Moving to Pyeongtaek area for new adventure

I am in a great mood. Something bothered me so much has been lifted up yesterday from a phone call and conversation.

In peace. So good to be in peace. Things worked out the best way…from storm to peace…

I was thinking of leaving Korea to live freely. Laptop lifestyle, doing what I love…and this morning I checked insight card and it advised me to prepare.

I knew what that meant.

So taking that insight message and decided to move to Pyeongtaek area which has biggest US military base out of US in overseas.

Many things I could do there.

I feel like doing case study with my healing, emotions/PTSD specialty.

Also other vanilla life activities. Bringing and sharing Korean culture.

Connecting, bridging, introducing unique Korean culture, tradition, tourism, healthy, conscious party and gathering.

Also another thing is really true GFE style service at my own beautiful place there.

Sweet, authentic, girl friend experience…cooking at home, watching movies, walks, talks…being a great listener for the clients who are lonely and want somebody listens to them, share nice, meaningful intimate time together.

Also driving to Seoul…introducing beautiful unique spots I know with client. Driving from there to Seoul and enjoy weekend getaway sometimes to nice places and staying at a hotel…or travel out of town…other parts of Korea…
I feel it would be fun. Experiencing Korea together…new sceneries, places, people…foods…culture…

I am more familiar with America than Korea I feel. Places I visited or people I hang out with.

So this will be new and fun experience for me. 🙂

Also I met some Korean ladies I feel connected recently and one of the lady is great at sewing. She said “I can see you will love learning sewing”

I once signed up for handmade clothing making/sewing class from Seoul international women’s association but I left Korea or somehow…I didn’t finish or do it completely.
I feel like totally learning making my own skirt and clothes from her and hanging out with her!
It will be fun!

Also one Korean local, organic homemade food and fermentation expert lady has this passion to cook homemade meal and watch people enjoy and share the food and time together…
I would love to invite her to my home and organize party!

Also I have my vision now. Things are going great and happening to my dream scenarios it feels!
Feeling great! 🙂

Taking a risk, explore new possibilities and live life more fully.
Traveling more overseas, flymetoyou or visit different parts of the world as well. Visiting friends and travel, do camping in a beautiful local beach and island in Vietnam etc.
Visiting US as well in couple of months.
Making my online course to help Korean people with childhood PTSD.

Nowadays I can see patterns of people…rooted back from their childhood, family dynamics, religion, culture, society…programmings and brainwashing…also history.
Especially Korea has traumatic history.
Japanese invasion…historically lots of conflicts…and Korean war…
Studying a lot about trauma/emotions/disease connections and having my self awareness…I can see more clearly…connecting the dots and patterns of people’s behaviors.

My passion of orgasm(connection) and healing.
I feel I am on the right path. 🙂
Only thing is I meet the right, ideal client who love connection…
Also wanting healing.

I think I will write blog post again everyday as a healing therapy and practice and discipline.

Expressing, emptying my brain and thoughts…
It’s like going to gym everyday…discipline myself for better health and mood. 🙂
Had a great time at the dance class today and connecting with a lady who works at the gym.
Since I am leaving and she’s leaving as well…we wanted to get together and chat at a cafe after my gym and her work.

It was so nice time connecting with kind, warm hearted human being.
I laughed a lot and shared and learned also from her about Korean people.
I don’t have a lot of experiences dealing with Koreans till recently…and I thought so many Koreans were just users…taking advantage of people…
But she told me other stories and perspectives from her experience as Seoul original local.
She shared her observations and many of her sharing made sense!
And it was really interesting as well. We shared our upbringings and life stories, dating, trauma, health…so many things! 🙂
So fun enjoying nice atmosphere of nice cafe and their food with her.

Learning things, developing…destroying my judgement or wrong insights from narrow experience of certain type of people.

It’s so important to be surrounded by good people.
Environment is so important.

Feeling in peace finally since my recent traumatic experience…getting into more free, risk taking, brave, optimistic approach to life.

I also realized I have so many options.
The lover in the States wants to try meaningful relationship with me and invited me to join him for a road trip and stay with him and try out.
He’s very very close to my ideal person when I wrote my ideal life.
He knows I do escort as a secret hobby and understands me and likes me the way I am.
Also we share 100%…we can be so authentic and real to each other I feel.
I share my insecurities and worries and doubts and fears with him as well.
My phobia of relationship…emotions…if it won’t go right…

Also another friend in Vietnam is always there for me to visit him and join his bike ride trip with people including expats there…western guys. 🙂
They travel to beautiful local beaches and islands and do camping.
Sounds amazing. I feel I can set a base in Vietnam for international escort or travel to Hong Kong for meeting clients.
But I also have my vision for healing work so I am not sure I will set my base or life around escort work though.
As a freedompreneur…laptop life style…digital nomad lifestyle, I can see myself give it a try on living there.

Because of my skill sets…I can live anywhere in the world…
What a blessing.

I also want to improve my photography skills for photography work possibly for entrepreneurial escorts in the world.
It feels fun…to take amazing photos of them and help them market themselves better.
I also do web design so it will be great combination work…if I want to do that kind of work.
But for sure, it will be fun challenge to bring my photography skill to the next level.

Also traveling with this fermentation expert lady to different parts of Korea to take workshops and learn different healthy cuisines and fermenting stuff!!!

🙂 Happy and grateful. Exciting. Curious.
What will be unfolding.
According to my vision…things will unfold. 🙂

Also excited to hang out with the landlord who seems very successful, kind, caring, free spirited gentleman!
Surround myself with cool successful entrepreneurs making things happen and create life they want.

I wonder if I should start blogging on my vanilla life site more now as I do more of vanilla life activities. 🙂

It’s becoming a little cross/mixed feeling a bit. Sharing too much about my other part of life.

But I feel like …I want to be so authentic and real with my readers or clients who are checking my blog.

Anyway…time to go to bed. 🙂 2AM.
Gotta go to sleep earlier!!!

Thanks for reading and attention. Dear clients and potential clients or visitor!
I appreciate you. Someone is reading and resonating or not resonating with me. :))
Fun to express and share, dump my thoughts for my peace of mind and connection. 🙂

Good night/morning.
Talk to you tomorrow. 🙂

with warm hugs and appreciation

THANK YOU! For being in my life and world even if it’s cyber world or started from stormy stuff…still I appreciate you for your attention, care, different opinion or any energy you put in my world. <3

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    안녕 From LA! I love your website and really enjoy reading your website. I wish we could meet one day!

    1. KoreanGFE says:

      Hi! I just saw your reply now! Sorry for the late checking! 🙂
      If I go to LA, will be nice to meet you.


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