Videos and checklist for codependent and empath

I watched so many videos about codependent personality or person. This is new awareness and I attracted this type of person as clients when I see clearly…

Self awareness is very useful and important to live life with more happiness and fulfillment. Not living their lives to please others…
I guess they put making others happy priority and don’t care about their own happiness…
I feel sad…for them…But I assume they don’t feel that way…
I don’t know if my wanting to share these videos are also me doing things for others too…in a way…as I am also similar to them…

But I hope somehow…this post could help someone who is ready for change…for happy, positive outcome than current situation if they are not truly happy and fulfilled.

Are you an Empath?

Are you an Empath?

Are you codependent


Stop Being Manipulated NOW! (For Empaths + Nice People)

Relationship Warning Signs – Is it time to end your relationship-

How to Manage Toxic Relationships

How to Effectively Communicate

How to LOVE yourself

Lets Leave the Crap Behind in 2018

Terri Cole Real Love RevolutionTM

YouTube channel:

Hope these videos are helpful. Let me know what you think if you are empath or have codependent personality…or tendency.

Live life to the fullest. <3

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