What I like in bedroom and some compliments I got from clients… :)

So I talked with my Canadian friend on What Asian Women Like in Bed Q&A from podcast.
Because I can’t say for other Asian women, I am sharing my personal things…I like in bed. 🙂

I love oral a lot.
After divorce, this is best thing happened! Haha!
I had a great sex with my ex. Everyday(except my magic day). :)))
I thought I was having great sex life till I discovered new horizon with oral!!!!!!!!!!
Also fingering I should say. 🙂

I guess I was really lucky to meet two amazing professional level, one in a million kind of friends.
One friend was like answer to my pray.
I was diagnosed to have stage 0 cervical cancer that can be advised to cut out entering tip part of cervix by conventional medical industry(doctor).
My beginning time of new escort life, I fell in love with this client…
He had his STI(Sexually Transmitted Infections) result with one positive item-he was leaving Korea soon and had health checkup.
That was Herpes. Herpes simplex. I don’t remember if it was 1 or 2 type.

He was feeling terrible from that result on his email from Itaewon International Clinic.
This is the webpage for International Clinic for STI check up menu. I like their services.
Very efficient, clear, organized and staffs are nice.
He notified me that he has that and I should check for my health and he was feeling bad for me(he thought he could have transmitted it to me).
We met at the International Clinic building and he visited the doctor for consultation after he got that email news.
I researched about it and it seemed like so many people have it anyway…it’s like cold sore.

Do cold sores mean you have an STD?
According Dr. Craig Austin, a dermatologist in New York City, cold sores usually aren’t a sexually transmitted disease (STD). … There are two kinds of herpes virus: HSV-1, which is usually not an STD and occurs on the lip, and HSV-2, which usually causes herpes genitalis, which is essentially an STD in the genital area.May 12, 2008

When people have lower immune system or very tired…they have those symptoms.
In Korea, nobody thinks much of cold sore around their lips or mouth. They don’t seem to feel embarrassed as it can be transmitted to others so easily by kissing.
I feel even babies could get it because Korean culture…older generation like grandma or grandpa will kiss their grandson or granddaughter! And we share soups easily…and all that.
After learning and researching too much about STI, at one point I requested potential escort clients to do STI check up and come back. Haha

I didn’t want to get any risk or chance…even kiss or oral…etc…at one point of my life(recently after researching more in-depth).
Soon I had no sex life…and got depressed!!! Haha and I thought about this…and changed my mind.

We gotta take small chance(calculated chance) to enjoy life.
If I am so worried about this, I can’t kiss anyone either!
Actually there is one client in my escort hobby life who didn’t kiss nor giving oral yet we had amazing sex and encounters always. 😉

Anyway he felt terrible and seemed like the world was ending.
He was confessing he wasn’t very very careful in the past.
So I did my check up and I had negative result on that one.

But the doctor told me I had a stage 0 cancer!
He was kind of relieved for me or happy for me to find out about this early.
If I didn’t know about that, I would continue living life and progress it to cancer!

He recommended me to go to bigger hospital and get a surgery(for cutting out some tip of cervix part).
I researched and found out some side effects of those and also I don’t like the idea of cutting my body part.
I know I can heal myself with therapeutic essential oils and change of lifestyle and diet.
I study a lot so I know this as a fact and know people who healed themselves naturally.
Even one of my friend(now we are friends) had stage 4 thyroid cancer and healed herself completely medically from using doTERRA’s essential oils and supplements, change lifestyle(diet), managing stress etc.
She was sentenced to death basically if she didn’t do the surgery. But she could also lose her voice as her tumors were spread out to the the carotid (artery) in her neck as well. She’s psychology major consultant so losing voice means she would have to live life with huge consequences(not being able to work what she enjoys most?).

She took a chance to do natural way. 50 50 chance! Survival or death…
She’s quite brave! Because I knew her…and many doTERRA user stories like that…in Korea and over the world…I knew my stuff is not as major thing as theirs. Although I was sometimes in doubt…if I can heal or if it will spread out to cancer!!!

Anyway, I finally get a result that I no longer had stage 0 cancerous cells after almost a year of eating clean, cutting out all the fried chickens and snacks to soothe my loneliness after returning to Korea from divorce.

Haha!! How did I get here???
What I like in bed…story…to cancer survival story…now? Haha
Ah!!! Answer to my pray!!!

