Being more open, compassionate, non-judgemental with serving attitude in escorting.

Last night I went to give therapeutic Swedish deep tissue aromatherapy massage as a house call service as a world class massage therapist and aromatherapist, not as an escort to a business traveler who was staying in Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas hotel in Gangnam, Korea.

Korean independent escort going therapeutic housecall massage to Grand Inter Continenal Seoul hotel
Korean independent escort going therapeutic housecall massage to Grand Inter Continental Seoul hotel

Interesting thing was he initially contacted me for my escort service but I didn’t hear from him after I texted him back with my reply on his customization request.

Then I got email inquiry from my other therapeutic massage service ad saying I don’t offer any sexual service at all message. πŸ™‚
When I meet client for massage only, I don’t do anything sexual or sensual.

I knew right away when he emailed me for booking massage appointment through email it was him.
But I didn’t tell him I was “The Korean Aphrodite” :)))

When he contacted me for escort service, he text me and he had a particular way to call Inter Continental hotel so I knew it was same person.

So my wonderful 90 min healing massage was over. Of course he loved the massage as it’s the best…world class.
I was packing all my equipment.
Tens of doTERRA CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils, two Himalayan salt crystal candle holders, diffuser, chest pillow, forehead pillow, my two smartphones(one with music play) etc.

I was smiling…thinking it’s so fun…
So when I almost got done packing and ready to leave, I kind of smiled at him and said
“Can I tell you the secret?”

And he was asking what it was and I explained the whole situation. πŸ™‚
He was surprised that I was the Korean Aphrodite. πŸ™‚
I thought maybe Girl Next Door style escort wasn’t his thing so he didn’t decide to book me.

But it turned out that he was afraid of bad massage from escort saying usually escorts who offer massages are not great.
And he really likes real good massage.
I thought I have to put more emphasis or effort on showing I am really great at giving amazing massage.
I have so many written testimonials and video testimonials from clients over decade.
I thought I should post them all now on my site! πŸ™‚
Also offering pure therapeutic massage service option as well.

Anyway, after talking with him…I asked him what he wanted, what he thought of my site…etc.
I learned a lot and what men want. πŸ™‚ Haha
He really liked me orΒ  my site presentation. :))
But not having exact service option he hoped.

He also said something like this
“It’s hard to find great massage with great blowjob.
Often they only do hand job. Men’s dream is getting amazing massage with great blow job”
I never gave hand job or blow job service when I was doing therapeutic massage business(that was my original business before starting escort).
I got so tired and offended when men requested me or asked me even though I clearly explained I didn’t offer anything sexual in my ad over decade!! πŸ™‚
But now I am offering escort service, I think I can grant men’s fantasy. Haha Why not??? πŸ™‚

I got “giving massage + oral” request before from one of my therapeutic massage client but I declined because I love penetration sex and like to get pleasure for myself. Haha

This shows I am not professional escort. Haha πŸ™‚ Because I did escort with personal reason…meeting who I want, getting orgasms for myself as well. Haha
Of course I still love to get orgasms myself but I feel I could be more understanding, serving, compassionate in offering my escort service.

So I learned what men want and knew I can totally make their dreams come true. Haha
Also because of my research mode on Touring Hong Kong, I emailed my CEO client his feedback.

And he gave me really honest, blunt feedback from male perspective.
This was his feedback in the email

You are over thinking this, just do it. As you gain experience you can make changes and improve your site. There is no perfect and the only way to make it better is to gain experience.

You need to build a reputation and the only way to do that is have clients. But be careful if you are to difficult in your screening or demands on clients you will get a reputation for being difficult.
Just be open, be active in doing escort work and your positives will be rewarded with clients you enjoy and become regulars.
Your positives are you love sex, loving giving oral, tight wet multi orgasmic pussy. Plus your are genuine , not acting.
Packaging is important, dressing up and makeup. Always make sure you have good breath and buy some nice classic perfume. There is a big difference between oils no matter how well made and quality perfume. Good perfume is expected from a high end expat. More important than bringing oil and atomizer.
Be careful not to talk down to clients. You have a habit of dismissing people’s choice of diet, medical treatments etc. That extends to scents too. If you have high end clients who use and enjoy perfume and you insist on using your oils and put down their choices it is insulting.
Just keep it simple, packaging and deliver good sex and conversation then you will be a big success.

To be blunt, how well you give oral, how nicely you dress and make up are far more important than your ad or other extras like oils and music.

I really appreciated his feedback and bluntness.
I was doing this escort hobby business for my pleasure and ego boost. Haha πŸ™‚
But I decided to be more open, compassionate and non-judgemental and serving attitude for clients now.
Maybe I will listen to what clients want and listen more and offer their wishes and requests(as long as it’s within my boundary not only for my pleasure). I will have to modify my service options to adapt clients hopes and wishes like meeting me(platonically as well) or wishing great massage with oral from me…haha

Kind of practice…to become a better human being? And serving attitude escort? πŸ™‚

I won’t also insist on my view too much…accepting them as they are in their journey…with their health(I have this feeling…I want to share healthier way-some of clients got healthier and some still got improved but still…discipline to do get even healthier-I thought).

I was listening to Wayne Dyer’s “101 ways to transform your life” audio from yesterday till this morning and it really made me reflect and think about my style.

My being upset with my mom, sisters…I have a strong stance on what’s right…or wrong.

My mom-like friend said
“You are too righteous”

I have some challenges on this. I know.
So his feedback and Wayne Dyer’s advice, wisdom made me think deeply yesterday and today.

So I deleted my booking request form on age, nationality, height, weight question part just now.
I was afraid to get inquiry from really really obese client or not healthy client…

Because I know healthy people have healthy immune system and I will be safer as I give natural oral.
Plus my preference…in men…But I will approach my escort service on more serving, non judgemental style.
I will just see how it goes.
I feel this can be somehow…next level compassionate practice…as a human being.
I like to know age, nationality, his body…proportion in a knowing height and weight when I get inquiry, but I will do this not knowing anything…approach.
I am curious… πŸ™‚ Totally new approach in meeting people…In a way…I wonder…it will be surprising…if my potential client decide not to tell me his age, nationality, height or weight…anything like that…and I go to meet the client…It will be kind of interesting. πŸ™‚
Totally non-judgemental style…and surprise and get to find out when I actually meet him? :)Anyway, I highly recommend to listen to 101 ways to transform your life audio above.
It’s really good for anyone…to live happy, peaceful life. πŸ™‚
When we really practice…those.Thank you for being interested in me and reading my blog post.
I appreciate it.
From Wayne Dyer’s advice, I have to be more interested in others and good listener. πŸ™‚
I am interested and fascinated about clients I meet and been told I am a great listener but I feel I like to talk as well…
Maybe I will be mindful more about listening part from now on.Have a wonderful day/night.

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