Videos I like to share for Codependents + Narcissists to Heal the Toxic Cycle

As I am watching more videos…of Terri Cole, the relationship expert
She said
“I doubt narcissists are watching my video.”

I hope these videos will help…people in this situation…they might think they are living totally fine…and their relationships were totally fine.

But if …you are open…check these out.

I know this is my pattern or style again…overly thinking about other people and want to help…or something.

Disregard if this doesn’t apply or you don’t care.

But for the future readers…who are suffering or want positive change..
Hope this is helpful.

Codependents + Narcissists – Heal the Toxic Cycle with Boundaries

How to LOVE yourself Terri Cole

STOP Self sabotage

Two methods helped me and my clients(yes I referred them and some of my clients and his wives got good results).

NLT session with Tim Robins in UK(Skype session is available as well).
I am a certified level 1 NLT practitioner myself too.

I had great healings from NLT sessions with Tim and I learned the techniques long time ago. Still I have some work to do I feel…

I gifted my NLT sessions for some friends and they got a lot of healing and release as well. Very powerful.

Bach Flower Remedy-it’s originated from UK…from one medical doctor.
I just learned this and apply nowadays…it IS very effective and quite powerful I feel. For emotional stuff. I was crying every day from recent incident and was eating sugary stuff right before going to bed but with this flower essence, I stopped those immediately and can see its effects going on.

If you are in Seoul, Korea, I recommend JinHee Lee, oriental doctor who is specialized in EFT and Bach Flower Remedy for emotional healing that also affects physical health eventually. The female doctor is head doctor and speaks English.

I know I spend so much time thinking about this couple…especially the wife…I gotta stop and live my life and move on.

Try to understand…people…why they do what they do…and why I do what I do…Know Thyself..

Learning myself…while trying to understand.
And want to help them…

Wishing all the best…for the person who touched my life even if it was short period of time…hope the people he cares and loves…and himself…live happily…

More videos of Terri Cole, psychotherapist and relationship expert on YouTube

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