So I was going through CPTG(Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) doTERRA oil therapy for my cervix/vagina .
I put essential oils blended with fractionated coconut oil into vegetable capsule and insert into my vagina .
I learned this from Korean doTERRA users. Also I heard it’s great for men too.
Anyway, while going through my self healing journey, I was really missing getting massages.
I would think…ah I wish I get healing massage everyday…it will be so nice and speeding up my healing.

Then one day I got an email from no where!
This person emailed me from Incheon airport saying he arrived in Korea to start some project that is scheduled to start in couple of weeks or so…and he needed a place to sleep under the roof(it was cold winter time) and he didn’t even need his own room. Just warm room and he would exchange massage for it.
I did my 90 day road trip in US and it wasn’t too too too crazy thing to me. But still I was a bit cautious and gave him my nearby Coffee Bean shop location to meet up before deciding.
He got my email from Craigslist as I posted an ad to find a couple who wanted to invite me over to show their sex session.
I was very curious about learning and knowing how others people do in bed. I don’t watch porn and wanted to see real people situation. :)))

He thought the kind of person who posted ad like that would be open minded enough to understand or consider his offer. 🙂
Which he was quite right and smart. :)))

So I had to clean my home for this visitor(in case I decide to take his offer) then I felt so tired to get dressed and go to the coffee shop.
So I emailed him and gave my address with room number. SO!
He arrived…it was like dropping out of nowhere!
But I had this deep feeling…when I got his email…he was my answer to prayer.
I believe in law of attraction. Quantum physics.

So he came over. He was Mexican American with really really long hair and tall and very handsome. Haha
But that time I had no sexual desire or needs as I was in the healing mode.
That night, it was too late to do massage or anything so he slept near me(no physical contact of course) as I only had one room.
One room studio in Gangnam with one Asian style floor mattress.

It was really uncomfortable having a guest sleeping next to me.
I don’t even feel comfortable having my mom staying in my place…or siblings…
I usually sleep naked but I couldn’t do that…I couldn’t sleep that comfortable feeling.
So next morning I told him I wouldn’t do the exchange…
He was cool and understanding but offered me to give massage anyway for the night.

And he gave me massage…IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST MASSAGES I ever had in my life.
I had a massage therapist who was family massage therapist for Clint Eastwood in LA. Julian.
He was as great as Julian!
So I was thinking how to resolve this challenge! I came up with one idea that I would get him temporary housing near my area and he could come hang out at my place during late morning till evening and cook etc.
He accepted the deal. So I began to get aromatherapy massage from him.
I blended oils and he gave me amazing massages every night.

So I got so much better with my cervix healing(later while progressing the CPTG essential oil therapy, I had healing crisis going on for detoxing) towards 2 weeks end time.
Originally he emailed me and told that he was really good at sensual massage.
While getting to know him during massage sessions, I learned he offered services to rich couple with sexual problems.
He would charge married couple like 5,000 USD with flight, accommodation cost to fly out to their mansion and do fingering to the wife and give her intense orgasms.
Husband learns his skills and knows how to satisfy his wife.
That was his specialty beside occasional modeling or this kind of project he was coming Korea for.

So I was curious about his sensual massage service style. So one day I emailed him to see if he could give sensual massage.
He replied me back with sure and came to my place.
He was boiling the water to make coconut oil warm(usually I prepared my aromatherapy blend oil) for sensual massage session.
Ans he was trimming his nails somehow like women do(I didn’t know the correlation of trimming the nail).

So he was ready to give massage and asked me if I wanted orgasm or no orgasm.
I answered “You can do 70% therapeutic and 30 % sensual” something like that…maybe 60 40? I don’t remember exactly.
He asked me finger in the vagina or not. I say no~
Then later I said “Let’s go with the flow”

Then his amazingly soothing sensual warm coconut oil massage started.
It felt amazing…! So warm and slippery feeling! Haha
When I turned over to the front and when he started going down…inner thigh area…it stated…
Fingering…s-spot stimulation…gently…smoothly…
It was LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fingering and g-spot stimulating…I screamed out of pleasure so much and had HIGHEST ORGASMS in my life that day.
I think it is still highest orgasm in my life.
He never had his own pleasure or anything. Purely giving orgasm though fingering. Not even kissing or oral.
He didn’t do any fluid or physical contact part from fingering. So professional! He was sweating! Dripping his sweats working on me!

