enjoy your ‘sensual touch’ but with only a few weeks to go there may not be a lot of point, as i think we both don’t just have sex for the sake of it.Β  I guess no-multi-orgasms from me…. πŸ™‚

OK. One of my bucket list or goal is doing tantric sex, so I recommended him “Muti-organic couple” book to read so we could practice or do the tantric sex and touch etc.
He studied and prepared (with book only) but he was too busy with his work travel or cycling to actually meet with me!
Or he’s not that attracted to me or into me…I took it that way. For my standard, I can’t understand or that interpretation is accurate.
For that coffee thing…that he wanted to meet me one more time before leaving…
That, I didn’t know how to interpret.
I talked with my Korean female friend about him.

He came over for bullet proof coffee for short time(I was busy with making my ketogenic checklist/guide booklet that day).
He was there but I was working on my stuff while he was talking to me. Haha
But I had a deadline!!! Before my meetup with keto coaching group!

He had more time unlike his usual style as he was between job-deciding to leave for KL for his new career as he didn’t like Korean work culture with hierarchy style.

So when he emailed me like that, I offered to come to his place with bullet proof coffee stuff-my vitamix blender(this is heavy!!), bullet proof coffee, grass-fed butter, etc!
I emailed him saying I would like to come by to his place before his leaving as I was curious to see how he lives and see his bookshelf.
I was interested in him and curious what his place is like. Not like I am expecting to become his girl friend or expect to date him or get a serious relationship with him when he’s LEAVING SOON! Haha
Maybe my way of thinking or wishing to visit him is strange thing????
I just was curious how he lives…to feel his style…because he’s the one who visited me several times but I never got to visit his place and see how he lived!
I was curious what kind of books he reads…to understand better about him…what kind of person he is in a deeper level…not just surface level….when he comes over to my place.

I don’t think we ever kissed either! Haha
Anyway, so I replied like this in the hope of visiting him and was willing to have sex with him haha

I can bring my equipment and make you one so it doesn’t affect sleep.
Plus I always was curious to see your room-bookshelf. :)))

Who would offer to bring vitamix!!! To make bullet proof coffee like that! Right???? I was willing to go out of my way to his area! I usually have people come to my place and I don’t go far!! :))) It was my serious gesture.

Then he replied like this

no real books heree.. all digital books… so not much to admire.
time for cycling – as long as it’s possible for last few weeks. πŸ™‚

So that made me quite upset. So cycling is more important…!

I wasn’t interested in offering him come over for coffee (or sex that we have been meeting from the first place for that reason haha but never got to do it) with that kind of response.
I didn’t reply.

After I moved to my new neighborhood here, my house was a mess and I felt…I couldn’t invite him in this mess-I wanted to clean and organize my house first if I want to invite anyone. But as you know, I am really bad at cleaning!!!

Anyway, when I talked about him to my female friend…she said to me
“He likes you! That’s why he makes time to visit you even for 30 min between his business meetings. You should know that. Have sex with him!”

“But he doesn’t make time. Enough time for me. I don’t want to meet for 30 min or short time”

I feel I have many other people who are willing to even pay and make time to spend time with me.
Why should I meet him when he doesn’t take his time. He rather choose to go cycling!!!!!!
And not inviting me over to his place!

When I mention about him to my CEO client who is like my mentor, dating coach…haha
I told him about him…we met 3 years ago…from my casual encounter ad and we never had sex for 3 years. Even kiss!
We hugged. He had hard on.
He’s also maybe too naive for dating or understanding women or he doesn’t like me that much or something…that was my conclusion.

My CEO client said
“Poor guy! Just have sex with him!”

He thought he’s either married or has a girl friend so he couldn’t invite me to his place.
I never know but didn’t feel that’s the case…

He would read this blog post. :))
I love to know his explanation or thoughts! Haha

I was upset(but not too much) that he never took time, sacrifice any time…didn’t even invite me to his place when he came over to my place several times.

Anyway, I thought he is good potential …as he’s got great qualities I like in a man.

Handsome, attractive, fit, healthy, athletic body, working out regularly, open minded, willing to study the materials(books) I suggested for tantra(energy orgasm), now he’s kind of doing ketogenic lifestyle after watching documentaries I shared link with him…except too busy or not taking time for me.
That is not good!

I don’t like to meet for even 1 or 2 hour sex….in general…

I would like 4 hours at least…or not having anything after our time together…I don’t like my lover to have a meeting or have to rush out…

I watched this video…a few days ago and understand it’s not always have to be long time.

He WANTS You To Do This In The Bedroom (Trust Me)… (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

I sent him this video too when he told me he already left Korea.
To give him some clue about dating, relationship advice(we both might better learn and practice haha)
We need to sacrifice…(according to this advice…). πŸ™‚

How to Get the Love You Deserve

Anyway, this is my dating sucking story. Haha πŸ™‚

What do you think? Any advice or thoughts?
Feel free to share your insights. πŸ™‚

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