Quick update :) Best massage in Seoul testimonial video coming soon..

I get requests or inquiries often how my massage is special and high quality.
I’ve been overthinking how to describe or explain…
As nowadays I get more inquiry about my massage…I just put some of video testimonials and written testimonials since 2002 from Korea and USA.

Now uploading to my youtube channel. Over 15 min length. πŸ™‚

I’ve been giving housecall massages to 5 star hotel business travellers in Seoul and also in American when I was there sometimes.
My specialty is Swedish deep tissue massage.
Then I started ITEC(International Therapy Exam Council) aromatherapist level 3 diploma course in 2015(it looks like…haha according to video I recorded…amazing how time flies) and incorporated powerful healing aromatherapy with CPTG doTERRA essential oils.
CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. New grade standard from doTERRA which is world leading best essential oils company.
You can learn more about doTERRA and science. Really really amazing, powerful, healing products!
Enhancing everyday life. πŸ™‚
Makes me live happy, healthy life.
Let me know when you like to join as a member, I will give you my link. πŸ™‚

So because I use best, powerful healing essential oil on top of my highly skilled and experience Swedish deep tissue massage with healing energy and good intention to help my client, often times clients tell me they feel it’s so diffderent from other massage they got from massage shops.
Often they say it’s the best massage they ever had in their life. πŸ™‚

Usually I have tens of doTERRA essential oils and bring them to the hotels and I consult with the client on their health concerns or the purpose of massage session.
Client tell me if the session is focus on relieving pain or some area clients want more attention or sometimes just relaxation.
I study and know which essential oils are good for what, and what properties certain oils have so I choose 3 essential oils with variations and let the client smell the combinations according to their needs and purpose of the session.
We try a few times with different combinations and choose the best one the client is attracted or like.
Usually the scent we like the most is what they body needs the most.
I had amazing miracles and results.
I have to translate Korean testimonials I got from many client including one of the best functional medicine doctor in Korea who is my client.
He has a podcast and I listened what he said about massage
“Massage is only good for short time and temporary”
Something like that. I felt he didn’t have an amazing powerful healing aromatherapy massage like mine…
So one day I suggested or explained or offered my special 10 time coupon or deal.
He took my offer and became my client and he changed his mind about massage. πŸ™‚

Also he feels energy…or something and told me just laying down in my healing room gave him healing energy and also I have a healing energy.
I hear that sometimes from people who feel such things.
I’ve been told I am a healer.

I think my massage could be top 5% in Korea and world…
I know I might sound narcissistic or something but it’s just neutral reasoning.
I’ve been to high end spas and hotels in the world and been getting massages.
I haven’t seen those high end award winning spas actually bring out these CPTG essential oils and truly custom blend for the individual massage clients.
Because the massage practitioners themselves are employee and have to give a lot of massages a day.
It’s dangerous to absorb too much essential oils in a day.
Also not all the massage therapists at the spa are very knowledgeable nor have time to consult with clients and let them smell and choose.
Just commercialism, capitalism…thing.
My CEO client told me he want to one of the top hotels in Vegas and got massage from one massage therapist who actually also used doTERRA CPTG essential oils and custom-blend.
It’s very rare occasion.
Usually spas have a few blended oil options to choose from.
Not certainly bringing out almost 100 essential oils to choose from.

I also think music is so important and powerful healing tool. So I prepare good music and let my client choose which one they like the most.

I also use far infrared heated mattress in the chilly weather or winter time.
It’s better to have a warm setting to help better blood circulation and penetrating the essential oils into the body deeper way. It’s also warm and relaxing.
I use always fresh towel and use only one time.

When I go to hotel, I bring chest pillow and forehead pillow.
Candles and diffuser and music etc.
I created beautiful relaxing atmosphere.
It’s really beautiful with glowing Himalayan salt crystal candle holders and tealights.

Also I have a medical laser that is equivalent to 50,000 USD value big laser machine in the major hospitals.
When patients get that medical laser treatment or my laser device treatment, hospital or clinics can get same amount of insurance coverage fee.
I know lots of great healing tools and use them.

Sometimes I also use special tool as well.
I have to research what to call that in English and make explanation about that special tool.
It’s also really powerful healing tool!

I was giving therapeutic massage sessions before and I sometimes got inquiry from potential escort service wanted clients to offer massage first.
So I am offering my healing aromatherapy massage session from now on.
I prefer to do massage and get to know my client.

Recently I had too much pain from giving massages in the hotel bed(it’s really not good for my back, neck etc)…I needed recovery time.
Today I am feeling better finally.
I would prefer the new client visit my home.
I have a really nice healing room with Himalayan salt crystal lamps and aroma scent…
All my healing tools and equipment.
And big nice speaker that can enhance music healing power. πŸ™‚

Plus nice Namsan mountain and Seoul tower view.
It’s really nice! πŸ™‚

Also I have books on healing, sex, orgasm, aromatherapy, ketogenic lifestyle etc in English. :))
Also I can cook really nice chicken soup or salad. πŸ™‚
Many people tell me it’s really delicious.

I think it will be nice to enjoy meal together as well.
Homemade…organic, non antibiotic fed meat…good ingredient meals…

I have to put together more service menu and options. Will work on it tomorrow(today Thursday).

Another news is that I am still having my friend’s daughter at my place. πŸ™‚
We discussed(my friend and I).
When I know I would have my client or someone who would give me screaming orgasms…(haha), I would schedule in advance and let her know.
So that day, she could stay over at my friend’s(herΒ  parents) house instead of staying at my place.
That’s the modified version of housemate exchange idea. :))

Recently I started to attend special lecture series in Yongsan gu district office.
5 lectures on GMO, vaccines, food additives, fermentation workshop etc!

I knew about food industry and pharmaceutical industry, lobbing, corruption, FDA…all those but I learned so much more.
South Korea is worst country in the world…with this situation…and why South Korea has the highest of many statistics…
It’s no co-incidence! Highest rate of suicide, breast cancer, colon cancer rate, autism…etc…etc…

I have to make a lecture video to raise awareness for Korean people. They are too naive and programmed to believe what mainstream media and government…big pharmas are telling them…

I feel too sleepy and tired to put some photos or images now. πŸ™‚
Will add tomorrow(today) after sleep.
Also testimonial video!

Thanks for reading my blog and visit! πŸ™‚

Aphrodite 4:23AM… πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Quick update :) Best massage in Seoul testimonial video coming soon..

  1. RathiV says:

    Hi Aprodhite,
    Well detailed information and gave me all information I wanted to know your special aroma therapy.
    I am eagerly waiting for one…

    1. KoreanAphrodite says:

      Glad to hear that. πŸ™‚ I had to learn video editing blur effect for keeping my face private. Look forward to giving you amazing healing aromatherapy massage soon.


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