So after all those up and down and again orgasm after orgasm…passed away. He finally sat aside my massage table calmly.
I had tears coming down from intense orgasms and it was calm that time.
But I could feel my face was tingling and I felt constant regular contraction in my vagina. Something was pulsing regularly rhythm. Also I squirted so much. I could feel…I was flowing like river!
I could totally understood what ‘SEXUAL HEALING” meant that moment! It felt so cleansing and healing.
I felt my stage 0 cancer was healing away…from that cleansing, washing away feeling…from deep inside of my vagina.

I asked him what those feelings were. Why my face was so tingling…and the contraction…what that was.
He told me it was because all my blood went down to my vagina area from intense g-spot orgasms…low blood flood in my face…I feel tingling…
Also he told me I was having multiple orgasms.
I probably had a few multiple orgasms and for sure squiring before…but after someone was moving away from my body and I still feel this contraction was quite different…or me being aware of all those body sensations while being totally alone…laying down…was different. Or new…

So that day I learned about different level of orgasms…He studied a lot and researched…he told me.
He told there are many levels of orgasms.
Since that experience, I got curious about orgasms even more.
I felt like all the orgasms or sex I had my ex husband or other partners were not orgasms! That kind of feeling.
That huge difference…
I always felt pity for Korean women…who never had orgasms in their lives…
I heard many Korean women never experienced orgasms. Not many Korean men know how to give orgasms to their wives or partners…they don’t study or even know…or be aware of these stuffs…

Anyway! Because of that experience, I was fascinated by orgasms and I ended up meeting my oral expert lover also coincidentally. But I also knew we were destined to meet for my healing too.
He came to get massage from me as a massage client and we talked a lot while doing massage.
We instantly felt so familiar with each other and felt like we were long lost friend or 20 year friend kind of feeling.
I told him about my trauma with incest incident with my own biological father one time and my going through stage 0 cervical cancer thing.
He knew all the healing stuff, Illuminati, conspiracy theories I know(it’s rare to find people knowing these in Korea).
He happened to know one product that healed his ex girl friend’s mom from cancer…and he gave me that supplement as a gift to help me heal.
He felt he met me to hand over the product…or something…
Anyway, we became friends and one day I invited him to sweat room(Korean style sauna rooms with different gem stones and minerals etc) around our neighborhood.

There I was telling him about my g-spot intense orgasm experience from this Mexican American friend.
Shyly he confessed that he was missing easing pussy so much. He wasn’t having any physical contact with any women for the past 5 years and he now missed it so much.

I asked him if he wanted to give oral that night and he was down for it! So we headed to his place and before starting oral, he warmed me that it might take 3 sessions as he hadn’t given oral for so long time…and he might have to figure out my body and also his skills…being rusted.
So he was doing his best. I was kind of feeling something but not intense orgasm or screaming like before.
He kept checking and asking how I feel there then he suddenly raised his upper body and asked me if I never had clitoral climax before.
I thought about his question and realized I never had clitoral orgasm before. Nobody gave me oral on clitoris.
And he explained to me it’s like muscle memory. After getting the feeling or activating…it’s easy to have orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

On the second session or next day(I slept over at this house), I finally reached high intense orgasm through clitoral and g-spot stimulation.
He was like one in a million oral expert lover I think. Just no body is like him.
He practiced martial art since he was kid and exercised everyday.
He had 7 girl friends in his life over 25 years(all long term relationship).
He gave 2 hour oral every night to his ex girl friends.
So imagine how much practice he had!!! Haha
He also took Human sexuality course and watched lesbian porns to learn how to give orgasm to women by oral.
The main motivation to learn or develop such a high skill was because he had a girl friend who was Christian. She didn’t want to have a penetrative sex but all other stuff(What’s the!…haha).

Anyway he liked her so much and wanted to keep her. So he figured out or learned ways to give her intense orgasms and keep her around?!?! Haha 🙂
Plus he had a oral fixation! He LOVED oral anyway…You have to love something if you devote so much time and effort and energy like this…haha

Anyway his secret tips and techniques are explained in the audio of 13 min voice memo(you have to give your name and email to get the link though if you are curious). :)))
His voice memo tip is for user’s guide for someone who like to give me(Aphrodite) intense oral orgasms with fingering.
But learning some techniques you never knew might give you more insight and advantage for the future with someone you would have a chance to explore.

So because I had really amazing, uncommon experiences for oral and fingering…I LOVE oral and fingering in bed.
I love lots of KISSES. I LOVE IT.

