Visited friend’s vegetable garden today and my dream ideal girl friend experience…:)

Today I drove to my friend’s vegetable garden in Yangpyeong, Korea.
It’s 35 min drive and that area is a origin of organic movement in Korea.
I used to go to that area to help organic farmers when former corrupted president Myeongbak Lee was doing 4 river restoration project.
The title was restoration project but the inside thing was kicking out organic farmers from the beautiful river side area to make bicycle path over Korea(making construction projects and making lots of money from construction project bidding big corporations and many other ways-he’s in trial now).

That time many organic farmers were fighting over the government’s development plan and they couldn’t take care of their lands and crops so I went to farmer’s land and did some work for them.
I fell in love with true, organic land…soil…plants, bugs…there…the touch of the soil was so soft.
Ladybugs, many insects were all living together with vegetables or crops farmers planted there.

Sometimes I translate their letter to international organic farm association to announce their official stance or statement regarding organic event that was held in the area…with help of American friend and sometimes visit the area with environment group with many expats.
I announced the situation and gathered expats and journalist to go there to walk along the South of Han river(NamHanGang) and organic farming area to raise awareness and stop the project.
I guess bike riders love the result of projects but nature is suffering now…a lot of traffic jam on the weekends there as many city people drive there and park cars and enjoy their bike rides. There are many environmental consequences happening including green algae bloomings in summer with dams…etc.
I wonder about the result and situation…for city people…they might love anyway the bike paths along the river and Korea…for the sacrifice of nature and farmers…

Anyway, I met this friend while I was taking aromatherapy classes and international aromatherapy diploma course.
Really nice lady. She’s like mom…bringing all kinds of local organic produce from the farmers she knows and shop and bring no anti-biotic fed meat and chicken for me…without charging extra to make any money even though I asked her to do that.
I wouldn’t drive all the way from there to my home just to give the things…the time, energy, effort…gas…!!

She knows really nice organic farmers and busy driving around other parts of Korea to attend fermenting classes or workshops or getting involved with all the farming/organic related things.
So she didn’t take care of her sweet potato garden that she planted some…and I wanted to know the location so I could cut or pull out weeds for her.
So finally today she messaged me saying she would go to her garden so I drove there to meet her and learn the location and check out situation there. 🙂
I went there with shorts-not prepared for work and got so many mosquito bites and learned what to wear for clothing and what to wear for shoes though! 🙂
Will come back there hopefully with some other people who love to do the gardening work-pulling out or cutting weeds!
And be around nature, hear insect sounds, breathe fresh air, do earthing(grounding), getting out of Seoul….city life for awhile etc. 🙂

I love organic foods, GREENS, nature and the idea of gardening but I am not experienced or good at it.
It’s my to do list or dream list to do urban gardening, earth worm composting(I have special bin made by pro urban gardening expat friend a few years ago and haven’t started the compost bin yet)!
One of the reason I moved to where I live with huge exclusive roof top and lots of balconies and spaces is to do urban gardening!
I have another green thumb pro-level expat friend who lives not far from my home so I plan to get his help to grow many vegetables, flowers and plants around my home!!!! 🙂
He bought my special earthworm compost bin(I made my friend make two of them) and the poo of earth worm is amazing soil nutrient! His garden, crops, flowers are the BEST EVER since he got the compost bin and using the soil from it! 🙂
Added with his skill and caring nature for plants of course.
I think that compost bin could be so valuable for urban gardeners around Korea and world! Haha!! I think that is great biz item or idea!!

Anyway! So here are some photos of today’s garden visit. 🙂 You can click the thumbnails to enlarge the picture.
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My dream….ideal girl friend experience(from my perspective) is to go to organic garden and land like this and do gardening work like this(weeding out or harvesting crops…etc) and cook nice homemade meal with good ingredients and share and enjoy the time and meal.
Watching nice movie at home on the sofa….cuddling…of course sex…great sex…lots of sex…haha
Or going to local nice restaurant around that area and enjoy meal there. 🙂

So I was stopping making my own good meals after moving to my new neighborhood and finally stopped eating out after I got organic produce delivered by her 2 nights ago.

She also brought Bulgogi she made and marinated so I cooked it with onions and grass-fed Anchor butter from New Zealand for ketogenic style cooking.
My daily calorie should be from 70% good fat, 20% protein, 5-10 percent carb(lots of fresh leafy veg usually)-that’s my keto style. Also I do intermittent fasting-usually I feel I get into ketosis from that more than exact macro nutrient ratio. 🙂

I don’t weigh or calculate everything these days-only did exact scale weighing for couple or few days to see how much carb or protein or fat is in the food I was cooking.
Nowdays I just do it with feelings. 🙂
So I was quite destroyed from eating food outside and only one day of eating good clean source food…with ketogetnic style…makes a difference right away!
Feeling clear, happier, calmer, energized, motivated…

One of my ketogenic coaching participant(and friend) is also suffering from falling out from keto life.
She was not so healthy…before starting ketogenic life.
Then she got SO HEALTHY and happy with my group coaching with every Saturday meetup with other participants.
I stopped the program after moving here…as I wanted to be free and have a break.
But the consequences of the break is really big…
Her health went down hill…like before…she was suffering…
It’s not only ketogenic diet…it’s also human connection, social…thing.
I found it really fascinating…how much social animal we are and how much we could suffer from not being around with people we like, resonate with…hang out regularly…etc.

I feel my escort service is also in the same nature.
We are social beings…we need touch, connection, human interaction…not only sexual needs thing…

Anyway! I got inquiry today and met new client after garden visit and I had really nice time connecting and sharing with this client.
He is open for ketogenic lifestyle. He has some challenges with grocery shopping or cooking but it is fun for me to resolve the challenges for him and see him improve his health! It’s so fun to see my clients get healthy and happy! 🙂
I mean…usually it was my massage client got so healthy with my aromatherapy massage and tips for their health improvement but now with escort life…still I can help same things plus great sex and orgasm! Haha! 🙂

I am so motivated to support more people who are open for improving health with food and nutrition and natural way. 🙂
Exciting! 🙂

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