My music mood for the weekend…nowadays…inspired by Cafe Minato :)

It’s Saturday evening..night now.
I am waiting for my client to come over to my place.
While waiting, I am listening to music and download from Youtube.
I will share some of them here. 🙂

There is my favorite cafe right behind my home…my neighborhood is called Gyeongridan  경리단 in Korean.
It’s behind or near Itaewon 이태원 where multi cultural…foreign restaurants, embassies, US army base are around…
Nowadays it’s hip place for Koreans. So many franchises are opening up there and my area is for more unique, smaller shops and cafes.

I love the vibe here after moving here 40 days ago or so. 🙂
This is view from my balcony and I have also exclusive roof top which is so spacious and nice!

So when I discovered this nice, small, cozy cafe called Minato I also loved the music the chef played.

Minato means port in Japanese.
The chef is really sweet, kind Japanese lady from Kobe.
Her specialty food is French…I guess. According to her Korean husband’s easy history lesson, Kobe was the first port that opened up foreign…culture to enter…to Japan.
French of course arrived here and there are many Fresh people and restaurants and cafes there, he told me.

She makes amazing crepe with Korean buckwheat flour and also Galette.
My ketogenic lifestyle fell off these days as I discovered new cafes and restaurant and wanted to try new foods. Haha

Gotta get back to healthy home cooking unless cafe Minato chef can add more ketogenic menus(I lended her my ketogenic cooking recipe books! Haha)

Anyway! I copied her youtube music url and enjoy listening Bossa Nova style music sometimes…

Like now…chill out…weekend…quiet night…slower version music is nice…and relaxing.

Day time…more bright and happy mood Bossa Nova. Jazz music.

Here are two music she played from youtube.

Bossa Nova Jazz Music ボサノバ カフェ ミュージック 作業用BGM Part1

Lisa Ono Pretty World

And these are bunch of related music I am checking out and downloading. I love music. :))
You can download music as mp3 file from MediaHuman app.
You can download this app on both Mac and PC! 🙂

These are music I am downloading at the moment.

Bossa Nova Jazz Music ボサノバ カフェ ミュージック 作業用BGM Part1

Lisa Ono Pretty World

Jazz & Bossa Nova – Cafe Music – Background Music – Music for study

◆作業用BGM◆ Bossa Cafe 3

#STUDIO GHIBLI JAZZ# Relaxing Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Cover – Cafe Music For Study & Work

#HappyJazz #CafeMusic #HappyBossa
재즈 & 보사노바 – 카페 음악 – 공부할 때 듣는 음악 – 작업할 때 듣는 음악

【NEW 2017】 Bossa Nova Jazz Music ボサノバ カフェ ミュージック 作業用BGM ①

Bossa Nova Jazz Music ボサノバ カフェ ミュージック 作業用BGM Part1

#RelaxingMusic #ChillCafe #SlowJazz
SLOW JAZZ MIX – Relaxing Jazz Piano Music – Chill Out Cafe Music For Sleep, Study

#Jazz #BossaNova #CafeMusic
BGM ジャズ&ボサノバ!カフェMUSIC!オシャレなJAZZ+BOSSAでゆったりとした時間を!

心が落ち着くギター音楽 と 壮大な自然のさわやかな風景で癒される!ヒーリング・リラックスできる BGM ~ Japanese Healing Guitar Music.

#RelaxingMusic #ChillCafe #SlowJazz
SLOW JAZZ MIX – Relaxing Jazz Piano Music – Chill Out Cafe Music For Sleep, Study

#作業用BGM #勉強用BGM #癒しBGM
Relaxing Jazz Music – Piano & Guitar Instrumental Music – Chill Out Cafe Music For Study, Work

#Jazz #BossaNova #RelaxingCafe
Relaxing Cafe Music – Jazz & Bossa Nova Instrumental Music – Music For Relax,Study,Work

DownTown | Jazzy HipHop

Jazzy Coffee | Jazzy HipHop

Classical Music for Reading – Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky…

staying in. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

J.S. Bach: Suites for Guitar

Top Cello Covers of Popular Songs 2018 – Best Instrumental Cello Covers All Time

Check out and see if you like some of them.
I thought you might like them if you have a similar mood, style like I do…

My clients love the music I played in our sessions.
Somehow we have similar likes and moods…I guess the ones who are resonating with me…even  music…they like my music choices. 🙂

I have 3 major ones for sex session. Haha~
My playlist titles are
-Lovely songs
-Sex session

My clients tend to prefer Lovely songs. They are more romantic style I feel. 🙂

Sex and Sensual ones have little dark, sexy mood with lots of The Weeknd music-he’s lyrics are about sex, drug, pussy…etc…haha

It was shocking when I first listened to his music. In Korea, I feel not many musicians could sing like “I want that pussy. I am not gonna fuck tomorrow” something like that. Haha

Some of the lyrics are so hot!

This is one of the first one I loved when I first discovered The Weekend and 50 shades of gray movie and music video.

The Weeknd – Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (Lyric Video)

Have a nice weekend! 🙂
Thanks for reading my blog!


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