My clients mention always how much I love kiss and they often tell me they miss kissing me or the memory of kissing me is very strong or memorable.
I hear often compliment on my lips or mouth(because of kissing)…they say full lips…feeling good…type of lips I have. :))
When I heard about mouth compliment…that was quite refreshing to hear. 🙂

I usually get tight pussy compliment(almost always). I guess some clients don’t say out loud…but many say out loud.
So when I first heard… “Tight pussy” expression…I felt little bit shocking or shy feeling…hearing “pussy’ word.
In public or usual world, we don’t really say “pussy” haha. 🙂

I hear often also my skin is really smooth and soft. I don’t have to shave or use razor for my legs(do they shave arms??) like other women do.
I feel so lucky as I would feel so lazy to shave legs everyday!!!???

I am very very sensitive when I am aroused(from oral, clitoral stimulation activation).
So one of my recent client was saying “You are so responsive. You are like sports car!”
I asked “Why?”

He asked me “Have you ever driven sports car?”
I said “No~”

He said “When you turn around the corner, it’s like *snap finger sound* that. It’s so quick.”

So being compared to sports car expression was so cool to hear. 🙂 Haha

I hear juicy, wet, tight, good taste comments a lot.
I never bought or paid lubricant or brought lubricant to any sexual occasions in my life.
I feel I am not old…so never had that kind of thought or needs.
I love sex and get so turned on and horny…with my partner…never had a need for that.
So this email from my beginning time escort was quite hot!

That was my longest oral experience in my life. And I met oral expert lover after that. 🙂

I hear I have a nice ass. That was first compliment I ever had…about my physical feature when I was young.
I felt embarrassed about my ass being bigger than average Korean women hip size. Haha
I also thought the man who complimented me for having nice ass was just saying to make me feel good.
Then later I realized my ass is nice. Haha
After meeting other men saying the same thing! 🙂

I like to hear “You have a nice body”
I hear that and it never gets old! Love hearing that. 🙂

So I like getting compliment in bed, kissing, oral, lots of hugs and cuddles, many positions(of course), 69, face sitting(not doing very often…only when I meet client who asked me to sit on his face…feeling a bit shy but hot)…

I had always fantasized about standing sex. I mean man is holding a woman and woman is holding on to his shoulders or neck…only strong man can do that.
I am not thin or skinny style so I didn’t have that position till recently….maybe 2-3 years ago, I met another black 6 pack ab soccer player…that was so cool.
I wasn’t exercising that time and I felt weak to hold on to him while he was doing standing-holding sex.
That day I was surprised and impressed about that and thought “I have to strengthen my arms to keep up or hold on to him”

Occasionally when I hear the sex with me was best or one of the best in their sex life was really nice. Haha

I like giving oral too. 🙂 Ah! I get always compliment (when my partner is expressive style) about my giving blow job skill. Haha
Really good. They say or get impressed…haha
Some people never cum from oral but with my oral…they cum and got surprised or impressed. Not that I like to make my partner by oral. I like intercourse! 🙂
I refuse to offer my escort service if potential client only wants oral sex.
I like intercourse sex at the end.

I am feeling horny now! Haha!!!
What else? I will stop here.

If I think of anything else…or more…worth add, I will add more. But I think this is good enough to share what I like in bed.

Ah, I like special occasions with blindfold, being tied up, whip cream, cherries, food play, light spanking, light dirty talk(not degrading style).
I like to touch like feather…it’s called tantric touch. I have fabric for it.
Also feather brush touching to evoke the sensation. Using different textures for my partner.

I like to be played with those-usually I do those on my partners on very rare special occasions.

My 4 hour service or overnight service includes my amazing massage for my client…but I would love to get massage when I have sensual time with my partner(if he likes to give massage).
I LOVE MASSAGES! I LOVE HUGS, CUDDLES. :)) I am like dog personality…I like affection.
Also passionate love making.

This is so long post!! Haha 🙂
I love sleeping next to the warm body, touching, being touched, spooning, surprising him with oral in the morning, dawn sex…haha
I think I like overnight style the most as I can do everything without time limit or concerns too much… 🙂
I love putting my head on the arm, leaning against shoulder…wrapping around leg…or putting one leg over my partner…
I like being surprised or awoken by my partner doing me while I am asleep and waking me up…I am 24/7 ready and wet…haha

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