My favorite twitter feeds of the week. :)

I know I promised to write about my ex-husband and marriage story…I feel little pressured because it’s a long story. Haha 🙂
It’s 2:51AM now and I have a massage appointment(getting massage) today so I feel I shouldn’t stay up too late sharing that story.

So instead, I will share some of the best twitter feeds I loved this week(I am new to twitter) for now and write about my story next time.

I love animal…especially dogs…so when I see animal videos…it makes me smile so HUGE and feel so warm and happy. 🙂
I wanted to share some of them with you. So you can also smile and feel so warm and happy.



And I saved or retweeted bunch of BDSM ones. I love being tied, lightly spanked, blindfolded etc…seeing those feeds are making me so hot and turned on!! 🙂
I feel like I became a pervert in a way while browsing though all those contents and saved up in my twitter account with enthusiasm! Because the photos and animations and video clips were so hot and my kind of stuff!
In a way I felt so liberated from this anonymous twitter land.
I can express what I love so freely on this world and it’s so easy to share and save.
This is my twitter account now filled with BDSM contents as well. Haha

I was inspired by BDSM photos and thought I should do photoshoot like that!
It will be amazing and fun to get connected with clients who would love to play light BDSM with me.

I love two types of clients.
One who love to please. Who love to give oral and kiss and get off from watching me having orgasms.
Kind, gentle, passionate lovers.

And other type of clients is the one who like to play light BDSM with me.
Tie me up, blindfold, tease me, dominant style. 🙂

Anyway, this twitter world is filled with sexy hot stuff. 🙂
Even I watched gay and lesbian sex video clips! I don’t watch porn or see those on my own…so that was quite shocking or eye opening. Haha

Especially strap on sex between two women was really interesting to see.

I had some gay American friends so I used to go to homo hill in Itaewon.
So one night, I met lesbian couple at a bar and I asked her

“So you like women?”

And she replied
“I like her and she happens to be a woman”

That kind of made me open my perspective about lesbian…
I had two threesome experience and I could make one woman orgasm high…(I don’t know if it’s genuine or not though…it looked like it).
I never faked orgasm in my life…as I always met great lovers(I use internet to find who I want to meet from early age).
So I never thought of faking orgasms…and it was quite surprising when I heard women fake orgasms…while talking with other women.

Anyway, while watching that strap on video clip and bottom woman was getting orgasm…I was thinking I could totally get orgasm like that too.
I always got my highest intense orgasm only by fingering from expert. No sexual contact with him at all and I could reach highest orgasm of my life…so that proves I don’t need a man to get orgasm…technically.

So I was wondering…if I had a woman who knew how to please woman…and if I liked her…as a human being and attracted to her with strong feelings…then I could be a lesbian then too…I thought.
That’s a possibility…

I kind of thought it can be hard to be lesbian or gay in this society…I don’t even want to try or have an attempt to do that.
I don’t want to fall in love with woman and have to go through what LGBT community members have to go through in the society.

I used to run community center in Itaewon and LGBT community members used my studio for church gathering on Sundays as they got kicked out from Korean church after Korean church people found out these people were gay, lesbian, transgender etc…
I don’t like that kind of church people…I don’t like Christians like that to be honest.
In Korea, church is business…religion is used for money making or programming people…that’s how I feel…

But the people who truly practice compassion and love…not discriminating because of whatever other reasons…not forcing their belief to others…or preach…I like those Christians…
People pretend they are faithful, serving GOD…just to be seen like pure person or any underneath intention to be portraited in a certain way…hypocritical people…I don’t like those kind of people.

Recently I was shocked to find out that one lady I thought so kind and like angel…was kind of acting…her persona…because of some benefit to be with me…Because I am great at marketing, making youtube videos, praising nice work and people…
Other friend of mine told me behind curtain story about her…
I was disappointed and quite confused…about people…after hearing some stories…
Still I know she’s nice too…but having also other side…with intention for business mind…hanging out with me for gains…benefits…for potential marketing purpose…
Anyway, I will still give her a chance but once trust is little bit broken….I might doubt.
But I will give one more benefit of doubt.

People tell me I am too naive and trust people and see only good in people, not very good judge of people etc.
Because maybe I only interacted with nice people most of the time.

Anyway, I am gonna go to bed now and continue on with blogging tomorrow or next time about my marriage life story. 🙂

By the way here is a teaser.

Photo taken at Grand Hyatt hotel at the ballroom with my ex when he had company function.
He would never imagine I am doing escort! 🙂

He was in financial controlling field and maybe wanted to control me…but I could never be controlled by anyone.
Except when I play BDSM…with total respect and trust(I have more power while doing BDSM I feel as I know he is playing this for me and stop whenever I say or express it with safe word).

I like to be submissive in bed with dominant man but don’t like anyone want to control me.
I didn’t like school system so I quit (along with other reason), don’t like the system control people…

I like my freedom.

Anyway, stay tuned! 🙂

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and interested in me or what I share. :))

Hope you have a great weekend!

Independent Untypical Korean Escort 😉

Soon…touring HongKong for few days
Let me know if you like to be updated


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  1. James says:

    Always enjoy your stories, I write for everyone when I say share your HK travels with us. Look forward to a visit when you get back.

    1. KoreanAphrodite says:

      James, I don’t know when it will be. 🙂 So I suggest you to visit me not waiting till my HK tour and coming back. :)) Seize the moment. Carpe Diem. 😉


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