Personal, healing project/study and escort life balance…

I’ve been busy with escort work(I feel little strange to call it work haha as I feel it’s like my hobby I like a lot) and studies past few days.
Now I am finally sitting down at my table(desk) looking over Seoul tower night view and writing this post.

I was gonna sleep but thought I might lose this discipline or habit of keeping a blog post or diary(it feels like). šŸ™‚
I passed the aromatherapy teacher training certificate course exam yesterday luckily.
I should study more though. šŸ™‚

It’s fun to learn more about essential oils and chemistry, biology, human mechanism, plants, earth, DNA, ATP etc etc! :))
I watch interviews and lectures on youtube and study on my own but learning basic details on DNA, cells, mitochondria…chemistry and biology, biochemistry is so good.
If I study on my own, it would have been so hard to understand from text book but learning from someone who went through those headaches and explain so easily to understand is really nice! šŸ™‚

I’ve been meeting several clients recently and they all got amazing pain relief and so interested in what I do, learn, share.
So it’s so motivating to study more and share more to help them.
Also I had a return client whom I met a year ago this Friday again for overnight stay.
He returned back to Korea to work and I found out he’s also doing keto diet and was slacking these days. Haha
We have common passion and interest in gardening, planting…and now ketogenic life style so it was so fun to share our knowledge besides great bedroom time-that was why I was so tired and sleepy. Haha
Other escorts put something like”6 hour sleep essential” or 8…something like that.
IĀ  might have put that in my site or something but I actually don’t care because I am the one who love keep having sex as long as both parties are into it. šŸ˜‰
So that was kind of damaging my sleep and class…all day then another client appointment the next day and lack of sleep again cycle.

Constant lack of sleep…situation…
I love the time then I get tired the next day… šŸ™‚

Anyway! So meeting again fellow ketogenic lifestyler made me again restart more seriously.
I also messaged my friend who is like mom figure to me…(her daughter is at my place in exchange for good organic food supply) that I would want my privacy life again.
I had one gentleman came over to give me massage.
He always gives me orgasms…and I was feeling so not-free…because I couldn’t scream freely…as her daughter was in her room downstairs.

So this incident made me realize I like my freedom and privacy.
And also I gotta take control of my life-food wise.
I should prepare, pre-order foods I need and want to become my optimal condition…not relying on other person to bring and supply.
I feel too busy and occupied with other things so I don’t like to care about food shopping.
Also I don’t buy from conventional stores and I have to go to somewhere special to get freshest, organic, least unnatural food…it’s a work…so I didn’t want to bother with it when my friend can do that for me.
But still I didn’t have my ideal food situation anyway…
So why not just I do it.

My decision is taking care of everything…food is so important…so just do it.

Learning lessons. šŸ™‚

I also realized I don’t really have personal life…enjoy personal time outside of going to restaurant part…
I feel I should spend more time on meditating, watching movies, reading books, studying, going to nature and doing nothing productive in a way also.

Gotta balance my personal life with escort hobby business.
I feel I am more consumed by escort life these days.

It’s so nice to meet clients I feel so connected and have a great time with.
But also I feel I should set aside some time for myself…

I might not blog for few days…
I have to write some news articles and columns-I didn’t do my homework and the journalist training leader extended the time frame to finish homework to give qualification to become a journalist/columnist when all the assignments are completed.
So I better get those done next few days.
I always have a pressure on those things…but I also feel I have to get through those feelings and get things done and be done with it!

I will balance my time between personal time, healing project(making youtube videos and posts to share about aromatherapy and ketogenic lifestyle) and escort.

Ah! I bought lingerie and the gentleman who gives me massage and orgasm(only from fingering) offered to take pictures of me for my site.
He is a former sex work business CEO.
He told me he has a great DSLR camera and knows a great background setting hotel he has frequently rented in the past when he did some sexual play between him and his girl friend and one talented massage, oral, fingering, sex expert guy.

I am curious how photos will turn out when we do the shoot on Thursday. šŸ™‚
I love to portrait my style…real style…things I like…to evoke…present…bring out some feelings and passion from the viewers.

It feels fun, challenging, creative. šŸ™‚

So thanks to escort secret hobby business, I bought new kind of lingerie I never knew existed(I usually buy normal underwear not really search for sexy or special ones).
Also bought black garter belt and stockings and tried it last night for my client.
He mentioned that he loves heavy makeup(and natural) and seeing women wearing stockings in the bedroom play session.
He was flying over to Seoul for project and I thought I would make his fantasy or ideal scenario come true. šŸ™‚
So I did some research on the internet and ordered some stuff and many of them arrived and I could try them on.
It’s quite fun and interesting to do things I didn’t do or not used to it…
Kind of expanding my horizon and getting out of comfort zone or trying different and new things.

So it was cool, fun and sexy and I had a great time with my client.
He also had a great time. Messaged me back saying it was one of the best nights… šŸ™‚

Now I am sleepy. šŸ™‚ Will go to bed before midnight and get 8 hour sleep today!!! :))
I gotta write about my ex still. Haha
I want to be in great mode and condition for that story.
Stay tuned!!! šŸ™‚

Thank you for checking my blog and being interested in my story.
I appreciate you!

With warm hugs

Aphrodite šŸ™‚

These are some photos of what I’ve been doing. It’s more like me reviewing my aromatherapy study. Haha

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