Photo gallery tour of my day :) Minato cafe, Namsan walk, sauna…enjoying autumn in Seoul

I just got back from Jjimjilbang(Korean sweat room sauna).
Taking bath in mug wort bath, salt bath and jade bath water with cold pool.
Then yellow clay sweat room, charcoal room…sweating out and sleeping a bit.
Then took a cab back home.

It was beautiful day when I woke up after 1PM…:) I have to change my sleep pattern!!
Went to Minato cafe hoping they open today.
These days they were too busy or sometimes Saori sang(chef) was sick so it was closed and sometimes they do camping events so cafe was closed often.
They got too(?) popular and Saori sang was too tired or got sick from overwork. 🙂
Today I just walked over to see if they were open and I saw the sign was lit up from the distance!!!

Ordered my favorite butter chicken curry. Then ordered desert haha…because I feel they won’t open…kind of feeling!
Overate but so happy. Haha

Always I feel so happy being there. With beautiful setting there, energy, music…of course great food. 🙂
I was thinking of one international escort lady who is now touring Seoul…imagining taking her and other Korean escort lady there…then I thought we wouldn’t be able to talk freely about our escort life! Haha 🙂
Or hobby life for me. 😉

I am thinking…maybe I should invite them over to my home and cook for them and we talk freely. 🙂
Then I again thought if I am too open…when thinking about other escorts…they seem to be extreamly cautious and keeping their private life in total secret feeling…

Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting these two ladies and talk about our experiences and sharing things. 🙂

I was gonna take this bubbly young Asian Aussie escort to my favorite Jjimjilbang(sauna) one day but today I wanted to be just relaxing and doing my own thing. Next time I will take her or other sauna in Gangnam. 🙂
There were so many tourists there…80% of naked body in the bath area were not Koreans.
And it was quite interesting to see local Korean ladies were staring at these foreign ladies…haha
Different body, shape, color, butt, boobs etc haha 🙂
They are too obvious..or not hiding their staring at them haha
Thai, Chinese, Caucasian…outside I saw black lady too.

I wondered how come this sauna got so popular even…I wondered if one of my video from few years ago gave tips to foreigners and it got popular…wondered. 🙂
Anyway, I love their soft silky mineral water but there were too many tourists and people…feeling…
I like peace and quiet but couples talk, traveling tourists were talking in the sweat room…
Little annoying. 🙂
I could finally understood one Korean old man’s feeling when I was chatting with my oral expert lover. Haha
That night, I invited him to join me to one of my favorite sweat room in our neighborhood and we tried to speak very softly…but now I know why this Korean guy was annoyed and complained. Haha
That night was the night we talked about my discovery on highest intense orgasm from fingering and he confessed he missed eating pussy as he hasn’t been in contact with any woman past 5 years that time. Doing missionary volunteering work overseas and devoting his life in Jesus Christ and working on his healing.

Anyway, on the way to Siloam sauna, I discovered new spots as I haven’t been to that area for over a year or so.
I was imaging my escort service…to my clients…girl friend experience. 🙂
One of my dear client…that we have feelings…I was thinking about him.
How he would like the walk around Seoul with me.
At night…
Talking, sharing…our stories… 🙂

I have to come up with services and menus…for clients who requested me for more options and services.
Feeling a bit pressure…

I actually really love doing escort hobby work because I love meeting people, learning, sharing along with great sex and orgasm and healing… 🙂
So I love to include some of the activities I love doing as my service. 🙂

Going to sweat room(Jjimjilbang), walking Namsan park, nature, going to my favorite restaurants and cafe, going dancing…I haven’t gone dancing but I love dancing…so it would be fun to do that. 🙂
Also BDSM service…and tantric touch and teasing service. 🙂

Tomorrow I will finalize my services!! I should get it done!

I met one Korean client couple days ago and I thought about him while walking and listening to wisdom from Jordan Peterson.
Wanted to share with him…some of his wisdom was resonating with me and totally made me think of him.
Hope he also find it useful for his life…direction.

Today’s new music style choice from Minato cafe was this Jazzy hip-hop mix!
Right now I am listening to this one while typing. 🙂

Here is photos of my day. 🙂
Hope you enjoy.

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Gotta go to bed! Tomorrow is international aromatherapist level 3 diploma course from morning till 5PM.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to my day. 🙂 I feel I am just talking on my blog. Haha

Have a great day or night!

With warm hugs

P.S. These are about Jjimjilbang(Siloam sauna) experience. 🙂


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