What I learned from watching ‘A Star Is Born’

Recently I watched “A Star Is Born” movie by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

I listened to Lady Gaga’s music sometimes but never knew what she looked like. I didn’t really search out to see her look or performance or anything till I watched this movie and so drawn to the artistry and tremendous effort, passion, love poured into this film.

I saw some gossiping headlines about the two artists being in love or speculation on their connections romantically despite of Bradley Cooper being with his beautiful Russian model girl friend who gave birth his daughter! Ha!

As my usual style…I dig deep into learning everything I could learn about the movie after watching it and so touched by it.

All day, all night…obsessing with the movie…how he made it, the casting, behind story, Lady Gaga’s life, her story and philosophy, Bradley Cooper as a dedicated director(first time ever directing this over 4 years of preparation and all!) and amazing human being(he is so kind and humble and nice human being who is hard working, dedicated in what he’s doing, passion, message to the world, mastering music for this movie character to sing and play instrument-guitar…etc).

So Bradly Cooper didn’t get acting roles for a few years or something and decided to make movie on his own!
I love that!
Entrepreneurial, risk taking, taking in charge mindset!

His mentor is Clint Eastwood and he is close to Robert de niro.
Legend movie star and director he looks up to.

He grew up in warm, loving Italian family background. Seemed like he had lots of love and support from parents.

Lady Gaga also grew up in Italian family as well.

So when Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga met at her home. They bonded immediately.

They understood each other as same culture, family background and work ethic…shared interest in love of music.

He loves music and always went to see world class performances…

Lady Gaga is amazing world class musician/performer with tremendous work ethic and passion for what she does.

They both are very warm, loving, compassionate human beings. I could tell from watching lots of videos from their interviews, conversations, energy…they exude.

I won’t tell the story or message about the movie. I want you to watch for yourself.
When I saw that movie cover while being in the airplane last year…I didn’t think of it much…I just thought it was one of those love romantic music movie.

But it has so many dimensions of messages…true love, being authentic and real, family dynamics we experienced in our lives, childhood trauma and addiction which I could totally related as I studied this A LOT recently, venerability in men…

The music they worked here and shared was so amazing.
Because they expressed their real…raw…authenticity in the music..and message…it was so touching, resonating and heart-felt.

This is music video of Shallow…Makes me cry again watching it now.
Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born)

This is when they first met…singing together. They bonded over left over pasta and music and all. 🙂

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Sing Together In 2016 Footage

And this Oscar duet performance is so romantic and amazing. Many fans speculate their romance or hope they…haha

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)

And this is the raw video…Bradly Cooper was watching Lady Gaga’s concert as an audience and suddenly Lady Gaga invited him over to sing together.

He came out to the stage and sang Shallow together. So beautiful…and I was also wondering if they are in love. They do have a strong bond.

I wondered how he would feel between his girl friend with their baby together…and also if he has a feelings or chemistry with Lady Gaga…what to do???

Now going to watch Lady Gaga’s residency performance/concert is on my to do list in Vegas.

I love her. Her message, bravery(she was bullied severely and had sexual assault and went through huge pain) and passion for her work and art.

And this French TV appearance and interview made me think he probably love his girl friend and happily be together. You will see what I mean when you watch till the end.
He speaks French!!!! So smart and adorable…chilling, beautiful…energy…And I could tell his world is now also so filled with love of his daughter! Haha!

Bradley Cooper Speaking French | Last French Interview | True English Subs Available

I will probably be in the States around May…end of May. Or even soon.
I am still thinking where to go…if I will move to Pyeongtaek area or not.

I had a few inquiries and messages from clients in the area and I didn’t feel resonate with them.
I don’t meet any, all clients.

I have to have the connection, resonating feeling….and I feel more that way with people in San Francisco…California…Colorado…just some parts of the States I was staying and traveling.
So I like to give it a try. Whether meeting entrepreneurs and friends, lover in the States for personal connection and my internet marketing work. Or try out my escort hobby biz in that demographic area.
I always wanted to meet Silicon Valley, start up or entrepreneurs and learn and connect. Also the ones who are into ketogenic life style like me(when I am on keto life)

Anyway some things I noticed from watching lots of interviews was that Bradly Cooper is really kind, warm hearted, talented, tremendous work ethic director/actor/musician himself and gave the trust to the staffs and casts for this movie.
The movie’s success is coming from the bond and human connection and trust between great people/artists who are truthful and passionate with their work.
They worked hard and also enjoyed the journey. Grew together.

