New year…Being authentic…

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This is short post before going to bed as I have a full day class on Bach Flower Therapy tomorrow.

I haven’t updated my blog. I haven’t said
“Happy New Year!”

I wish you all happy, healthy, fulfilling new year 2019.

I was feeling like falling in love with a client and went through so many heartaches and pains and getting threatened for being an escort-illegal.

I never made escort stage name like other professional escorts as I felt weird to be called with fake name…
Just my personality…I felt so strange about that.
And today I was thinking what I should choose my name…

I decided to be my authentic self and not making up anything.

I love what I do.
Connecting authentically with my clients…
Interesting and nice gentlemen who resonate with me…sharing with me…

To be legal and not be threatened anyone, I decided to change my direction on this secret hobby life…to more safe, official style that can be accepted or at least not have to be bothered…

So I am going to offer my service, time, talent, value, gift to pure, true GFE style. Non-sexual activity guaranteed.
If anything happens between two consenting adult naturally, organically then let it be, let it happen…but not offering anything sexual nature.

I have so much to offer and I was happy to see the result on my twitter poll.

I love sex and orgasm-I always openly expressed that in podcasts or videos in public when I was invited as guest or co-host in sex podcast or podcast with doctor etc.
So that is no secret and I am not ashamed of it.

I love to connect, feel alive, passionate, share love, care, healing, affection, feel loved, desired, be transparent, honest, authentic..

I felt so trapped, shut down while this incident was going on.
I was sad for many reasons…I could relate to the feeling of the person who was so angry at me as I experienced my ex husband’s infidelity.
There are more stories deeper…than surface…
So many things I wanted to say, share, express…
My CEO client told me not to do that.

I was even considering to turn myself into jail or prison if that would make the situation better or something.
Which the person wanted.

To protect or make any trouble for the …I will not talk more but I really really want to say things…so unfair..unnatural…expectations…from society or person…and law and system…which was against human nature…

I don’t offer any services related to sexual activities.

If anything happens, it’s two consenting adults’ business.
Organic, natural chemistry unfolding.

I am addicting, sweet, kind, sensitive so don’t start anything if falling in love or being addicted to me will put you in serious trouble.
I once stated on my personal ad. No married men.
If you are married or partnered and can’t face the truth, share honestly…with your partner or spouse, don’t start.

Services I offer will be like
-talking, sharing at my home or public
-going to coffee shop, cafe
-watching movies at my home or movie theater
-going to dance
-dining out
-tour guide(I am officially licensed tour guide)
-cooking at my home and sharing meals
-walk to the nature, park
-healing session like world class aromatherapy massage, emotional freedom technique with NLP called NLT session, Bach Flower Therapy, Aromatherapy Insight Card Reading session
-I can do/teach or have expert in…internet marketing, photography, drone, videography, podcasting, web design
-travel, kiteboarding, horse riding, snowboarding
-going to singing room
-spa, crystal shop, healer visit for other sessions I know powerful
-connecting with the spirit, animal communicators in and around the world
-love to go to Peru or other indigenous place for connecting to the spirit, soul, Universe, different dimensions
-work out together, doing ketogenic lifestyle activities
-coaching you for better health, ketogenic diet guide, natural healing, aromatherapy

My hourly rate will be 250,000 won for my time for you to get Korean Girl Friend Experience with many benefits like healing specialty and more.

I will be true authentic myself.
I can’t fake…hide…just my style…real me.

There is no persona or pretending.
What you see is who I truly am in real life. Even truer than this life everyone is pretending, faking, making up to look cool, happy…etc…

I will be not like other escorts…not business like or clean transaction style.

I might fall in love if you are amazing human being…I don’t have a strong will power or emotional control or money/biz mindset.
Be prepared for those consequences and possibilities…so don’t start this connection if that will be dangerous for you.
I warn you.

I was married before and don’t expect marriage again or disrupt happy marriage or couple. I want and wish the best and happy marriage for my clients.

I wish always the best for my dear clients…I meet amazing clients and human beings usually…
I wish only happiness, peace, joy and health for them…and you.

I will update my new site, new domain, new direction with more authenticity that I don’t have to hide or fear any more…

Thank you for reading, understanding, being interested in my life or blog or story.

With warm hugs


2 thoughts on “New year…Being authentic…

  1. Josef says:

    I think you are on the right way!!!
    I am really looking foreward to meet you in Summer.
    Can’t await to spend a lot of time with you.
    Especially to know you closer!!
    You are a very interesting and special women.
    If our chemistry fits it would be wonderful as well if we both will enjoy intimacy together.
    I wish you all the best for the new year 2019!!!
    Do whatever you want!!!
    Take care of you!!!!

    1. KoreanGFE says:

      Thank you. 🙂 It’s a little scary but I feel tired of society’s unfair rules and pretentious, unauthentic beings…
      Just want to be me, real.
      Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you in summer if/when our path crosses. Let’s go with the flow.
      Appreciating your kind support and interest. Take care!


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