Wayne Dyer mode…Driving down to meet client…

Right now, giving self aromatherapy massage. 🙂 Listening to Wayne Dyer while preparing myself for an appointment with one client I’ve been communicating to schedule a meeting.
Finally we are meeting and I am curious and excited. 🙂

It’s peaceful day…windy outside…went to bed late and got up late and starting my day slowly with shower and self massage and care. 🙂

Last night I was talking with my CEO client if it’s strange that I like my clients…
I have strong feelings with a few clients in my escort hobby life.

I talked about recent particular client I really like…to my CEO client after sex and I found it refreshing these clients have no jealousy and I can talk so openly…don’t have to hide anything. So nice…

We are in the moment and enjoy each others company. I get encouraged for my escort career or Hong Kong tour idea from my close clients, they wish for the best…always.
When I talked about this Hong Kong tour idea, this special client also encouraged me to do it and was happy and for me…about the adventure and excitement to try something new, expanding my horizons…etc.

I got message from that particular client this morning and it made me so happy and smile…

Hi Beautiful

I am well and missing you.

Last time I had a great time with you specially during our girlfriend experience. I loved talking to you during lunch and the walk on the park.

Would have love to have more time and maybe even eat some desert withing the woods.

While I do not have tweeter I scanned your link and see you have very interesting information which made me very curious about knowing you more.

Thanks for treating me well I would love to have you closer and be able to share more time with you.

You are a great person and I was lucky to get to know you and share some time with you.

Kind Regards

In twitter land, there was interesting question.

Over 150 replies to that question.
“Clients: would you consider marrying or date your provider? Or her career would bother you too much?”

I totally thought about that situation. 🙂
Anyway interesting to read people’s responses.

Here is a pic from last night…selfie to post on my twitter account…that’s what escorts do apparently. Haha 🙂

Little nervous about driving like 1 hour and 30 min!!
The area I am going is mineral hot spring area so I am thinking to do spa, getting massage and visit botanical garden. 🙂
Little adventure. 🙂

Talk later. Short update.

I will be enjoying Wayne Dyer’s advice/wisdom while driving down there. Already it gives me insight…and is preparing me for forgiveness…no ego…work…makes me reflect my ego…driven thoughts…and behaviors…

Have a wonderful day/night/after/evening…wherever you are in this world. 🙂


I might fly to Hong Kong next week. I again got inquiry if I can meet one banker expat. So exciting.

4 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer mode…Driving down to meet client…

  1. James says:

    The color is pretty is on your lips, you are a master with make up and brings out your beauty even more

    1. KoreanAphrodite says:

      I like that lipstick. Aromatherapist made it with almost all natural ingredient except the coloring part. 🙂
      I love that color too! Thank you for the compliment! I was surprised that I was not bad at putting on make up.
      Even with some inner eyeliner brush thing. Haha


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