Thoughts on “Why men cheat with sex workers” post and why I do sex work…

So since I mentioned that I was seriously considering about touring or flymetoyou escort service, I was researching a lot.
I bought a PDF guide/tip for escort from successful semi-retired dominatrix who is specialized in touring Hong Kong and Singapore. The guide was specialized in giving advice for the newbies for those two regions.

I learned so much. It took whole day to go through her guide (68 pages) because there were so many links and sites I visited and spent time.
Learning so much…not only about escort side but also human rights…different perspective, self worth question and reflection etc.
Visited many other escorts twitter, their sites, their biz promotion sites…endless researching.

I followed so many interesting escorts and directories and writers and bookmarked blogs and pages.
So much to think about and reflect…I felt.

Especially when I read this point in the beginning part of the PDF guide.

(1) What are the services/experiences that you enjoy most?
This could be your niche/unique selling point

(2) Who have been your favourite clients and why?
* This could be your target market

(3) Do your favourite clients match up with your niche(1)?
How could you get them to suit your niche better?

I emailed to my mentor…my CEO repeat client, friend, lover, supporter, adviser for his advice on that.
I know I have to think and reflect and know myself…but also I feel he knows better about me sometimes. πŸ™‚
So I wanted to have his advice and opinion.

Found out he is out of Korea for holiday travel now as South Korea is having a Korea Thanksgiving holiday period now.

So…what services and experiences I enjoy…
I love the connection, talk, giving healing massage and also help my clients improve their health even after our meeting.
Of course I love great sex and orgasms. Haha

Often times I continue talking with my clients by emails and texts.
Recently coachingΒ  and guiding them…sharing information on ketogenic diet, aromatherapy and essential oils…etc.
And so happy to hear their progress and health improvement. Also love hearing daily life update.

So I love the connection, healing aspects and of course great sex and orgasm I get. Haha
I feel…clients expect to get pleasure from me…but I expect pleasure from them.
One thing I kind of realized from reading through or meeting professional escort was that they are really professional and focusing on giving pleasure, comfort to their clients.

I love giving pleasure and healing too but also I like to meet clients who are great in bed, have a stamina and sex drive for me.
Also I just stumble upon this blog post written by sex worker herself and also as a writer on “Why men cheat with sex workers”
Really interesting read here:

Also she wrote this one.

Kate Iselin explains why popstar Lily Allen turned to female sex workers

On this post she said

“When I wrote about why I believe some men cheat with sex workers, I said that I’ve seen many men visit brothels to have their emotional needs met in ways they don’t feel they are in their primary relationships.

Regardless of the gender of the client, or the gender of the worker, I believe this dynamic is common: people visit sex workers for more than just sex.

People visit sex workers to feel desired, to feel excited; to be held, caressed, and cuddled. People visit sex workers to talk, to ask advice, to confess things, and to feel heard.

People visit sex workers because β€” like Lily Allen β€” they’re lonely.
We are all lonely sometimes.”

When I saw this, I felt…I am using escort for that same reasons!!!

Because I am lonely, want to feel desired, to feel excited; to be held, caressed, and cuddled, to talk, to ask advice, to confess things, and to feel heard.
I totally do those to my client! He is my favorite client too. With amazing sex and orgasms…added to those.

So I also connected with pro escort on twitter now(I usually don’t use twitter as you can see I have so much to talk and share…that limited words count is not my style!) and got replies from her.
She treat it like a business as it could mess up personal life which I experience a lot…to be honest.

I tend to get personally involved, easily fall in love…think about and miss clients a lot…
I don’t take this like business…problem…I know.
So I feel I should meet and talk with other professional escort…this one escort I got connected on twitter is visiting Korea in October…I love to meet with her. πŸ™‚

I learned some things to improve for my escort business side if I really want to treat it like a business now and also improve.

I love to meet really my ideal client everyday.
I know the ideal clients who resonates with me will be really happy and have a positive experience that can impact their life…I feel.
So to do good things to me and my clients…I feel I need to get better at promoting my service and market better.
I know some ideas and thoughts on what to improve.

But also I love to hear my CEO client’s opinion and advice.

I don’t like to be really business business style…like other escorts do.
They meet several clients a day…it seems…and emotionally not involved and treat it like a business…
I was so shocked to read that kind of comment on one professional escort’s blog post last night.
I guess it’s really healthy for them…mentally and emotionally.

I admire and respect their entrepreneurship and professionalism. I found so many interesting, intelligent and beautiful escorts out side of Korea escort world!

I am indulging all the escort information and their rules, styles, conduct and twitter world! Haha
Need some getting used to twitter and its style.

Previously, I said men cheat because eating same favorite food is boring. Haha
There are so many dimension in this topic I realized when looking deeper. πŸ™‚
For my CEO client, I think it’s quite true…to that. Haha
But many others…more of emotional needs plus great sex are the reasons. πŸ™‚

But I know…from talking with one escort…she is a great talker…or conversationalist who really make her clients feel at ease and understood, desired…than seeking her own pleasure…that was not her priority unlike me. I have to have a pleasure than just soothing my clients…so my clients also should love sex and great at it usually.
Maybe that’s why I don’t get a lot of clients??? I turn down clients…when I don’t feel it’s a good match(for my side).
It will be bad…for them to feel rejected…but I feel I can’t do something I am not deeply into it.
I feel sometimes I have to have a more compassionate attitude…I know…
But also I feel I should be true to my heart…I am not doing this to make money like a job…to retire young…while beauty lasts short…not forever…kind of approach.

I was quite surprised when I heard that fact…not expecting really great orgasm from client…part.
My CEO client also told me similar thing though. When many Korean men go to room salons, the ladies want their clients to finish fast…so they encourage them to cum fast and pretend they climax and they don’t like foreign clients wanting long session to really enjoy the sex.

My clients were the kind that who really love to give pleasure to their partners and seeing their partners orgasm turns them on.

I found my best lovers are like that so I love partners who have that kind of attitude.
Giving in bed. It’s the best quality for my ideal partner.
I am giving too. I love to please and make my partner happy and feel amazing and orgasm.
So two people with that kind of attitude makes a great sex!! πŸ™‚ Just to talk about sexual part!

Anyway~I feel I learned so much last few days while researching and connecting with so many different people out of my Seoul physical location world!

I think I will grow, change a bit, transform to adapt to international escort standard. πŸ™‚
It will be interesting.
Getting out of comfort zone. Challenging myself to the next level.
Also becoming a better person and more understanding and giving attitude than demanding attitude on my site for attracting my ideal clients. Haha
I had to delete some stuff that was more demanding…because my CEO client pointed out and told me to get rid of those. Haha
Anyway, growing…improving…something feeling.

Also I gotta be more grounded and balanced person to be more mature and professional escort.
Right now, I feel too involved. πŸ™‚

Will get back to my life with keto coaching or health and wellness business side.
Also I have to write articles and columns to become a columnist and writer on one online newspaper which I will get press card that I can use in conferences and press rooms internationally as a journalist!
I’ve been writing personal escort life blog here everyday as I am so into this now…but I have to spend time on other projects and writings if I want to get the certificate and press card!

Thank you for reading my blog and thoughts. πŸ™‚
Feel free to share in the comment or email what you think or have any comments.

Thank you~~~


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