Lady Gaga trusted Bradly Cooper 100% and gave everything or more than she used to give. Being so real, raw and authentic.
He believed in her. That made her shine even brighter and peruse, brought out so much more she’s got.

I know how great…miraculous thing can happen when one is surrounded by like minded people who support and believe in them.

I also thought the fact Bradley Cooper was growing up in a warm, nurturing family background…he also had this stable, safe environment deep in his heart and psyche to try this adventure…and could give love and support to the people he believe in them.

I learned a lot about the attachment theory, family upbringing and personality traits and people’s belief and self worth and risk taking, feeling safe in the world…tendency over people with unstable traumatic family background. Even if some of them grow up very successful and look happy…they struggle with some underlying self worth, self love issues…
I know that.
And I saw that from meeting some of the clients…

That was interesting observation.
I met some clients from traumatic, unstable family background clients. Usually I found military clients tend to be from those background.
There were two kinds of clients from that also.
One was turning out to be high ranking or developing themselves and getting better than their original background and circumstances.
And some…still seem like living in that trauma…result. I don’t meet many of them but I met few of them.
I like to learn, share and connect…and I love giving or sharing positive experience with them but sometimes I feel …I prefer to hang out with clients or people who overcame or develop themselves and have a growth mindset then surrender themselves to the mercy of government or boss commending them what to do. Sacrificing their freedom…choice of life…

I know some of them have limiting beliefs…scarcity mindset as well and it could be best choice they could think of or made that time and still they are developing…
I don’t have a chance to meet people with hard…very very hard background.
The background like growing up in a dangerous neighborhood or drug abuse or shootings…food stamps…homeless…
I met a few of clients with those background and heard their stories….
So joining army was best choice they could have and most of them are doing better off.

I felt compassionate…and wanted to share some insights and healing through my experiences, knowledge, healing work…physically and emotionally and also self awareness…I got and share…with them…but I feel again…it would be more fun to be with people already living happily and be in control of their lives.
Have a freedom, entrepreneurial, self control, risk taking, adventurous spirit.
Who take matters into their hands and make things happen.

I was gonna stop my escort hobby business but I feel like connecting with different demographics and expand my knowledge and human interaction and connection to different people.
Like clients in San Francisco…California…and Hong Kong.
I am curious to meet variety of people…getting to know them.

I enjoy meeting my CEO client, international lawyer client…
I love meeting clients I feel connected intellectually, emotionally and physically.
Physical part…I have higher sex drive and stamina so I haven’t met the ideal client who could keep up with me yet though recently.
So physical connection part…I don’t put so high percentage on my list.
CEO client is too busy so just physically…not so long hours of meeting with him although it’s non stop over 1 hour or so sex and lots of orgasms.

I would love to have overnight or full day meeting with a lot of connections with lots of sexual connections and long hours…in bed.

Ah! One more thing I learned from the movie and behind the scene…interview was I need to surround myself with people with high standard and mission…purpose…world class performance.
I consider myself world class massage therapist. I heard that from Hyatt hotel manager and other business traveler who ranked me as number 2 in the world …from more than…I don’t know how many but a lot of massages over so many different countries in the world.

So I was thinking I have to be in the place where clients appreciate world class massage and can afford the world class massage.
One of my world class massage therapist was Clint Eastwood’s family massage therapist back in LA.
He travels around the world class spas in the world and give massages or trains.
I just messaged him and asked if I could learn his style as well and he said yes.
So I will be in Singapore in April to learn from him and develop my skills and also exchange massage with him.

I imagined to contact or somehow get connected with LA celebrity or Clint Eastwood…Bradley Cooper…for massage! 🙂
But I am not US resident so…But also I don’t think I would live a life as a massage therapist.

I like to do healing work when I feel like and with the clients I feel connected. I like combining healing work with my ideal escort clients.

The thing is I really have to meet really my perfect clients.
Gotta work on my site better.
If I want to continue my escort hobby biz…
Also I have to dig deep if I even want to do this work…
Still I am asking…myself…reading books…contemplating…about this.

What do I really want?
What makes me truly happy, fulfilled and have purpose and meaning.
What excites me…

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